16 Popular Credit Report Websites

The credit score or report is an important rating for financial institutions in gauging the risk before lending money to a person. Having a good credit score will help getting financial help at less cost and the awareness of one’s current credit score is provided by numerous websites today.

Here are some of the top credit score websites and agencies online.


Started in 2007, this credit score site offers the credit reports from the three major credit score agencies across the United States. It provides the ability to monitor the credit score even on a daily basis. The official credit scores closely reflect the score model of this site. The various credit score managing tools are available for free.


This is the official website of one of the oldest credit rating agencies in the United States, Equifax. The site provides access to rating tools for individuals, small businesses, and corporations. It can be used to monitor daily credit ratings, while a predictor tool also helps users estimate the future credit scores based on today’s action. It is also available in UK, Canada, Brazil, India and many other countries.



Experian provides the ability to check the credit score for as little as $1. The credit score can also be reviewed in order to assess any discrepancies. These services are available for individual users, enterprise users, and small businesses. Also available in UK, Canada and Australia.


This official site of the TransUnion credit rating agency offers comprehensive information related to credit and financial management. It also has numerous tools for identification, while an entire section is dedicated towards educating users on credit score and its implications. It also acts as a centre to receive credit related disputes, while the services are available from individuals to businesses. Also available in many other countries including Canada, South Africa and many Latin American countries.


This site is run by three major rating agencies in the United States – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. This can be used to receive up to three free credit score reports per year. The site claims to process each request within 15 days. The site is recommended by federal trade commissions (FTC) as only source for authorized credit reports.


This site provides two plans for consumers interested in knowing their credit scores. The credit report is offered for free within two days of its request, while both the credit report and score can be bought for $1.


Run by the official company that introduced the credit score reports in the United States, myFICO offers the ability to check the credit scores online completely free. It claims to have had more than 20 million credit score requests since 2001.


Run by the credit rating agency Experian, freecreditscore.com primarily provides credit score related information. The membership on the site entitles users to receive credit score alerts, while there is a comprehensive estimation tool present as well. Information about the credit score working is also provided.


This credit score site is primarily concerned with businesses and corporations. It has tools and products designed to know more about business credits, while it also takes care of sales, marketing, and supply management requirements of a business.

Credit Sesame

This site provides an online tool that helps users manage their money. It not only unifies all the loans, debts, and savings, but it also provides information on loan rates and refinancing. The tool also allows free monthly monitoring of the credit score.


Present since 1995, credit.com provides users with insights into various aspects like credit report, score, and comparison of loans. The site also has numerous calculators and tools designed to offer financial management help to the user. It also provides information about credit cards as well.


This site has been online since 2003, and the discussion board offers interaction with people interested in credit score and reports related information. Some of the topics on this forum include money management, financing, foreclosures, and credit scores.


Quizzle offers an online tool that can be used to monitor and manage the credit score. The site offers free credit score report and score, credit improvement tools, loan recommendations, budget planner, and home value estimator as part of its comprehensive tool.


This site provides access to credit scores, while also offering identity protection as well for just $1. The credit reports from PrivacyGuard are 3-in-1 and provide confidential information, while monitoring this information can be done on a daily basis.


FreeScore provides users with various tools and calculators designed to provide information about the credit score. The tools help users manage the credit, view the credit history, and find about their debt consolidation and loans. This site offers credit scores from the three major bureaus.


Run by ConsumerInfo, CreditExpert provides a tool for checking the credit score online. The reports can be viewed and printed, while potential inaccuracies and credit inquiries are provided as well. The credit score report costs $1.

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