23 Popular Android Websites

As we know, android is one of the fastest growing mobile phone operating systems in the world and beating all other smart phone operating systems. It is not surprising to see a lot of sites coming up to offer the latest news, reviews, and the technology behind the operating system and the mobile phones that incorporate it. Earlier we published list of top tech blogs and news sites, many of them also covers latest android news, tricks and tips.

This is a list of the best Android sites and their offerings to the readers.

1 Android.com 1014

This is the official website of the operating system itself. The android operating system is an open source project, and the official source files are available in this site. It also provides an insight into all the major features of the latest version of android. Apps for the operating system are also available on this site. The site also provides tools and other important information for developers.

2 Android Forums 2235

This is the popular discussion board for mobile phones and tablets running on the android operating system. It offers special discussion areas for each of the android phones, while it is the same case with the tablet PCs running on android as well. General android discussions like games, media, and wallpapers are also provided dedicated sections on this site.

3 Android Central 2340


This site covers all the android news regarding both phones and tablets. It also provides reviews of the operating system and the products that run it. Numerous help and how-to articles are also present along with a discussion board.

4 Android Authority 4265

This is one of the premier blog for all latest android news and updates. It not only provides the latest news about the operating system itself, but also the phones running on this platform and occasional showdowns with the competitors. It also focuses on the apps and provides numerous how-to articles.

5 Android Police 5951

This provides news and reviews of the android operating system along with the products running it. Various tips and tutorials are available to customise an operating system. Videos and podcasts cover the multimedia aspect of android news.

6 App Brain 5962

This provides comprehensive coverage of all the applications available for android. It provides regular reviews of the latest apps on the market. There is also an inventory that allows apps to be sorted based on their popularity and genre.

7 Droid Forums 9019

A discussion board is the top priority at Droid Forums. The site also offers the latest news regarding operating system and products like mobile phones and tablet PCs. Wallpapers are provided for android phones in a special section.

8 Phandroid 9155

This site provides complete database of all the phones and tablets running on android. A comparison tool and rumours of the impending arrivals are available as well. Apps from the Play Store are also covered and reviewed, while carrier information and offers are also provided.

9 Android Community 9727

Run by R3 Media, Android Community provides the latest news of android, android phones, and android tablets. Reviews of these products are also available. The site has a discussion board covering all aspects of android. Video content is also present on this site.

10 Droid Life 10166

This site mainly provides news and reviews of the operating system and its products. Hacking is also discussed to great extent through dedicated sections. The site also features apps that are extremely useful and popular. Specifications of some of the popular phones are also available.

11 Android Zoom 11107

This is the android site that exclusively covers the applications for this operating system. It is possible to view the applications using various inventories like most viewed, downloaded, and trending applications. The site offers the ability to hire app developers using its own inventory. It also offers a regular daily picks along with a leaderboard of the best apps.

12 Android Advices 11427

This blog covers all the latest news regarding android. The main features covered on the blog, though, are the technical stuff like tutorials and installation techniques. The site also covers the best deals of the week with regard to android products.

13 Android Tablets 15253

Android Tablets primarily focuses on the tablet PCs running the android operating system. The discussion board provides special sections for discussions about the operating system, the tablet PCs, and apps for the tablet PCs.

14 Android and Me 15677

Android and Me offers comprehensive coverage of the latest news regarding android operating system and the products running on it. The store on this site features all aspects of a phone starting from the phone itself to the battery and cases.

15 Android Pit 16688

This provides comprehensive coverage of the rumours, latest news, and reviews of the phones and tablet PCs running android. It has a discussion board complete with a range of topics, while comprehensive database of the app developers is also available along with app recommendations.

16 Talk Android 18926

Talk Android provides guidance for various aspects on some of the popular android versions and phones. It has a comprehensive database of the android phones along with their complete specifications. Wallpapers provide the multimedia content, while reviews are also present.

17 Android OS 28545

Android OS is primarily focused on android operating system in India. It features regularly updated Indian price list for the phones and tablets running on android. Various country specific versions are also available. The site covers all the major mobile phone events across the world.

18 Android Headlines 32491

This is an aggregator of the latest news from the popular android sites in the world. It also provides rankings for phones and tablets along with app reviews. The shop provides phones, cases, accessories, and other merchandise.

19 Android Tapp 36512

This site primarily focuses on the apps available for the android operating system – both for the phones and tablets. It provides reviews of the apps with complete screenshots and a rating system, while providing interviews with some of the popular app developers.

20 Shop Android 39123

Shop Android is a retailer selling various Android Accessories including cases, chargers, batteries, kits and android phones. It is part of Mobile Nation, which also own Android Central blog mentioned above.

21 Android Spin 41414

Android Spin is a site that provides how-to articles for customising the operating system. This site also reviews the hardware of products running on android. Applications, games, and app reviews are also available on this site.

22 Android Guys 49781

This provides news, rumours, leaks, and other information surrounding the android operating system. Reviews covering both hardware and software are present. The site even covers the accessories for the popular android phones. The site also offers its own podcast.

23 Androinica 93112

This site provides information on the android operating system, latest news, firmware updates, and rumours. Android phones and their specifications are dealt with comprehensively. The site provides reviews of the popular accessories along with reviews of the apps.

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