16 Top Chinese Shopping Websites

Online shopping has gone on to become one of the important industries in China, which is set to overtake the United States as the number one economy sooner rather than later. The growing number of online shopping stores helps Chinese citizens to shop for almost every product online.

This is a list of the top Chinese online shopping websites according to their traffic.



Started in 2003, this is part of the Alibaba Group and eBay of China. It specializes in offering a consumer-to-consumer retail platform that has various products like clothes, food, jewelry, accessories, and electronic products. The online store has close to 400 million registered users.



Launched in 2008, this site is primarily meant for offering business-to-consumer retail platform. It is run by the Alibaba Group. The products on this site can be purchased by residents of Taiwan, China, Macau, and Hong Kong. Tmall is also a part of Alibaba group. The site was earlier known as Taobao Mall.



This site has been present in its current avatar since 2007. The site claims to have more than 50 million registered users accessing various branded products from 12 categories like computer accessories, costumes, shoes, watches, and books. They also ship to more than 35 countries. They also have an English website.

Amazon China

This site is currently owned by the Amazon group, and it was started in 1998. This is a mass merchant store and it is also known as joyo. Computers, appliances, fashion, food, and beauty are some of the major categories of products available on this site.


This site is owned by the Alibaba Group, and it specializes in offering comparison shopping service from various online retailers. The site was established in 2010. It searches across the internet for the best prices of products belonging to categories like clothing, home appliances, and consumer electronics.


This online store provides the ability to buy products belonging to categories like beauty, home appliances, men’s and women’s fashion, baby products, health care items, and food. Users can add their favorite items and shops to their account. It is part of Tancent’s network


Started in 1999, this site’s services and offering cosmetics, home appliances, clothing, and home products. The site has more than 200,000 books on offer along with several audio products as well. This store also offers personalized product recommendation as well.


This site specializes in offering clothing solutions like business shirts, casual shoes, and accessories for men, women, and kids. It also has products for home like bathrobes, blankets, and towels as well. This site was started in 2007. The website is also available in English.


51Buy.com is a subsidiary of Chinese Internet and mobile service provider “Tencent”. The site sells various home appliances, car accessories, furniture and décor accessories and much more. It was founded in 2006 and acquired by Tencent in 2010.


This is an online shopping mall offering products with on the comprehensive information like description, reviews, images, and related items. The store offers the ‘cash on delivery’ payment method in addition to the usual options like credit card.


Yihaodian was founded in 2008 and currently one of the fasted growing eCommerce player in china. They are mass merchant selling variety of products in various categories. The company already have established distribution networks in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing to speed up delivery and fulfilling. Leading American retailer giant Walmart invested in Yihaodian.com in 2012.


Coo8.com is a part of “GOME Electrical Appliances”, which is one of the leading electrical and electronics retailers in China. Their online website sells various consumer electronics products from mobile phones to TV and much more.


Tuan800 is a group buying and daily deal website. It provides daily deals on categories such as food, entertainment, photography and travel. The company was founded in 2010 and quickly became popular due to upward growth trend for such sites in China.

Newegg China

This is the Chinese division of the online retailer that was started in 2001. This primarily specializes in offering home appliances and consumer electronic products, while it also has clothing, food, and books as well. The store offers the ‘cash on delivery’ payment option as well.


This online store offers products like handbags, shoes, and other accessories in the fashion department, which is present for both men and women. A special section is dedicated for children and it features products like toys and clothes.

eBay China

This is the Chinese division of the multinational online store – eBay. It provides an online platform to connect consumer-to-consumer or business-to-consumer. The site provides a comprehensive discussion board and access to corporate direct sales from global locations.

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