17 Top Australian Banks

Australian banks have come a long way since then opening of the very first in Sydney back in 1817. Now, the Australian banking sector comprises of multinational corporations, while it is also the hub of several mutual banking solutions.

This is a list of the top Australian banks according to their popularity.

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Commonwealth Bank

The Commonwealth Bank in Australia provides personal, business, and corporate banking solutions, with each offering different products. Personal banking offers products like savings account, credit cards, personal loans, home loans, and insurance. Business and corporate banking come with products like risk management, capital raising, and transaction services. The bank provides several calculators and tools to choose the best product.

ANZ Bank

ANZ is Abbreviatation of “Australia and New Zealand Bank” which was founded in 1835. This bank also offers personal, business and corporate banking. It has numerous savings and bank account options available, while they are available along with a selection helping tool. The bank offers eight different types of credit cards along with several types of prepaid, debit, and business cards. Several investment and insurance products are also present for customers of personal banking.


NAB is an abbreviation of “National Australia Bank”, The group was founded in 1893. NAB offers personal and business banking solutions with great products like credit cards and loans that differ between the two. The bank provides a complimentary financial advice, while help and guidance is provided on several other areas as well. Internet banking is provided as the chief medium for managing the bank accounts. This banking group also offers banking services under brand name uBank, which was launched in 2008.


Westpac is abbreviation of “Western-Pacific”, which was founded in 1900. They provides several personal banking solutions like planning for the future, managing the daily banking services, and building wealth. Business solutions available at this bank include taking care of aspects like starting and funding a business. Home loans and retirement services are some of the personal banking products, while merchant services and international trade are the unique features within business banking.

St George

St. George was founded in 1937 as a building society. This bank provides the usual options like home loans, credit cards, and insurance products for personal banking section. In the corporate banking, it provides features like transactional banking, international banking, intermediary business, and financial market handling. St George was acquired by WestPac in 2008 and thus now sub-subsidiary WestPac bank.


Bankwest (abbreviated from “Bank of Western Australia”) was founded in 1895 and acquired by Australia’s leading banking group Commonwealth bank in 2008. They provides banking, insurance, and investment solutions at both personal and business level. The banking products include various types of savings account, term deposits, credit cards, and different types of loan. The bank provides financial advice on a variety of aspects.

Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank also known as Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited after its merger with Australian Adelaide Bank in 2007. The bank itself was founded in 1858. They provides several banking solutions like home loans, personal loans, insurance, and credit cards. The home loans can be tailor-made to suit various requirements. Interest rates for a variety of aspects like credit cards and term deposits are available online itself.

Ing Direct Australia

ING direct offers savings accounts that come with high interest rates and no minimum balance requirements. There are loans with 100% offset facility for interest and fixed rate features as well. Business and commercial banking products are also present.


Suncorp bank provides personal and business banking solutions. Each comes with unique products like term deposits and financial advice in the case of personal banking solution, while treasury and business lending are unique to business banking. Several insurance products are also present.


BOQ is abbreviated from “Bank of Queensland”. The company was founded in 1874 and now offering three major ways – Internet, mobile, and phone banking solutions – to manage accounts, the BOQ provides both personal and business banking. Savings and investment account are the basic account types available with both types of banking.

CitiBank Australia

This bank offers personal banking solutions that cover various aspects like savings account, credit cards, loans, and insurance. Global access is provided to all aspects of banking, while premium services like premium banking and credit cards are also present.

HSBC Australia

HSBC Australia offers personal, business, and corporate banking along with premium banking services. The premium banking comes with its own dedicated relationship manager. Each type of banking comes with savings accounts, loans, insurance, investments, and credit cards.

Macquarie Bank

This bank provides saving, investing, financial advice, and insurance products in the area of personal banking. It also offers business, corporate, and government banking solutions as well. Financial advice is provided through a number of tools, calculators, and financial advisers.


The Heritage bank has two types of banking – personal and business. Aspects like savings accounts, loans, insurance, and credit cards are available within personal banking. Financial planning for the future is also offered, while business banking offers aspects like foreign exchange and agriculture loans.

New Castle Permanent

Newcastle Permanent has an investment arm aside from personal and business banking solutions. Aside from banking accounts, loans, and credit cards, the investment arm provides advice, planning, and retirement solutions. Home loan interest rate information and calculators are provided.

TM Bank

Teachers Mutual Bank – also known as TM bank is a bank for serving and retired teachers in Australia. This plan provides the usual features like savings accounts, credit cards, loans. There are numerous ways of accessing and managing accounts – Mobile, phone, SMS, and Internet banking. Extra services like financial planning, mobile lenders, and credit assistance are also provided. The group was founded in 1966.

Members Equity

This bank offers home loans, credit cards, personal loans, savings accounts, and term deposits under personal banking, while aspects like business loans, asset finance, and deposit products are available under business banking. There are also several investment products present as well.

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