Top 13 Forum Software

Forum can be a really good addition to your website as it can help your site look alive and at the same time provide with important feedback for your business. Some of the best forum building software available is discussed below:

1. IP Board

IP Board is one of the leading software used for creating forums. IP board comes with almost every feature which can create great forums for business as well as personal use. Some of its features include unlimited forums and sub forums, unread forum topics are highlighted, password protection, pinned topics, full html support and great monetization options. IP Board forum hosting starts from $10 per month for 10 online users and 700MB data storage.

2. Vbulletin

Vbulletin has received many awards since its inception for being one of the most liked forum software. Vbulletin is easy to use and comes with many customization options for great forum features. A great feature is that you can import data from any other bulletin to your forum. Vbulletin comes with $199 for a single license.

3. PunBB

PunBB is a fast yet light discussion board. As compared to other commercial as well as FREE forum software, punBB lacks a lot of extra features but makes up for it with the speed and memory requirements. It’s available for FREE downloads and supports Windows.

4. Xenforo

Xenforo is intuitive and fast software to create great forums for your community. Get more members for your forum by easy Facebook login option provided with Xerofore. Also it comes with great many features like recent happenings, social engagements etc. and is available for $140 for a 12 month license.

5. phpBB

phpBB is a FREE forum bulletin creating software. Although FREE, it has an impressive number of options for style and image packages to create great looking forum boards. It provides various features such as unread message tracking, private messaging etc.

6. MiniBB

MiniBB is another open source forum bulletin building software. It is quite light and stable and provides great customization options. MiniBB is highly SEO optimized for better visibility and monetizing your forum and is quite easy to use.

7. BurningBoard

BurningBoard provides a state of the art design as well as a great design. It has an innovative design with great Search engine visibility. It allows you to create great content in an advanced layout and makes the forum messages easy to read. BurningBoard is available for a onetime fee of $62 for single license.

8. Simple Machines Forum

Simple Machines Forum is a FREE yet a professional grade forum building software. It is designed in a simple manner which allows great functionality and at the same time does not consume much space in the server. It comes with a powerful Package manager which allows one to make modifications in the database and change themes.

9. BBPress

BBPress is aFREE forum creating software built by the creators of the popular CMS- WordPress. BBPress is a small and light tool which helps in fast and reliable performance. Also with a plethora of plugins available, one can easily customize BBPress to the desired result.

10. Yabbforum

Yabb or yet another bulletin board is a completely FREE open source forum creating software. It can be easily customized to the desired configuration and is quite easy to setup. Yabbforum allows complete control over the forum and is completely ad free.

11. Vanilla Forums

Vanilla is another FREE open source forum creating software. It is built keeping flexibility and speed in mind and does great in these aspects. Also with a vast quantity of addons available, one can get the desired look and features.

12. Phorum

Started as early as 1998, Phorum is one of the trusted open source forum building software. It provides full control over forum design and various customization options. Also it comes with various features like quick reply box, smilies, attachments etc. which guarantee a great forum experience to all your users.

13. Mybb

MyBB has a standard discussion forum frame which will make your users feel at home. With many features such as complete control over the forum and plugins for additional usability, MyBB is a great tool for creating online forums. The best par t is that it is completely FREE.

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