21 Popular Astrology Websites

For hundreds and thousands of years people always wanted to know about their future. Today too people look for knowing what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. To help you know about future from reliable sources, below are some of the best astrology websites chosen from thousands on the Web.

1. Astro.com

Astro.com website seems to cover almost all areas of astrology along with free horoscopes and astrodienst shop. The site has a good and active community too to discuss everything related to astrology. A FAQ (frequently asked questions) section is also worth checking on it.

2. Astrology.com

Astrology.com website offers information on astrology, numerology, tarot, Feng Shui, dreams and better living. The website also covers articles on important and interested topics such as how to explore dreams, how to look ahead of near future and also related to celebrities. A blog section on the site too covers interesting posts on astrology related to love and sex, home and family, work and money, mind and boy, and more.

3. Horoscope.com

Horoscope.com offers daily horoscope of people based on the zodiac signs. It also features tarot readings, card of the day, daily i-Ching, Chinese portrait, celeb of the day and birthday horoscope. Numerology, Mayan and psychic are also worth reading on the site.

4. Cainer.com

This is Jonathan Cainer’s website. He is a notable British sun-sign astrologer. Mr Cainer publishes interesting topics like daily forecasts, yearly forecasts, love forecasts, tarot, i-Ching, love signs and more.

5. Tarot.com

It covers crisp tips and information on astrology, numerology, i-Ching, Feng Shui and more. It also offers free 3-card tarot reading. Apart from all these, the site covers some interesting topics such as relationship and love tarot, Mandala astrology tarot readings, various tarot & astrology reports, specialized tarot reading and hands-on tarot readings. Tarot reading tools is also worth checking here.

6. AstrologyZone.com

It is a crisp site with limitations to important topics only from astrology. It covers forecasts of coming year and coming month. It covers each month’s astrology highlights too. It helps in finding ideal mate. It also sells books that is claimed to change life.

7. GaneshaSpeaks.com

It provides free horoscopes and also a tool to find compatibility between two zodiacs. The site has some famous astrologers from India in their panel like Bejan Daruwalla. Topics covered on it are tarot, Chinese astrology, numerology, panchang and more. Mobile apps are also offered to help people access the site on their mobile phones and tablets. Predictions, articles, astro fun and offerings are important part of the website.

8. CafeAstrology.com

CafeAstrology.com offers information horoscopes and forecasts, planets and points, birthdays and divining arts, predictive astrology, astrology reference, astrology book reviews, daily trends calendar, week-by-week astrology, moon phases calendar, astrology tools and feature articles.

9. AstroCenter

Astro Center website offers daily horoscopes by sign, daily planetary overview, current year reports and readings, featured reports, tarot, wellness, numerology and more. The site also has a store where it sells astro products at good deal prices and discounts.

10. AstroYogi.com

The site is also made available to access on mobile phones and offers service through live phone advice. It covers topics on horoscope, astrology, numerology, tarot, Chinese astrology, vedic astrology, love and also astro fun. For astro shoppers the astro shopping section is worth checking. Other important topics the site covers are Feng Shui and your life, Nakshatra, free tarot reading, travel profile, weaknesses of astrology signs and many more.

11. FindYourFate.com

The site offers information on astrology, numerology, horoscope, palm reading, compatibility, love and more. Visitors can also ask questions through their ‘Our Services’ section. It also offers match making, names correction and love test services. The site too got mobile apps for iPhone and Android to help people access the site on their mobile.

12. IndAstro.com

IndAstro.com offers all the information related to Vedic astrology. It offers Vedic horoscope, love or marriage compatibility, vashphal, gemstone analysis, career analysis report, finance and stock market predictions, birth time rectification, muhurtha and more.

13. eAstroLog

eAstroLog.com website offers daily free horoscope, astrology for love and life, love and compatibility horoscopes, Chinese astrology, Western astrology, Sun signs and also free horoscopes for Webmasters.

14. DarkStarAstrology.com

The tag line of Dark Star Astrology says, “Fixed stars, myth and magic.” It covers monthly horoscope, moon phases and information on dark moon. The website also covers important and interesting articles on astrology.

15. Ask-Oracle.com

It features psychic chat, love compatibility, visitor’s future, daily horoscope, weekly horoscope and monthly horoscope. The site has an active community to help visitors discuss astrological issues with other members.

16. DailyHoroscope.com

The site says on its masthead, “Daily defenders of good karma”. It offers astrological information on all the zodiac signs. It also features Astrology 101, live psychics, personalized reports, free readings and reports, and also some related videos.

17. AstrologyCom.com

AstrologyCom.com site offers daily free horoscopes delivered in the e-mail, great astrology info, love horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, monthly tarotscopes, monthly moonbeam, annual forecasts, cosmic sense, lammas, zodiac gemstones, hellenistic astrology and also a section for instant answer. The site has a successful forum and an astro shop too.

18. Astroved.com

It covers topics on career and money, love and marriage, beauty and health, arts and sports, fertility and children, student and education, ancestors and last rites, and more. The site features remedy center, free and learning, festivals, reports and blogs. Mobile app is also made available to help access the site on mobile phones.

19. Astrology.com.au

This site seems a bit different with topics like face reading, astrology TV and astrology news. The site offers free psychic readings, astrology compatibility, astrology forecasts, horoscope signs, tarot, Chinese astrology and more. It also has a blog to cover astrology posts. Celebrity forecast is worth checking on the site.

20. AstrologyWeekly.com

Astrology Weekly website offers comprehensive information and predictions related to astrology. It covers astrological articles, astrological news, celebrity charts, moon information, meditation and more. It also features astrological tools such as chart generator, moon phases, convertor, dedinations etc. The site too got astrology art shop.

21. DailyHoroscopes.com

The website covers information on horoscopes compatibility, birthday horoscopes, daily and weekly horoscopes, psychic predictions, color personality, relationship questions, numerology, i-Ching, planets, name meanings and more.

These websites are just a suggestion. There may be few other good astrology websites left out from the list.

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