19 Best Cruise Websites

The cruise travel has become an extremely popular way of holidaying in recent years. It is not surprising that there are numerous sites devoted to enriching people with a lot of information regarding cruise travels. Such sites have information like reviews, booking options, travel tips, photos, and tips to get the best out of the holiday.

This list brings out the top cruise websites according to their traffic.


Carnival is a cruiseline company which allows users to plan and book cruise holidays all from the single interface. It provides all the ins and outs about a cruising holiday like the on-board activities and shore excursions. Members also get access to the special offers on the site. It is possible to manage the bookings of cruise holidays using this site, while it provides information about ports and destinations of around the world.


This site offers numerous reviews about the cruises from around the world. The reviews are offered both by its critics and by members. The site lets you search for the latest deals and also offers information about the cheapest cruises. It has a detailed guide for first-time travelers, while information about the major ports that houses its cruise ships are also provided.

Royal Caribbean

This is the official site of the Royal Caribbean International cruise line that operates cruises to various locations around the world. The site lets users plan a vacation whether it be weekend getaways or short cruises. Users can also customize the cruise experience including shore and land excursions, while several gifts and gear are also available. The site has several articles for first-time cruise travelers.

Vacations To Go!

Vacations To Go primarily offers the information about the latest deals and discounts for cruise travel. It also has information about the ships and offers ratings for various attributes. Users can get information about the ports and regions popular with cruise ships.


The official site of Princess cruise line offers information about its portfolio of cruise ships operating in various regions across the world. Users can plan and book cruise travels from this website itself. Information about all the destinations it caters is provided as well.

NCL.com – Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian cruise line website provides the ability to design a custom vacation using the numerous criterions available. Information about the cruise experience like the ships, accommodation, and dining experiences are also provided, while it also allows travelers to book and check-in.

Celebrity Cruises

Offering information about the various destinations, ships, and cruise tours on offer, this site provides a wealth of information about Celebrity Cruises line. There is also detailed coverage given to the on-board experiences like shops, casinos, and entertainment.

Holland America

Holland America cruise line’s official site allows users to search for cruisers and cruise tours operated by Holland America Line. It has information about the destinations it reaches through its 15 strong fleet of cruise ships. Special offers for cruisers around the world are also provided.

Expedia Cruises

Leading air ticket and hotel booking site Expedia also offers cruises booking for leading cruiselines. The site offers features deals and discounts as well as last minute deals on cruises. They also offers selection based on popular cruises, first timers, luxury experience and river cruises.

Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise’s official website allows users to search for cruises and great reservations done online. It has different sections for providing information depending upon the age. Special offers and package information is also provided on the site along with several videos.

Cruises Only

This is a cruise agency specializing in providing the ability to search for cruises depending upon factors like destination, length, and cruiselines. This site has several articles about cruising in general for first-timers. Reviews and ratings of the best cruises are also present.


Cruises provides the ability to search across various different cruise operators on the basis of factors such as length of the cruise and destination. Several deals for cruise tours are provided as well, while group and luxury cruises are handled in special sections.


This site has all the information about the major cruiselines, their destinations, and ports. It also deals with special cruise requirements like group, weekend, kids, and wine cruises. A variety of information like dining, passport requirements, and special needs are also provided.

Viking River Cruises

This official site of the Viking River cruises provides information about the ships and the on-board entertainment facilities. There are several videos about the cruises, ships, and destinations. Photos and detailed itineraries are also available on the site.


This site offers the ability to plan and book cruises from around the world. There are detailed information about the ships and destinations, while it is possible to personalize a cruise travel. Several late deals and getaway fares are also present.

Cruise Mates

This site offers comprehensive reviews of the cruise ships along with ratings and reviews from the readers. A popular discussion board is present along with several pictures and articles. This site also houses several deals for the popular cruise holidays.

About.com Cruises

This division of the about.com provides information about cruises and cruise ships from several articles. Aspects like planning for a vacation cruise ship and getting the best cruise deals are dealt with in comprehensive manner on this site through several articles.


This official site of the luxury cruise liner Cunard provides the ability to plan cruise vacations online. It has several offers and getaway deals available along with information about the numerous destinations. A comprehensive guide is present for the first time cruise travelers.

Sea Bourn

This site offers exclusive and in-depth information about the cruises from Seabourn CruiseLines. On-board life like dining and activities, shore excursions, and special offers are some of the unique features on the site. Planning and booking a cruise holiday can also be done on this site.

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