25 Top Bicycle Brands

The bicycle is one of the earliest forms of transport and they have been around since the 19th century. Despite the popularity of automobiles, bicycles still continue to be used as a mode of transport. It has also become popular for recreational purposes as well.
This is a list of the top bicycle brands as per their popularity.



This is an American corporation that was founded in 1976. It is a subsidiary of the Intrepid Corporation. The company claims to offer its bicycle progress in more than 90 countries through dealerships and subsidiaries. Road, Mountain, and Urban are the major differentiation amongst the bicycles from this brand. Bicycles are also grouped into design-based collections as well.

Giant Bicycles

This Taiwanese company was founded in 1972. This publicly traded company manufactures its bicycles in countries like China, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. Its products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. It offers bicycles for various terrains like on road, off-road, and dirt tracks. Bicycles for women and youth are also available as well.


This American company is a subsidiary of the Dorel Industries, and it was founded in 1971. Road, M ountain, Recreation, and Urban are some of the different categories of bicycles available, while there are also products for kids and women. The company also offers an extensive range of bicycle components and apparel for riding.


This is a California-based bicycle company that was founded in 1974. Mountain, road, and dirt bikes are a few of the offerings from this company. Bicycle components and bicycle riding products are also available from this brand.


This Spanish bicycle manufacturer was founded in 1840, but it has been manufacturing cycles only from the 1930s. A subsidiary of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation, this company offers the ability to customize certain features on select bicycles.


Established in 1933, this Italian company specializes in offering high-end components for bicycles. Titanium and carbon fiber components are predominantly available from this brand, which offers components like drive train and wheels. Super Record and Chorus are some of the flagship products.

GT Bicycles

A subsidiary of the Canadian company – Dorel Industries, this American brand was established in 1979. It offers bikes for different requirements like sport, performance, comfort, racing, and street use. BMX bikes are also offered by this brand.


Aside from offering bicycles for special requirements like triathlon and time racing, this Canadian company also offers road bikes as well. The company was established in 1995. R Series, S Series, and P Series are some of the different categories of bikes from Cervelo.

BMC Racing

Founded in 1986, this Swiss manufacturer of bicycles offers different types like road, mountain, and commuter bikes in regions like North America, Europe, and Asia. The company claims to offer technologies like Force Specific Tubing and Tuned Compliance Concept.


Offering numerous bicycle types like road, mountain, racing, and commuter, this company was founded in 1988. Abra cadabra, zing supreme, paddy wagon, and hei hei supreme are a few of the models offered by this company.

Felt Bicycles

This American company was started in 1994, and it currently offers different types of bicycles like road, track, cyclocross, BMX, and cruisers. Edict Nine, Verza Path, and DA are some of the various series present.

Fuji Bikes

This American brand was originally founded by the former Japanese company – Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company, Ltd – in 1899. It is currently a part of the private Advanced Sports International (ASI) Corporation. Different types like road, specialty, lifestyle, and mountain bikes are offered by this brand.


One of the oldest bicycle companies, this Italian brand was founded in 1885. The company has been a subsidiary of the Swedish Cycleurope Group since 1997. Strada and Fixed Gear are some of the unique categories of bicycles from this brand.


This Italian bicycle manufacturer was founded in 1952. It specializes in manufacturing handmade bicycles for different specifications like road, time trial, triathlon, and track. Bicycles of this brand are primarily made out of aluminum and carbon fiber.


This French manufacturer of bicycles and bicycle components was founded in 1951. The company claims to be the inventor of the first clipless pedal in the world. It offers bicycles for various purposes like sport and commuter usage.

Scott Sports

Established in 1958, this Swiss manufacturer of bicycles offers different types like mountain, road, trekking, and e-bikes in its portfolio. Bicycle frames are also offered along with an extensive apparel collection for bicycle riding men and women.

Jamis Bikes

A subsidiary of G. Joannou Cycle Corporation since 1990, this company offers different types of bikes like mountain, straight, road, and recreational bicycles. The mountain bikes from this company come in different sizes, while products for youngsters and women are also present.


Founded in 1977, this American brand offers different types of bicycles like road, full suspension, dual sport, hybrid, performance hybrid, mountain hardrail, comfort, and cruiser. It was part of the Derby Cycle Corporation until 2001.


This Italian company specializes in manufacturing high-end bicycles. It was established in 1954. CX-1 EVO, MASTER 30TH, and CLD are some of the different types of bicycles from this brand. Technologies like carbon fiber materials and disc brakes are used.

Marin Bikes

This California based bicycle manufacturer was established in 1986. Juniper Trail WFG, Indian Fire Trail 29er, and Pine Mountain 29er are a few of the company’s products. The company claims to have a line-up of more than 90 bicycles.


This British bicycle company was founded in 1887. The UK division of this company has been out of the Dutch group, Accell, since 2012. The company offers bicycles for different aspects of the road, racing, lifestyle, and cruising.


Established in 1997, this Belgian company primarily offers bicycles meant for racing and cyclocross. It also has products for women as well. The bicycles from this brand are manufactured in several places across Europe.


This American brand is a subsidiary of the American Bicycle Group. It was founded in 1986. AeroLogic, Reactive Pressure Molding, and the use of titanium are some of the technologies offered by this brand in its bicycle types like road, mountain, and cyclocross.

Kestrel Bicycles

This American company specializes in offering bicycles meant for racing especially in the triathlon. It has been part of the Advanced Sports group since 2007. The company launched the world’s first bicycle – in 1986 – with a carbon fiber frame.


Founded in 1981, this French manufacturer also offers mopeds and motorcycles besides from bicycles. Full suspension, Hardtail, Road, and lifestyle are some of the different categories of bicycles from this brand. Aluminum, carbon, and titanium are a few of the frame materials offered.