25 Popular Fashion Websites

Fashion has always played an important aspect in the lives of people. Given the growth of Internet, it is only normal that there are plenty of fashion tips and news available online today. These fashion sites offer a complete insight into the world of fashion like hair, dress, culture, and celebrities.

Below is a list of the best fashion sites available today.

1. Stylelist.com

This site offers all the latest official news with dedicated sections for each of the popular ones like hairstyles and fashion weeks. Under this section beauty, Stylelist focuses on every aspect like make-up, skin, fragrance, body, and the latest trends. The site also provides a special section for homemade fashion tips. Fashion in films, books, and magazines are discussed at length.

2. Cosmopolitan

This is the official site of the Cosmopolitan magazine for women. Most of its content reflects those found on the magazine. The site discusses all the major aspects like sex, love, beauty, films, celebrities and their lifestyles, and food. Several quizzes and freebies are also given regularly on this site. There is a special section dedicated to answering questions from the readers.

3. Refinery 29

This site specialises in providing all the latest news regarding fashion, shopping, and beauty. It offers insight into the trends, latest developments, and the celebrity fashion. Food, gadgets, and travel news are also offered. Styling and what-to-wear tips provide simple yet useful information for grooming. A section dedicated to beauty provides tips and information regarding hair, make-up, and skin care.

4. Glamour

This is the online edition of the Glamour magazine. This provides celebrity fashion news, beauty tips on various parts of the body, tips for fashion at the wedding, and health. It also provides dating, sex, and romance tips. The site also has a video library.

5. The Cut

The Cut is a division of the New York magazine that covers and analyses every aspect of fashion. Detailed coverage is provided to street and runaway fashion. Fashion adopted by celebrities is offered in a dedicated section alongside beauty tips and fashion goods.

6. GQ.com

This is the online edition of the GQ magazine for men. It discusses a wide range of topics like style, news, politics, entertainment, sports, food, cars, and travel. The site has plenty of videos along with numerous how-to articles.

7. Style.com

Previously this was the official website of the Vogue magazine, but it now offers individual content related to fashion and style. It covers the latest trend, fashion news, and red carpet events. Information about the beauty and fashion accessories are also available on this site.

8. Vanity Fair

This is the online edition of the Vanity Fair magazine – one of the popular fashion magazines in the world. The site provides trending news and fashion from the world. Blogs and details about the current magazine edition are available along with photos and videos.

9. InStyle

This is the online edition of the UK magazine for women – InStyle. It provides a complete guide to the celebrity news, fashion, and red carpet events. There are various sections dedicated towards shopping for fashion, hairstyles, and make-up tips.

10. Elle

This is the official website of the popular French magazine, Elle. This site offers fashion, shopping, make-up, hair, and beauty news. They are present alongside information about the fashion accessories, trend reports, and fashion amongst celebrities. There is also a store with all the latest fashion accessories.

11. About.com Fashion

This is the section within about.com that focuses on fashion. It is run by the New York Times Company. It mainly covers women’s fashion while offering all the basics to get the style right. The latest trends and the best designers are also highlighted on this site.

12. Glam.com

This is a fashion site targeted at women, and it is run by Glam Media. The site offers the hottest trends, style counsel, comprehensive skincare techniques, and information about the best fashion accessories on the market. Discussion boards and editorial picks are the other features on the site.

13. Go Fug Yourself

This is a popular site offering coverage of the latest award ceremonies, while also publishing candid photos of celebrities. The site also places special coverage into the latest fashion trends of the celebrities, while also offering the hottest fashion videos.

14. The Sartorialist

Run by the popular blogger and photographer Scott Schuman, this site covers on the latest fashion trends and news in the form of high quality pictures. A lot of the content on this site has been featured on magazines like GQ and Vogue.

15. Fashionista

Comprehensive coverage of the fashion news and information about the latest trends are a feature on fashionista.com. The site also has career advice along with beauty tips. Run by Breaking Media, the site features interviews from some of the biggest names in the industry.

16. Vogue.com

This site features compilations of the best-dressed celebrities, fashion news, collections from the major fashion shows, fashion from the latest parties and red carpet events. Features and editorials from the Vogue magazine are also featured on this site.

17. Seventeen.com

This is the official site of the magazine, Seventeen, and it features fashion news for the teenagers. It has celebrity fashion news, a virtual hair makeover tool, dating advice, a fitness blog, and fashion blog. Plenty of quizzes and games are also available on this site.

18. Allure

Featuring content from the Allure magazine, this site largely provides beauty news, tips, and the best available products. Tips to make the hair and skin in tune with the latest trends are also available. The shop provides access to the best beauty products, while Spa and salon reviews are present.

19. Fashionising

This site primarily dedicated itself to providing the best pictures from all the major fashion shows. It also captures the current trends and products in the industry. Runaway fashion shows and parties are covered extensively on this site.

20. Lucky

This online edition of the Lucky magazine features all the latest news about fashion and style. It provides complete guide to shoes, denims, and bags. The site also has a discussion board, while information is provided on the latest trends in jewellery and bags.

21. Harper’s Bazaar

This online edition of the Harper’s Bazaar magazine largely focuses on celebrity fashion and red carpet style. The site offers cover stories and features from the magazine along with hair and beauty tips. All the pictures from the latest fashion shows from all seasons are available.

22. College Fashion

This is a blog that focuses on fashion tips and current trends for the students. It provides beauty tips and information about the sales of the biggest selling fashion accessories. The site has been online since 2007 and it is written by the students.

23. Grazia Daily

This is the online edition of the UK magazine, Grazia. It comes with the daily updates regarding fashion and celebrity news. The site covers all the red carpet events along with reports of the major fashion shows around the world.

24. Fashionologie

This site is run by the Sugar Inc media network, and it provides a comprehensive directory of the popular designers around the world. It also has the latest fashion and shopping news, while detailed coverage is given to the celebrities as well. Photos and videos are the other content on the site.

25. Fashiontv.com

This is the official site of the French channel, Fashion TV. It provides complete access to all the shows from the channel, while also providing fashion merchandise. An extensive video library from the channel is also available along with galleries from fashion shows across the world.

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