26 Top Fonts Websites

Fonts make any website more desirable and give a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. Font styles differ based on a number of characteristics like font weight, width, slope and optical size. Each font style has its own characteristics and you need to be skilled enough to analyze which font style suits a particular web page.

Below I have showcased top websites from where you can find free and paid fonts as well.

1. Dafont

Launched in the year 2000, Dafont is like a font directory from where you can take hundreds of different fonts and submit new fonts. With about 16,324 fonts, this website allows you to download and install different free and paid fonts in your Windows 7/Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X operating systems.

2. Myfonts

Having a large collection of fonts, the website offers users ways to find, identify, try and organize fonts they like. You can sell your fonts and even buy fonts in real time. Established in 1999, the website has 103,000 fonts. You can get connected to myfonts via different social networking platforms.

3. FontSquirrel

This website offers free fonts for web designers with commercial-use licenses. Launched in 2009, it is a good source for hand-picked high quality fonts for commercial purposes. The available 805 font families are available in an easy to use format.

4. Fontspace

They offer 17,000+ free fonts shared by designers for Windows and Mac operating systems and currently supports top 4 browsers firefox, safari, chrome and IE. Launched in 2005, the website also allow contributing fonts submissions.

5. Fonts.com

Established in the year 2000 the website has about 150,000 fonts. You can purchase and download any number of fonts you wish.

6. 1001freefonts

Since their launch in 1998 1001freefonts have been offering unlimited and instant access to the users. More than 10,000 fonts are available which can be used by Windows and Macintosh operating system users. You can pay a small amount and can get all fonts in one click.

7. Urbanfonts

They provide around 8K fonts for free download and a number of paid fonts as well. Established in 2004, the site provides easy installation and downloads options for users.

8. Fonts2u

With a massive collection of around 48,807 free fonts it can be considered as one of the largest providers of free fonts. You can share and install fonts for Windows 7/Vista, Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. Launched in 2007, the site offers free fonts for commercial use too.

9. Fontzone

It offers over 50,000 free fonts for users. Developed in 2010, this website has the motive to offer fonts to users so that they can enhance their websites and other works.

10. Azfonts

With about 70,000 collections this website offers great options for designers to makes use of different fonts. Since being launched in 2007 the website has provided innumerable font samples and allowed users to test different fonts for free.

11. Identifont

identifont.com allows you to identify fonts by name, similarity, picture and designers. Launched in 2000, the website allows you to add and send font set from available fonts.

12. Google Webfonts

Google introduced google web fonts in 2011. You can download and bookmark your collection amongst the 521 font families and try different samples and the usage of fonts.

13. Fontyukle

Since its launch in 2010 fontyukle has been a good resource for web developers and designers.

14. Fontshop

Fontshop launched in 1998 and since then users can search and download the themes based on various categories.

15. Linotype

lintotype.com is an excellent font website developed in 1994 where you can download fonts ranging from classic to the latest cool ones. It has all modern up to date fonts for your use and provides enough information about font purchase and management.

16. Ffonts

Since 2009 it has been the home to thousands of fonts that are available for free downloads. If you become a premium member you will have access to download 14,000 fonts with no extra charges.

17. Fonts101

fonts101.com allows you to download fonts for free and also they allow the users to submit their fonts. Launched in 2004 the website offers different fonts from various categories. You can download any number of fonts that you wish.

18. AbstractFonts

This website is an one place store to download and use about 13,584 free fonts. The website was developed in 1999 and the privileges differ for visitors and registered users to the website.

19. Fontfabric

Launched in the year of 2008 fontfabric’s goal have been providing high quality fonts which are not only unique but eye catching too. Their collection is not vast but they provide professional font designing services.

20. Fontspring

fontspring.com was launched in 2007 and offers fonts for your desktops and websites. You can buy fonts and use them anywhere as you wish.

21. Fontriver

fontriver.com was established in 2006 and provides unique fonts for free downloads. Available for use in Windows and Mac operating systems, this website gives you a unique experience in trying different font styles and formats according to your convenience.

22. SearchFreeFonts

It is a font website that was established in 2003 where you can download high quality fonts for free. As free fonts and hundreds of commercial fonts are available you can try different styles.

23. 1001fonts

1001fonts.com was developed in 1999. They offer the users to download free fonts for use in desktops and websites. You can find a number of free fonts in different categories.

24. Fontpark

fontpark.net is online since 2008. It is a portal that has a large collection of fonts of nearly 70,000 fonts for non commercial use. These fonts are special and can be used in your Mac and Linux operating systems.

25. Eaglefonts

eaglefonts.com launched in the year 2009. This website has more than 20,000 free fonts handpicked and organized for different users. These fonts include 115 foreign languages and are available for use in Windows and Mac operating systems.

26. Freefonts

free-fonts.com online since 1998 and currently offers hundreds of free fonts for users.

As fonts can be easily downloaded from these websites, you need to pick the best ones for your websites. If you are a web designer, this is a great way for you to learn about fonts and try different font styles. You can enhance your creativity in design and make better fonts as you stay in complete touch with fonts.

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