16 Best Game Cheat Codes Sites

Computer games are becoming extremely popular with almost real life mirroring graphics. In order to get the maximum out of the game, gamers resort to using cheat codes. They mostly help in gaining an advantage in the game that would otherwise not have been available normally. These cheat codes also help to complete any particular game significantly faster. Many of these cheat codes and short cuts are created by developer. However often there are certain tricks to make them easy.

There are many websites offering free game cheat codes and this list hopes to bring out the best in them.

1. Cheat Code Central

Cheat Code Central or Cheat CC is a popular game cheat site that offers codes and other downloads for various games across various platforms including many online games. The range of cheat codes available start from the PSP games and goes all the way to the high-end stuff of the Xbox and PS3 consoles. The site also offers the latest gaming news, while the ‘Special Features’ section covers everything from interviews to the making of the game.

2. Super Cheats

This popular game cheat site offers a lot of game related content other than the cheat codes and downloads available. There is a section to ask questions to the experts, while for wallpapers, polls, and videos are the other content available. The site covers every platform from PS3 to PC gaming.

3. Games Radar

Games Radar offers a wide selection of downloads and cheat codes for the games across a variety of platforms. This game cheat site also provides reviews and previews of the games across these platforms.

4. IGN Wikis

A division of News Corporation, this game cheat site is regarded as the ultimate in this niche due to the quality and quantity of the content available. IGN WIKIS not only provides the cheats, but also guides and walk-throughs.

5. Game Spot

Game Spot is one of the popular game cheat sites that not only limits itself to console and PC gaming, but also towards mobile gaming as well. Game Spot cheats covers all the platforms like PS3 and PC gaming. The site also has an extensive video library that has a number of sneak previews, reviews, and trailers.

6. GameFAQs

GameFAQs is largely considered as a message board for exchanging cheats. This site is one of the most popular amongst game cheat lovers due to the quantity of content. Unlike other major game cheat sites, the users can contribute to the content available.

7. GameRevolution

The GameRevolution game cheat site offers a variety of cheats for games across platforms like PS3, PC, Xbox 360, Wii, 3ds , Vita, PC, and iPhone. GameRevolution also has a very strong community board that contributes to the content.

8. 1Up MyCheats

MyCheats is the game cheat site offers videos, guides, and files in addition to the cheats present for games across different platforms and types. The site allows individual games to be tracked for the latest cheats.

9. Cheat Happens

Online since 2002, Cheat Happens offers an extensive collection of game cheats for various consoles and PC. Wallpapers and reviews are the additional features present within this game cheat site.

10. GameWinners

This game cheat site offers a wide collection of cheat codes, and guides for the little tricks within a game. Forums and reviews are also present at GameWinners.

11. Mega Games

Mega Games is the game cheat site that offers cheats for the games of various consoles, but also offers trainers and fixes to the games as well.

12. ChapterCheats

ChapterCheats offers a rich amount of cheats and hints for games across various platforms. This game cheat site also has a question and answer section.

13. Cheat Masters

This game cheat site covers the cheats of games across various platforms like PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The site also conducts contests and offers hints on the forum.

14. Cheatbook

Offering all the codes and hints for the avid gamer, Cheatbook is a game cheat site. The site offers databases, which is regularly updated, for each year.

15. CheatCodes

This is a large source of game cheats, which are covered even for the older consoles and systems. Cheats for mobile and social media games are also available on CheatCodes.

16. Gamezone Cheats

This game cheat site offers a great deal of information about the cheats for the latest as well as old games across various platforms. Games are also sold on Gamezone.

As soon as a game is released, there are a number of cheat codes designed to unlock many features. These game cheat sites provide the best place to get the latest cheats.

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