Top 23 Baby Names Websites

Selecting a name for a baby is a crucial aspect for any parent. After all, the baby is going to be called with that name for the rest of the life. Help is at hand through the numerous websites that offer suggestions for the baby names whether it is a boy or a girl.

Here are some of the top baby name sites popular today.

1. Think Baby Names

Think Baby Names is a popular baby names sites that claims to have more than 30,000 names in its database. It also claims to have more than a million visitors each month. A special section is present to provide information about the name origins. The site has a tool to select the names randomly, while popular names are also offered.

2. Babynology

This site not only provides baby names, but also has articles and tips about how to raise a child. The section is provided to some of the popular baby names, while there are also country specific names available as well. A discussion board is present to discuss names with other parents. Names are also categorised via tags like boy, girl, uncommon, cute, and unique.


This site provides country specific names for both boy and girl children. Names are also categorised under sections like popular and celebrity baby names. A message board and suggestion service is also present on the site. Baby shower games and due date calculators help start the preparation for baby, while baby products are also available on the shop.

4. BabyCentre Baby Names

Baby Centre does not only provide the baby names, but also various types of information for parents before and after childbirth. Ovulation and due date calculator are present alongside various pregnancy topics. A community board, blog, and shop are also present on this site.

5. SheKnows BabyNames

This site offers a comprehensive database of more than 30,000 baby names complete with the meanings. It also offers popular names from the history books. It is possible to get baby names based on the origin or ratings from other parents.

6. Social Security

This is the official site of the US Social Security Administration and it provides a dedicated section for baby names. It is possible to look up for popular names by decade, state, and territories across the United States.

7. PC Baby Names

This site provides access to more than 1000 names, which can be sorted on many basis origin and country. It also provides meanings of the names and the number of times it has been used by the parents registered on the site. Ratings of the names are also given.

8. Names

This site provides the latest trends in baby naming. It also has a huge database of names, which is present in various sections like origin basis, gender basis, and religion basis. Various baby name lists and tools are also provided.

9. Just Mommies Names

Just Mommies offers an inventory to search baby names either or both alphabetically and origin wise. The site allows users to create their own baby name poll. There is also an option to suggest names to other readers.

10. Behind The Name

Behind The Name provides a comprehensive database of baby names organised alphabetically. The site contains a message board and name translators for readers. Special offerings on the site include a database of names of twins and anagram names.

11. BabyZone – Baby Names

This site provides an inventory to search for baby names according to gender, origin, and the number of syllables. Names can also be searched on the basis of meanings. Polls, quizzes, articles, and name advice are also offered on this site.

12. Indian Hindu Names

This site provides Indian Hindu names only. It claims to offer rare, traditional, uncommon, and modern Hindu names. Horoscopes, star details, birth traits, baby rhymes, videos, and bedtime stories are also offered on this site.

13. Name Berry

Name Berry offers lists that cover boys, girls, unisex, and popular baby names. The site also has a vast database that can be sorted using an efficient inventory tool. Discussion boards, blogs, and a store are the other sections on this site.

14. 20000 Names

This site claims to offer access to a database of more than 20,000 baby names from around the world. It has information about naming tips, and it has a dedicated section for pet names. The site has been online since 1999.

15. Bounty Baby Names

The site features a name generator that can be used to create names based on origin, meaning, and gender. There is also the ability to ask the community for suggestions. Regional trends of the names in a particular region are provided as well.

16. Meaning of Names

This is a database of all the history and origin of the names. This covers human names as well as dog names. Family tree analysis and surname meanings are also provided on this site along with the name meanings by region.

17. Baby Name Wizard

This site claims to be the encyclopaedia of baby names. It provides the ability to find names according to style, popularity, and the starting letters. One can also track the popularity of a name or find its region on this site.

18. All Parenting

This site claims to have a database of more than 30,000 baby names, which can be sorted on the basis of origins. This site has numerous articles providing tips when it comes to naming a baby. The site also has a discussion board.

19. Baby Names Pedia

This site provides an online dictionary and database for the baby names. The names are provided with the complete meaning and information about the famous bearers. Various tools are present to deduce the popularity of names.

20. Baby Names Country

This site not only provides a comprehensive list of the baby names from around the world, but also offers the origin and meaning of each name. Further, each name also has a rating derived from the feedback of the readers.


This site offers thousands of baby names that can be sorted on the basis of origins and popularity. There is a dedicated section for statistics involving babies, while a name generator is also provided on this site.

22. Baby Name World

This site offers a database of baby names from around the world, which can be sorted on the basis of meaning, origin, popularity and rating. This site allows readers to have a personalised login to store their favourite names.

23. Name Nerds

This is a baby names site that is primarily concerned with names from the United Kingdom. It offers a special section to cover unique, unusual, and creative names. The Irish, Welsh, and Scottish names are provided in different sections.

Note: We published a separate list of pregnancy websites. Many of them also have section for “Baby names” on their website. A few top sites from that list are covered here as well.

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