27 Top Open Source Projects

Unlike the usual software and projects, open source projects come with permission that allows anyone with necessary skills to make changes to the project. This has been hugely beneficial to the users, as updates are more frequent and the project itself is free for most aspects. Here are some of the top open source projects … Read more

Top 20 Sites to Create a Blog

It was not long ago that creating a website was one of the cumbersome tasks. Now, though, creating a blog or a website has become that much easier with the advent of many free blogging platforms. Each blogging platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. This list aims to bring out some of the best … Read more

21 Top VOIP Service Providers

The advent of VOIP has truly transformed the way that many of us communicate with one another. More individuals are dropping their traditional phone line services in favor of VOIP services. If you are interested in the idea of using a web-based telephone service, there are many great options to choose from. Luckily, we have … Read more

Top 42 Project Management Software

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Top 14 SSL Certificate Providers

SSL certificates are a must on any website nowadays, where important information is shared and exchanged. The Secure Socket Layer protects the data shared from your browser with the remote server and prohibits any other website or device form intervening or interpreting the data. There are various types of SSL certificates. 1. Extended Validation High … Read more

32 Popular Software Directories

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Top 14 Web Browsers

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28 Top SaaS Shopping Carts

The eCommerce business is on the rise and more and more people are looking at this new territory to buy day to day use stuffs to fashion and gadgets. With many eCommerce software available, one can easily create an online business and start earning and to a wider range of audience. Following are some of … Read more

19 Top Licensed Shopping Cart Software

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18 Online Document Sharing Sites

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