25 Best Craft Sites

Crafting is the skill by which things are made from hand. Crafting sites have seen a tremendous amount of growth online in recent times. Embroidery, knitting, and sewing are some of the popular crafting products.

This is a list of the top Craft sites according to their traffic.



Started in 2007, this site specializes in bringing together designers, weavers, spinners, crocheters, and dyers in one place. The site claims to have close to 3 million registered users, while all the features of this site are available for free. It allows users to share ideas and projects on the community. The site has a marketplace where yarns and patterns are available.



The official site of the retail chain, this site features products belonging to several categories like craft painting, beads, bakeware, framing products, and floral items. There are several videos offering in-depth views of the various projects, while access to creative classes is also provided depending upon the location. Information about the upcoming events and a discussion board are present as well.



The official site of this American retailer offers several how-to projects in crafting. There is a blog offering the latest inspiration and information to readers, while there is a large collection of customer idea galleries as well. Fabric, sewing, crafts, scrapbooks, baking, lights, and storage are some of the several categories of products available at this online store.

Fave Crafts

Started in 2008, the site specializes in crafting aside from aspects like cooking, diet, wellness, and home décor. This is a part of the Prime Publishing LLC that was started in 1995. The site claims to receive close to 4 million visitors per month.

Lion Brand

This site offers information about the latest techniques in aspects like craft, knit, and crochet. There are several knitting stories and comics along with e-cards as well. This site claims to have close to 5000 knitting patterns along with a community as well.

All Free Crochet

This is a site that is part of the Prime Publishing network. It provides information about crochets in several forms. Information about aspects like the crochet companies, products, and reviews are provided in the form of articles.


This is an online store selling products like adhesives, chalks, gift certificates, home decor, jeweler, paint, paper, stamps, and stickers. Products can be bought on the basis of color, type, and theme, while the site also offers special collections on a regular basis as well.


Started in 2002, this site specializes in luxury knitting solutions with a variety of categories like yarns, patterns, needles, and hooks on offer. The store has several books for sale as well along with tutorials on various aspects like the basics and projects.

Two Peas In a Bucket

This site contains numerous aspects like discussions, challenges, galleries, and blogs from various creators and designers. There is also information about the latest free classes conducted on crafting, while there are several videos present as well.


This site specializes in offering free patterns on several aspects like socks, scarves, home décor, hats, and accessories. The yarns offered on this site are available from beginners to experienced designers. There are several tutorials and guides present as well.


This is an online community for crafters that was started in 2003. It provides information and details about the latest craft projects and articles. The site is run by the Internet Brands media company and it has city guides as well.

Fine Woodworking

This site focuses on the woodworking aspect of crafting. There are several woodwork plans meant for cabinets, desks, and chairs. A comprehensive how-to guide is provided on all aspects like safety, construction, and material usage. Videos from the workshop are also present.


Sewing and its related aspects are the main feature of this site. The blog provides the latest updates from the fashion industry, while there are several patterns acting as an inspiration for men, women, and kid pattern design. Resources in the form of tutorials and videos are also present.

All Free Knitting

This site specializes in focusing on knitting by providing aspects like information about the patterns, projects, and accessories. The site also hosts several e-books on this topic. Reviews and giveaways are part of the projects, while there are also tutorials as well.


This site has information about several aspects like crafting, sewing, knitting, and quilting. Several products like apparel and craft trims are present alongside an extensive collection of patterns. Ribbons, tapes, and appliances like sewing machines are on offer too.

About.com Crochet

Aside from offering free crochet patterns and charts, this division of the about.com also features several articles about the stitches, skills, and techniques. A discussion board is provided along with detailed information about the history of crochets.


Embroidery is the primary focus of this site. It has several embroidery designs that are available in several categories like fashion, holidays, miniatures, alphabets, Christmas, and travel. Designs can also be ordered and the site regularly features popular designs.


This site houses several craft tutorials that offer information in a step-by-step manner. Cooking, jeweler, paper craft, knitting, and dressmaking are some of the several categories of craft tutorials available. Books, discussion board, and blogs are also present.


This is the site of the online magazine that was started in 2002. It has an extensive library of patterns and features, which are also regularly featured on the magazine. The store has access to several collections of knitting solutions for T-shirts, drink ware, and posters.

Wood Magazine

The official site of the Wood magazine features content specific for woodworkers – both for home purposes and hobbyists. There are several plans and projects meant for furniture items both indoors and outdoors. Several tips and techniques are also offered as well.

Knitting Daily

This site focuses on knitting by providing aspects like blogs, galleries, and videos. The site features several how-to articles and access to the TV shows specializing in knitting. Details about the upcoming events and all the latest knitting news are also provided.

Crochet Pattern Central

Claiming to offer close to 20,000 links to free patterns and tutorials, this site specializes in crochets. There are more than 90 different categories of patterns like clothing, baby items, toys, and stuffed animals. Crochet and knit combo patterns also present.

Crochet Me

This is an online community meant for users interested in crochet. Aside from offering free resources like e-books and patterns, the site also has numerous pictures and videos in its gallery. Magazines – including special issues – are also present along with blogs and a discussion board.

Popular Woodworking

Woodworking is discussed on this site through aspects like plans, projects, techniques, blogs, and videos. Technical help is offered on various aspects like finishing, joinery, shaping, marking, and measuring. Reviews of the woodwork tools are also provided.


This site specializes in offering several ideas on various aspects like crafting, knitting, sewing, home décor, and baking. Ideas are also available on the basis of occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. The online store offers craft products and art supplies.

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