20 Best Bike Brands

Motorcycles are used for a variety of purposes whether it is just for commuting, racing, or off-road purposes. Due to great advancements in this industry, motorcycles are comparable to cars in terms of aspects like acceleration, top speed, and cruising ability.

This is a list of the top bike brands as per their popularity.

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This Japanese manufacturer produces motorcycles for different conditions. It’s portfolio of bikes are present in categories like street, off-road, ATV, scooters, and multi-utility vehicles. The street bikes are further divided into various sections offering specific features like sporting, cruising, and touring characteristics. ATV vehicles for both sport and utility purposes are also available. The company also has racing pedigree at various levels of motorcycle racing.

Harley Davidson

This American manufacturer offers motorcycles with maximum cruising and touring abilities. The motorcycles in the line-up come with single or twin cylinder engines. The company also offers a custom-made build for buyers from the factory itself. There is also a section selling used bikes along with bikes meant for the fire and rescue departments in the United States.


Offering a range of products across categories like motorcycles, ATVs, watercrafts, and marine equipment, this Japanese company also offers snowmobiles and outdoor power equipment as well. The motorcycles, whose engine capacities range from 50 cc to 1900 cc, are divided into street, off-road, and racing categories. The brand has a strong presence in various motorcycle racing forms like MotoGP. The company was founded in 1955.

Suzuki Cycles

This Japanese company offers a wide range of motorcycle spread across categories like sport, cruisers, touring, adventure, commuting, motocross, off-road, and kids. Other products of this company include scooters and ATVs. The line-up consists of Hayabusa – the fastest production bike in the world.


This company offers a range of motorcycles in categories like cruisers, touring bikes, sport, dual purpose, and off-road bikes. Sport utility and sport ATVs are also present as well. The vehicle engine capacity ranges from 650 cc to 1700 cc.

Hero Moto Corp

This is an Indian manufacturer of motorcycles offering products in categories like commuting and performance. The company has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1984 and it currently has 19 products in its portfolio, which also includes scooters. Earlier, they were known as Hero Honda.

Royal Enfield

Established in India back in 1955, this company offers 12 different bikes across three categories. The engine capacity of most bikes from this manufacture is between 350 cc and 500 cc. the company regularly organizes events throughout the calendar year.

Bajaj Auto

This Indian company produces motorcycles, three wheelers, and cars. Its motorcycles are designed to offer aspects like performance, commuting, and cruising ability. It offers these aspects in vehicles present across five categories. Their engine capacity ranges from 100 cc to 650 cc.


The company offers products like dirt bikes, superbikes, sports ATVs, and bikes meant for commuting in the United States. Models can be compared against each other, while the company also has regular motor events organized throughout the country.


This Italian manufacturer almost specializes in offering only superbikes and race bikes. However, it also has a limited offering of cruising and touring bikes as well. The bikes range in capacity from around 600 cc to 1200 cc, while an online configurator is also provided.

TVS Motor

Started in 1978, this Indian company offers 11 two wheelers – motorcycles and scooters – in the Indian market. Mopeds and auto rickshaws also form part of the product line-up. The performance bikes from the company are offered in the Apache series.


This Italian brand offers motorcycles and scooters in many countries across the world. The company has been in existence since 1884, and its product line-up includes the Vespa range of scooters, which were first introduced back in 1946.

Triumph Motorcycles

Founded in 1885, this British company offers cruisers, roadsters, touring, adventure, and super sports bikes. It also offers four bikes under the classic category as well. There are numerous clothing and accessories – along with insight about their technology – available from the company.

Victory Motorcycles

This American motorcycle manufacturer was started in 1997, and it currently offers products spread across categories like cruisers, baggers, and touring bikes. The company also offers bikes built according to custom taste. The customization options offered are exhaustive. Victory is a subsidiary of Polaris Industries, which also own another bike brand Indian Motorcycle.

Star Motorcycles

A division of the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha, this company was started in 1994. The touring and cruising motorcycles from Yamaha are available under this brand in the United States. It has seven categories with numerous vehicles being offered under them.

BMW Motorcycles

A division of the German company BMW, this company has products belonging to sport, roadster, touring, endurance, and urban mobility category of bikes. The company also has a line-up of scooters as well. The engine capacity of the bikes range from 650 cc to 1600 cc.


This Italian motorcycle company is owned by Piaggio and it offers four classes of motorcycles – off-road, road, scooters, and scarabeo. The top end performance bikes from the company come with features like the Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC). Also Moto Guzzi is an another subsidiary of Italian car company Piaggio along with few others.

Canam Offroad

This Canadian company offers ATVs and side-by-side that come with different specifications and prices. The models can be compared against each other online, while the company also has a range of accessories and parts intended for its vehicles.


Formed in 1963, this Taiwanese company offers a product line-up consisting of categories like motorcycles, scooters, multi-utility vehicles, ATVs, mobility scooter, and e-scooters. The company offers almost 15 types of motorcycles and numerous types of scooters in its line-up.


Sym is a Taipei (Taiwan) based company which sells more than 6,00,000 units per year. The company sells motorcyles, scooters and ATVs. The company has ties with few international companies in USA, India and Japan.

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