Top 24 Domain Registration Websites

In the course of time, it is only natural for you to want to buy your domain name and own your website for various reasons. For one that it gives you a more professional feel and for the other that it gives you a lot of flexibility to customize your site. Below mentioned are some of the sites or registrars that are best for your registration processes:

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy sells more than a quarter of the domains online, and therefore has a strong hold on the market. They are extremely popular because of their packages and special deals.

Price (.com domain): $12.99

2. NameCheap

Offers the best deals and just as the name suggests economic deals. It has a hold on popularity because of its extensive packages and great customer service.

Price (.com domain): $10.69

3. 1&1

The best part is they give one domain for a year and they have an e-mail account and 2GB storage along with it. They also provide private registration to secure your interests. Not a bad deal!

Price (.com domain): $9.99


This registrar does not just give you the domains, it also give you domains that are up for sale or may be up for sale soon based on expiration. It gives you the option to pitch, so that you don’t face the “unavailable” board.

Price (.com domain): $9.99

5. DynaDot

Offers domain name registration service. They also offer marketplace for buying and selling domains, auctions for expired domains, backorder services, SSL certificates and web hosting services. A new .com domain priced at $7.99 and renewal of same may cost $9.99. They also offer bulk domain pricing who has spending limits of $500 or $5000. Offering domain registration services since 2002.

Price (.com domain): $9.99 per year.

6. 123 Reg UK

123 Reg is a part of Host Europe Group which is one of the largest hosting company in Europe. They claim to manage more than 3 million domains. They also offers email hosting, VPS hosting, SSL and shopping cart solutions. Offering domain registration service since 2001. Other brands from this company includes DomainMonster, HeartsInternet (web hosting), Webfusion and few more.

Price (.com domain): $£10.99 per year.


Offering domain registration services since 2000. New domain registration is available for 9.99 per year only. They also offer several regional domain name TLD for registration. They also provide VPS hosting, Email hosting, SSL and web design services. It is a BBB accredited business.

Price (.com domain): $9.99 per year.


They are expensive and hold a small part of the market share, but still have sold a good number of over two million domains. Their strength lies in the extensive support.

Price (.com domain): $35/year

9. Moniker

Domain brokerage and auctions are a specialty with Moniker; which means you can also vie for domain names that are already purchased.

They manage 3 million domains currently and offer reasonable pricing.

Price (.com domain): $8 for the first year

10. NetworkSolutions

They have a wide range of superior services. From Gorilla online marketing to hosting a mobile site, they are up to provide everything. A little expensive, but there are deals for every requirement; they just might catch up as leaders.

Price (.com domain): $34.99 per year.

11. Netfirms

They once known for cheap domain names offers free webmail account and free basic hosting with every domain registration. The admin UI is though a bit complicated for bulk management of domains.

Price: $9.99/Year.

12. Yahoo Domains

Offers all basic features including private registration, domain name server management, domain locking and forwarding etc. Yahoo was once a favorite destination for domain registration for many webmasters.

Price: $9.95

13. EuroDNS

EuroDNS is a part of DCL group, which is a Luxembourg based company. EuroDNS offers domain extension for European extensions along with other top TLDs. Their sister site also offers extensions of Asian countries. They offer interface in many European languages. According to their website, they have received accreditations from more than 70 registries.

Price (.com domain): $11.48/yr.

14. Gandi

Gandi was founded in 2000 and ICANN accredited domain registration company from France. The company now also offers VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Every domain name registered with Gandi also includes free web mail, SSL certificate, private registration and few other features.

Price (.com domain): $15.50 per year.


Provides great service, but can get expensive. With an almost 8% stake in the market share of domain registrars, this is one site which has a little more than 10 million registered sites to credit. But, they might lose-out in the long run because of pricing.

Price (.com domain): $9/year

16. NetRegistry Australia

Founded in 1997 and currently a leading domain registration service offers .com and .net domains for $11.50/year. They also offer many country TLD registrations. NetRegistry is ICANN accredited domain registration company and now also offers web hosting services, DIY website and ecommerce solutions too.

Price (.com domain): $11.50/Yr.

17. DomainMonster

Owned by same company who owns 123 Reg. DomainMonster offers really low cost domains. Company is founded in 2006 and rated as one of fastest growing domain registrar according to ICANN. They also offer website builder, backorder and other domain related services.

Price (.com domain): $7.99 per year.


MyDomains is a domain registration site offering services since 1998. One year domain is priced at $9.99. Every domain registration comes with free email forwarding, DNS management tools, URL forwarding. They also offer web hosting, SSL and Email hosting services.

Price (.com domain): $9.99/Yr.

19. NamesCo is a domain registration service from Namesco Limited. They also offers broadband services in UK and web hosting services online. According to their website, they have registered 1.8 million domains from 150+ extensions and register 40000 registrations every month.

Price (.com domain): £14.99/Yr and £34.99 for 3 years.

20. ResellerClub

Their best bet is competitive pricing that is available on the site; they are up in competition based on exactly that. They are also selling domain names and other services from their website and part of Directi group – An indian company.

Price (.com domain): $8.89

21. Dotster

A .com domain priced at $14.99 for new registration. You can transfer domain from another company for $8.29 Apart from domain registrations, they also offer web hosting, DIY website builders, email hosting, customer web design and various security solutions for webmasters.

Price (.com domain): $14.99/Yr.

22. MelbournIT

An Aussie company offering domain registration services since 1996. It is a public company and listed in ASX and offers almost top level domain extensions. A new .com domain priced at US$36.50.

Price (.com domain): $36.50/Yr.

23. 101Domain

101Domain offers 1500+ domain name extensions. Although not all extensions are available immediately, some domain extension require 24-48 hours to register domain with them. The site also offer many other “brand protection” services like IP Change watch, WHOIS change watch, Trademark watch etc as well. The website is available in 5 different languages. 101domain, Inc is in business since 1999.

Price (.com domain): 11.46 USD/1 Year.

24. NameSilo

NameSilo offers domain registration for $8.99 per year and can go as low as $8.39 for bulk orders (more than 101 domains). Domain registration also includes whois protection service for free. They allow tools like creating sub-user accounts, and domain history.

Price (.com domain): $8.99/Yr.

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