20 Best Air Conditioner Brands

Air-conditioners are one of the widely used electronic appliances in the world today. Since their introduction in 1920, they have come a long way due to the inventions from several major brands in the world.

This is a list of the top AC brands according to their popularity.



This South Korean brand offers three major types of air conditioners – window mount, wall mount, and portable. Some of the optional features within these air-conditioners are programmable timers and remote control. These air-conditioners also come in variety of sizes designed to suit small to large rooms. Air-conditioners that are meant for commercial use are also available as well.

General Electrics

The air conditioning division of this American conglomerate mainly offers products meant for residential and commercial use. Dehumidifiers and air purifiers also form part of this division of the company. The residential air conditioners come with four types of installation techniques – high mount, window kit, wall mounted, and EZ mount. Energy-efficient products are also available.


Founded in 1911, this American company offers several types of air-conditioners including central heating and air conditioning solutions. Most of the products come with Energy Star ratings, while features like touch controls, antimicrobial filters, and automatic fan speed adjustment are also present in certain products. Central dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and filters also form part of this division.

New Air

Established in 2002, this company primarily specializes in offering home appliances like air conditioners. The portable air conditioner is the major product in its line-up. Evaporative coolers, dehumidifiers, fans, and space heaters form the other products.


This brand offers Energy Star rated air-conditioners that cover whom sizes from less than 350 sq ft to 1700 sq ft. Air purifiers, which come with three stage cleaning, also form part of the line-up of this brand.


Founded in 1918, this brand offers three major types of air-conditioners – window mounted, built-in, and portable. These products are cooling requirements of rooms as small as 150 sq ft to 1700 sq ft. The company has a total of 46 air-conditioners.


Started in 1915, this company is now part of the United Technologies Corporation. It offers four major types of air conditioning for homes, building solutions, transportation, and commercial refrigeration needs. It most of the products come with energy ratings and air cleaning mechanisms.


Existing in its current form since 1992, this Chinese company traces its origins to 1984. The company manufactures both portable and fixed types of air-conditioners. Products that are Energy Star rated are also available. The company’s first international presence started in 1996.

Mitsubishi Electric

Air-conditioners form one of the products of this Japanese company, which was started in 1921. The company manufactures air-conditioners for domestic, industrial, and commercial uses. Air curtains, dehumidifiers, and heat pumps are the other products under this division.


This American company offers air-conditioners with one-stage and two-stage compressor mechanisms. Some of the features present within air-conditioners from this brand include high and low pressure control, and air quality sensing. The company is based in Atlanta, and it was started in 1927.


Established in 1993, this is an American brand that offers window, wall, and portable air conditioners. All the window and wall air-conditioners come with energy ratings, while features like auto restart, electronic display, and washable air filter are present.

Soleus Air

This company offers three major types of air conditioners – portable, window, and through the wall. The ‘through the wall’ air-conditioners come with both heating and cooling abilities. The company offers one-year warranty on its products.


Started in 1932, this brand is currently a subsidiary of the Whirlpool Corporation. The company has been making air-conditioners since 1954. It currently has two classes of air-conditioners – premium and distinction. Its products receive free lifetime limited warranty.


Founded in 1975, this company is based in Texas. It specializes in manufacturing air conditioning and related products for residential and commercial purposes. This brand is currently part of the Daikin Industries Ltd. There are six major types of residential air conditioning products from this brand.


This Japanese company was established in 1924, and it specializes in manufacturing air-conditioners. It has products meant for usage in homes and commercial establishments. Single split and multi-split are the two types of air conditioning solutions offered for homes.


This Japanese company offers four major systems of air conditioning solutions – split, window, multi-split, and VRF. The company manufactures inverter and constant models of split air conditioners. The company has its presence across 70 countries in the world.


This American company is part of the Ingersoll Rand. The company has operations in 28 countries worldwide. It has 13 different models of air-conditioners meant for residential purposes. The air conditioner from this brand offers the cooling feature alone.

American Standard

This company offers air conditioning solutions for light commercial and residential purposes. It has products with single and stage cooling systems. The AccuLink Communicating System and Comfort-R Humidity Control are some of the features present. There are two series of air-conditioners – gold and silver.

Edge Star

Founded in 1999, this online company offers portable and window air-conditioners. The portable air conditioners come with ratings from 8000 BTU to a maximum of 14,999 BTU. The company offers one-year warranty on its product.


Founded in 1883, this company exclusively specializes in offering air-conditioners for residential and commercial usage. Window, built-in, and portable are some of the different types of residential air-conditioner, while ductless split systems and window types of commercial systems are also present.

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