14 Best eCard Sites

Moments come and go, but greeting cards keep the memories fresh for years. From real world to virtual, cards always play touchy roles in different moods of life and on different occasions. Here’s few of the top ecard sites that offers sending ecards to near and dear ones. Few are paid but most of the sites are free. Have a look.

1. 123Greetings.com

123Greetings.com seems to be a complete eCard website with lots and lots of cards for lots of occasions such as friend’s day, flower week, mother’s day, women’s day, father’s day, wedding cards, birthday cards, congrats cards, anniversary cards, religious cards and many more. It features at a glance on its home page the highest rated cards, latest additions, most viewed cards and most popular cards to help finding the best cards in no time. The interface of the site is user friendly and it also gives information on popular upcoming events.

2. SomeECards.com

SomeECards.com website offers some good and humorous e-cards for occasions like anniversary, wedding, birthday, apology, breakup, friendship, college, thanks, get well, congratulations, reminders, party etc. Users can create their own cards on this site and send it to their near and dear ones. The site also has store where one can buy t-shirts, clothing, real greeting cards, posters, home decor, stickers and more similar products at best deal prices.

3. Care2 eCards

eCards section of Care2.com website provides virtual cards for almost every mood and occasion such as sorry, thanks get well, birthday, halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, April fool, new year and many more. It also features ecards for love, religion, nonprofit, art, fun, games, wildlife and also pets. It helps user to keep track of the upcoming events and shows events calendar too.

4. JacquieLawson

The website helps user find cards by type, cards by special dates and also from all year round cards. The site is not free. People need to pay certain fee to become members of it and enjoy the benefits of sending ecards to their near and dear ones.

5. AmericanGreetings

American Greetings website helps in sending some good designed and attractive ecards to ones near and dear ones. It offers e-cards of almost all the moods and occasion. It also offers ‘print at home’ cards and personalized cards. The site is neat and clean with good user interface and proper navigation.

6. JibJab

JibJab.com offers sending unlimited ecards for just $1 a month. Its premium cards are really good and catchy with tag lines. It covers almost all occasion and moods such as love and flirts, birthday, sorry, thanks, halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, new year, Easter, wedding and engagement, graduation, anniversary and many more.

7. BlueMountain.com

The Blue Mountain ecards website helps in creating and printing ones own cards. It also offers reminder service to help visitors remember important day to send cards on the occasion. Talking ecards are also worth taking a look on the site. The usual category that it covers are cards for her, cards for him, cards for everyone, cards for family, cards for friends and more. It also features some collections of the site such as Amazon gift cards, artists gallery, singing telegrams, interactive and more. The cards are offered in a 7-day trial period too.

8. Hallmark.com

Hallmark is already a leading brand in printed cards. They offers lots and lots of virtual cards to express ones feelings in the real world. The site offers some beautiful and attractive e-cards, personalized cards, gifts and more. People can also send real cards from their iPhone to their mailbox via this site. The site also has mobile apps for Android and iOS to help people access the site and send cards from their mobile phones. It has shopping section too.

9. PunchBowl.com

The Punch Bowl covers creative ideas for ecards, helps in planning a part or event, tips on writing birthday ecards, and features tons of virtual cards on occasions and moods. It has cards for miss you, special wishes, new baby, graduation, I love you, sympathy and get well apart from the regular ones like birthday, best wishes, anniversary, weddings, thank you etc. The site also has a breast cancer awareness section in its care and concern category.

10. Pingg.com

It covers wide array of categories in virtual cards that includes adult birthdays, baby shower, birth announcements, care and concern, charity and fundraiser, cocktails and wine, girl’s night out, house warming, milestones, sympathy, football parties, election watch party and more. The site also has an active community where people gets a platform to interact with likeminded people.

11. eGreetings.com

The eGreetings.com website offers to send beautiful and attractive ecards to near and dear ones on different occasions and with different moods. One can get virtual cards for moms, for pets, in funny mood, in non-English languages, in 3D format, in postcards format and few more. The site also provides mobile apps to help access it through smartphones.

12. CrossCards.com

Cross Cards website helps in sending free ecards to near and dear ones. It covers long list of categories such as animals, anniversary, business greetings, church family, Espanol, holidays, invitations, care and encouragement, celebrations and events, patriotic, oops and sorry, love, fun, sympathy, thank you and more. The website also offers free Christian wallpaper.

13. Dayspring eCards

DaySpring.com website offers some beautiful and attractive free ecards to send to near and dear ones on important occasions and for special moments. The site also has a shopping platform from where visitors can shop cards and other related products online.

14. eCards.co.uk

This website provides e-cards for free for all aspects of life such as birthday, anniversary, congratulations, get well soon, thank you and more. The site also delivers e-cards to subscribers email, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

There are more websites with similar purpose but these are the top ones among those. These are user-friendly websites with neat and clean navigation, offering some really beautiful and attractive e-cards.

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