Top 4 Backlink Analysis Tools

Backlinks talk about your web presence and the importance can’t be denied. The way you are ranked and the way your website is perceived on the internet is influenced greatly by the number, quality and type of Backlinks to your site. Analysis of the same Backlinks is therefore, integral for your online campaigns. In such a case, the Backlink analysis tools come in handy helping you to analysis and plan your online strategies to get the optimum number of links to point to you.

1. Open Site Explorer

When it comes to checking Backlinks, open site explorer is not just accurate with information and diverse ways of analyzing the information, it is also genuinely popular. The reason could be the simple registration and free information! This being a product or tool, already gets the platform and while at it, lives up to the expectations set.

Upon searching on domain you can get all relevant information and a great amount of data on Inbound links, top pages, the domains that are linking to you along with all the numbers. However, for some additional information on content such as facebook links, tweets and Google Plus endorsements, youíll need to sign-up and spend a little money.

Pricing starts from $99/month to $499/month.

The advantages of staying however are that it’s simple, quick, gives you the anchor text linking information and allows comparisons. This is relevant for any Backlink analysis that you wish to do.


The site is known for rich, historical database. It has extremely detailed reports and content as described on the very home page of the site.

The main advantage here is the index and valuable reports based on it. It also offers various free features like comparisons of sites, exporting of information directly into excel analysis of anchor text Backlinks, etc. It counts the Backlinks and domains and also provides information on quality of linking.

However, the drawbacks that one could note is that for an analytical report for more than 1000 links, one would require to subscribe or pay.

Majestic SEO Offers Free plan with limited data, however if you want to analyse backlinks in much details then start with silver plan (£29.99/month). They offer Platinum plan which is ideal for agencies and priced at £250/month.

3. has its own benefits being present over a good amount of time. The site gives a detailed report on any requested site and information, rendering it as highly useful and relevant.

For instance, on one arbitrary site being investigated, here is the report submits:

The very structured information n referring or reference pages and the types of Backlinks, makes it very easy to absorb information. Simple pointers like the ìnumber of nofollow linksî are sure winners for the site and its efficiency on providing Backlink analysis.

Lastly, when you are set with the information to carry out your planning and strategies, it is important to be able to pull out all the relevant information. In this scenario, using the excel format is bound to work so you can eliminate data, stack up data, compare data and optimize your resources to make the most of content to build strong Backlinks and improve SEO.

The pricing for is as low as $49/month and even 10% discount if purchased a year advance.

4. Bing Site Explorer

The latest on the block is Bing Site Explorer. With the announcement made in early June this year, Bing has also started to offer third party information to websites about links. They made the statement that the tool has been specially designed because users were looking for such webmaster tools that could help them understand indexing, presence of online competition, ranks and presence on SERP and much more. The Bing Link Explorer may have additional features in the coming future. Further, with Bing Advertising and webmaster tools being separate, thereís lot more opportunities to be seen in the near future.

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