Top 25 Stock Photography Websites

A picture can add life to an otherwise boring looking post. Many bloggers and sites hence make sure that they include an image to attract viewers and also sooth the eyes while they are going through the post. Following are some sites where one can find the perfect image to go with their blog.

1. iStockPhoto

With a humongous collection of photos, illustrations, editorial photos, iStockPhoto is a one stop solution for your online project. It comes with affordable and flexible prices and provides you the option to either buy credit packs or subscribe to download from this great collection.

2. Shutterstock

With over 19 million royalty free images and counting, Shutterstock provides a great collection of images, illustrations and vectors. Shutterstock allows various subscription plans starting from a $249 per month for downloading 25 images per day.

3. Fotolia

With images and vectors starting at $0.75, Fotolia provides a great collection of professional images with a never expiring license for your projects. Fotolia is considered as one of the best places to find relevant and high quality images at a cheap price.

4. 123RF

123RF is stock photo library with database of more than 14 million images and vectors. They also have section called free images with limited choice of images. You can buy paid stock photos either through their subscription service or pay-as-you-go option.

5. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is one of the best places to search for cheap as well as FREE royalty free stock images. With images starting at a mere $0.20 and thousands of images uploaded daily, Dreamstime is indeed a dream come true for bloggers and site owners.

6. DepositPhotos

Depositphotos Inc offers stock photos, illustrations and vector arts. Contributors can contribute photos by opening an account. Buyer can buy stock photo using credit option or through subscription. XSmall can cost $0.5/image if you buy using Pay-by-Credits option.

7. PhotoSearch

A database of 12.4 million images. Along with photos, FotoSearch also offers cliparts, videos and audio clips. Fotosearch is online since 1998 and part of US based company Publitek, Inc. Various subscription options available. You can download 20 images per day for 30 days for $199/month subscription.

8. Stock.xchng

Stock.xchng, one of the worldís first FREE image stock site has a great collection of images on a variety of genres. It provides a decent lightbox for organizing photos and creating galleries on various themes. Definitely worth a check every time you need a photo for your blog.

9. Big Stock Photo

With image prices starting as low as $0.99, Big Stock Photo can come handy to people who are looking for quality images yet at affordable prices. With a collection of over 11 million images and flexible pricings based on resolution, Big Stock Photo is indeed a bloggers dream come true.

10. Inmagine

Founded in 2000 and stock over 10 million images. The images are categorized as well as you can search them using various filter options. They have 2 sections (1) premium images and (2) value images.

11. CanStockPhotos

Founded in 2004, Canstock currently have 21000 contributors adding thousands of images per day. They have database of 7 million stock images and stock footage clips. 15 credits can cost $9. A smallest image require minimum 2 credits. They also have subscription option where you can download 10 images per day for a week for $39.

12. Corbis Images

One of the oldest stock image sites, Corby Images has a large collection of more than 100 million high quality professional images. Also with a great interactive search interface, you can easily find the perfect image which you have in your mind. It provides a flexible subscription option, which can cater your needs as per your budget and requirement.

13. Alamy

With more than 31 million stock photos in collection, Alamy can be the right place for your search of a perfect photo for your project. You can find breathtaking pictures on various themes as well as hire a professional freelance photographer a more customized option. Prices depend on quality and resolution of the images.

14. ThinkStockPhotos

A stock photo search engines. They search images from getty images, istockphoto and jupiter images. You can buy using pay as you go option as well as through monthly subscription. They also offer moneyback guarantee.

15. Crestock

Founded in 2005, Crestock offers database of 1.5 million+ stock images. You can buy images using their pay as you go option (as low as $1 for XSmall images). There are also other options to buy images using subscription, purchase of credits or mini-subscriptions.

16. offers stock images and illustrations. You can buy images on per image basis or through subscription or buying credits in bulk. is part of Corbis Images.


Established in January 2008, YayMicro has collection of 2.9 million images. They offres high quality images either through subscription or pay per image. You can also browse images, photos and illustrations through many categories available.


Founded in September 2008, Pixmac selling user submitted stock images as well as images from various other stock sites. They also have a section for free stock images which offers 64000 free images.


Offer more than 130000 free images from 3640 categories. User require to link back to is required to use images.

20. Compfight

Compfight searches for royalty free images from Flickr, a large online photo sharing community. You can easily find various images which you can use for FREE without any worry for copyright infringement just by giving credit to the owner.

21. Every Stock Photo

Every Stock Photo is an image search engine for FREE photos over the internet like Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, Photoexpress etc. With millions of photographs indexed in the site, it is the one stop destination for bloggers who are in a strict budget.

22. Stockvault

Stockvault is yet another paradise for bloggers who are looking for FREE images. With 30 thousand images, it hasnít got the best of the collections but the FREE bit is what it is famous for. The search results also contain premium stock photos from ShutterStock just in case you didnít get what you were looking for.

23. Getty Images:

Getty Images has one of the biggest collections of images on almost every genre including medical, recreation, sports, nature etc. It has a good reputation among stock photo buyers, has a huge collection and provides one of the most competitive prices. Apart from images, one can also find a collection of videos and music on various genres. Pricing of images depends on quality, individual use and purpose.

Getty images also sell stock photo through many other sister sites like and

24. Jupiter Images

Jupiter Images is considered the ultimate in stock photography. With more than 2.5 million professional and a mesmerizing collection of images, there is an image to suit your every need. The images are priced as per the popularity and resolution.

25. CutCaster

Cutcaster founded in 2007 is also a marketplace of stock images where buyers can buy images using various options and contributors can submit stock images for sell. They currently have 1.1 million images in their database.

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