20 Best Dog Food Brands

Even though dogs have carnivorous teeth, they have adapted to eat different types of food over the years. Dog food is worth around $ 10 billion in the United States alone. There are several brands offering different types of food meant for dogs.

This is a list of the top dog food brands according to their popularity.



A division of the Swiss brand Nestlé, this brand has different dry and wet types of dog food available. It also has treats and training pads as well. A similar range of products is available for cats. The brand also offers several information regarding the diet and nutrition for a dog. It covers aspects like choosing the right food, feeding the dog, and caring for the dog. Other pet food brands from Nestle includes PurinaOne, DogChow, Friskies, ProPlan, Alpo, Beneful and many others.


Founded in 1957, this American brand is owned by Mars, Inc. It has three types of dog food – wet, dry, and treat. The food can also be chosen depending on the live stage and the size of the dog. Special nutrition can also be provided to specific parts of the dog’s body like skin, hips, and oral.


Established in 1939, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc, is a division of the Colgate-Palmolive Company. It specializes in manufacturing dog and cat food. It has both diet and prescription diet of both these pets. The food is available according to the age of the pets.

Blue Buffalo

This brand offers pet food for dogs and cats in a number of types. It has dry food for dogs and cats offering several flavors like chicken, rice, lamb, and fish. There is also canned food available for these pets as well.


Started in 1948, this brand offers food for dogs and cats. The products can be sorted and viewed depending upon various parameters like life stage, dog size, food type, and special requirements. Weight control and sensitive skin are some of the special concerns addressed.


This brand specializes in offering food for dogs and cats, while it also has several other products like supplements and treats as well. Grooming supplies for both dogs and cats are also present. Turkey, duck, chicken, salmon, and lamb are the different flavors available.


Established in 1926, this company claims to use natural ingredients in its products meant for dogs and cats. The products can be chosen based on the breed size, life stage, and tailored formulas like stomach sensitivity, weight management, and immunity.


This brand was established in 1969. Its food products are meant for dogs, cats, and puppies. Most of the products are tailor made for specific breeds and size of the dog. There are also custom care and wild formulas available as well.

The Honest Kitchen

This American company was established in 2002 in San Diego. Aside from offering two types of food products for cats, this company has several types of food available for dogs. It also has supplements, treats, and recipe books available as well.

Wellness Pet Food

This brand offers canned and dry products that come in several flavors for cats and dogs. It also has special food products meant for pets with sensitivities like digestive problems. Such products claim to contain no traces of meat, corn, and dairy.

Royal Canin

This company was established in 1967, and it offers products for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. It has food products for dog less than 8 lb to dogs over 100 lb. The product finder tool of the company allows users to find the right food based on aspects like age, breed, and weight.

Nature’s Variety

This is an American brand that claims to use natural ingredients (raw based food) in order to make food products for dogs and cats. The company offers kibble and canned products choices for dog and cats in two major divisions – Instinct and Prairie.

Natural Balance

This premium manufacturer of dog and cat food was established in 1989. Aside from the pet animals, the company also manufactures products meant for larger carnivores like lions and tigers. Treats are also available for the pet animals.


This company has been specializing in offering treats for dogs since 1988. The company has 65 recipes that are meant for cats and dogs in its product portfolio. Classic, wholesome, grain free, and before grain are some of the several recipes available.


EVO is a manufacturer of low carbohydrates, quality pet food products. They offers range product for dog, cat and Ferret in dry, canned and treat packaging. The company is part of Natura Pet Products, Inc., which also own other brands including Innova, California Natural, Healthwise, Karma and Mother nature.


This is a Canadian brand that started operations in 1985. It currently has its presence in more than 60 countries around the world. There are eight products available in its portfolio. Six of them are meant for dogs, while the remaining two are cat foods.


Started in 1955, this company offers pet products for the likes of the aquatic animals, birds, reptiles, and small animals aside from dogs and cats. Apparel, feeding, grooming, training, and entertainment products are some of the different items available for dogs.


This brand claims to offer naturally prepared food products for the likes of dogs and cats. The company claims that no water is added to the products. There are also food products that contain just over 50% of meat content.

Taste Of The Wild

Offering several formulas like high prairie, pacific stream, southwest canyon, sierra mountains, and wetlands for puppies and adult dogs. All the products come without traces of grain according to the company. Sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and antioxidants are some of the contents.


This American brand claims to use all natural ingredients in its food products for dogs and cats. These food products come in flavors like lamb and rice, chicken and rice, & beef and fish combinations. There are also treats available for these pet animals as well.

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