30 Top Car Websites

The automobile industry has become an indispensable part of the human life. The websites offering news, tips, classifieds, and other information regarding automobiles are also no different. The top car sites today offer more than just classifieds, but overall insight into a vehicle. It is also possible to get loans and insurance information from these websites itself.

Here is a list of the top car sites in the world today.

1. AutoTrader.com

This is one of the leading car sites in the world, and it has been online since 1997. The site claims to have more than 3 million listings with 14 million buyers every month. AutoTrader.com allows comparison between different types of cars based on various criteria like body type and price. The inventories are available from either dealers or individuals.

2. Cars.com

Cars.com is an automotive classified site and it was founded in 1998 as a division of the Classified Ventures, LLC. The site features inventories for both new and used cars. There is comprehensive information about the cars and the sellers. The site also offers expert advice, while providing sections for researching various vehicles. Individuals can also sell vehicles on Cars.com.

3. Edmunds.com

This automotive classified site has been online since 1997. The website provides a pricing tool that can be used to determine the price of any given vehicle. The site also promotes an online magazine for automobile lovers since 2005. Edmunds.com also has an online forum for discussions with other car enthusiasts. There are also tips, advices, and reviews of the vehicles.

4. KBB.com

Kbb.com or Kelley Blue Book is the car site that specialises in valuating both used and new vehicles. This site has become a trademark for the market value of a car. The site has been online since 1995 and it was recently sold to AutoTrader.com.

5. AutoBlog.com

This automotive news website is a division of AOL. It offers news and editorials along with its own photography. Autoblog.com images are used by major publications. The site has three divisions for covering general news, green vehicle news, and international automobile news.

6. Yahoo! Autos

Yahoo! Autos is a division of Yahoo! and it covers both used and new cars. The site also features regular reviews. There are also sections for covering the finance and insurance aspect of owning a vehicle. The site also provides access to certified dealers.

7. CarDekho

CarDekho is an Indian auto portal that offers news, expert reviews, in-depth inventories for researching into used and new cars. The site also offers extensive specifications of each vehicle. The site went online in 2008 and has received more than 30 million views till date.

8. CarWale

This Indian car site provides in-depth information about the cars in India through news, reviews, and a price guide tool. The site also provides over the phone consultation for new and used car buyers. There are dedicated sections for accessories, insurance, and finance.

9. Carsales.com.au

This Australian auto portal specialises in offering new and used car inventories. The site offers tools for valuing a car along with researching and comparing it with other vehicles. There are also sections for accessories, insurance, and finance.

10. TopgGear

Topgear.com is the official website of Top Gear – a BBC show aired primarily in the UK. The site contains news, reviews from the hosts of the show – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, and videos. The site also features exclusive Top Gear merchandise.

11. AOL Autos

AOL Autos is a comprehensive used and new car-listing website. It also offers information about the new car deals, used car market values, and car comparison. The site also has information about the car technologies. It also has various articles and videos including photo galleries.

12. Motor Trend

This is the official website of the Motor Trend magazine. It provides auto classifieds for new and used cars. The site also covers auto shows, news, and road tests comprehensively. Motor Trend has a forum section for discussions in the community.

13. CarMax

CarMax is a car site that offers extensive tools like comparisons and sorting based on preferences for searching for a car. The site also offers the ability to sell a car. Research tools on the site come with tips and advices, while financing information is also available.

14. Jalopnik

This blog is operated by Gawker Media and has been online since 2004. It covers all the aspects of the car like the culture and the industry as a whole. Jalopnik regularly runs various features for car enthusiasts.

15. Car and Driver

This is the official site of the Car and Driver magazine. The site features a buyer’s guide for offering tips and insights into various vehicles. News and reviews are also extensively covered. There is a feature section for car enthusiasts.

16. CarFax

This is the official website of the Carfax company that offers detailed reports of the history of each vehicle ranging from a car to a light commercial vehicle. Carfax takes its information from sources like the official records, insurance companies, dealer reports, and police departments.

17. WorldCarFans.com

This comprehensive car site provides all the latest news and reviews of the cars on the market. This site also provides complete coverage of the International motor shows. It also has a dedicated section for spy photos.

18. TopSpeed.com

Top Speed is a car site offering news, reviews, and games of automobiles. The site also offers comprehensive coverage of the auto shows. Classifieds and car videos are also present on Top Speed. The site also has wallpapers and has a dedicated section for motorcycles.

19. Car Scoop

Car Scoop specialises in offering the latest scoop on new cars. The site regularly accepts new spy photos and other information from the readers. Car Scoop also offers extensive insight into car tuning, while various car videos are also available.

20. CarsForSale.com

This is an auto classified site that allows individuals to sell vehicles for free. This site also allows car dealers to offer cars. A section is dedicated exclusively for auto loans. The site allows cars to be sorted based on various criterion like make, model, and year.

21. Drive.com.au

This car site offers the ability to compare new cars, while an extensive evaluation and research tools are available for used cars. Drive.com provides the readers with tips on buying and selling cars, while the site claims to reach 1 million buyers for the advertisers.

22. Inside Line

Inside Line is a division of Edmunds.com – a comprehensive and hugely popular car site. The site has been online since 2005. It provides regular news, reviews, videos, photos, and discussion boards for car enthusiasts. The site also conducts regular road tests.

23. Car Connection

This car site offers a unique way of rating cars, as it collects reviews from experts and combines it with a lot of opinions on the web. Car Connection is part of the High Gear Media, and it offers new car news, buying guides, and offers advice to buyers.

24. What Car

This is the official site of the What Car? magazine. It is one of the few car sites to offer comprehensive road tests of cars. The magazine has been around for 40 years. The website has been online since 1996.

25. AutoCar

This is the official site of the Auto Car magazine – one of the most popular in the world. The website is a division of the Haymarket Consumer Media. The site offers all the latest car news, reviews, blogs, and videos. A dedicated used car section is also present.

26. Auto Express

This is the official site of the Auto Express magazine, which is well known for publishing spy shots of new cars. Besides this, the website also offers information about new car deals, pictures, and videos. A special section is also dedicated to the technology behind the wheels.

27. Automobile Mag

This car site specialises in offering rumours about the latest cars coming to the market. It also provides new and used car inventories. Comprehensive road tests and reviews about the cars are also available. The site also offers tips to get the best insurance and loan deals.

28. Motor Authority

Motor Authority focuses on luxury and performance cars, and it has been online since 2006. Motor authority is part of the High Gear Media. This site covers all the major auto shows, news, and reviews of the cars. Spy shots and car tech are covered in special sections.

29. Automotive Forums

This site provides a community discussion board for car enthusiasts. Different aspects like technical details, deals, and general talk are provided in separate sections. The site also offers galleries and articles about cars.

30. CarComplaints.com

This car site deals with almost every automotive complaint. It also provides the details like cost to fix the problem and comments from owners. The site has been online since 2000. CarComplaints.com is a completely free.

These are some of the popular websites dedicated to cars. They offer a range of information from news to spy shots and rumors.

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