45 Popular Health Websites

Health is often been referred to as the greatest wealth of a person. To acquire best benefits of this natural wealth, one has to have the right resources and information to take care of it. In this context like several others, internet plays an important role through the vast number of health and fitness sites with numerous resources available on them. Some of these sites and there services have been mentioned below:

1. WebMd

The site features informative articles on diseases, disorders, drugs, supplements, diets, exercises, etc. WebMd is a complete source to all the information where the articles provide information on symptoms, diseases, treatments, drugs, etc. in a very simplified yet detailed manner.

2. MedicineNet

The site provides complete and exclusive information about various diseases, medicines, treatments and other related topics. At the site one may search for causes, symptoms, conditions and treatment of diseases without much ado. One can get suggestions/advices for healthy diets and supplementary medications too.

3. MayoClinic

Whether someone is a patient, a medical professional or researcher or even a student, MayoClinic has significant information for all. The website easily provides information to all types of diseases and disorders. It always facilitates access to leading doctors and medical centres all across Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota.

4. NIH

People can update themselves with the medical and health information particularly from the US. Doctors and medical aspirants or the researchers who have separate page at the site. It has a dedicated section which holds information about all health centres and institutes in the country.

5. Yahoo Health

Yahoo Health is an excellent medium to be aware about health issues and news. The website has broad categorised sections to search for various diseases, exercises for healthy living, and symptoms of different problems or disorders. With ‘drugs & treatments’ and ‘find a doctor’, the website is a complete source of solutions for all the requirements of people pertaining to health.

6. BBC Health

BBC News Health is fully loaded with information related to health and fitness. From skin and hair issues to brain or heart disorders, BBC Health effectively covers all the areas of medical science to provide you with all major and minor information related to your search. The expert health support available for visitors makes one feel the engagement of the site towards the health.

7. CNN Health

CNN Health is a site which offers information pertaining to health and related issues. The site features health articles in a highly categorized manner where the advanced alphabetical search option makes the process of searching much easier. It also comes with the added feature of expert Q&A where the visitors could seek queries to the questions they have.

8. Discovery Health

Learn about diseases and conditions, human body, love and relationships, medicine, mental health, pregnancy and parenting, sexual health, skin care, wellness and everything related to health at Discovery Fit and Health. Discovery indeed seems like a discovery to those searching for a source of genuine information regarding fitness and health.

9. EverydayHealth

It is complete with almost everything one may require to know related to health. Categorised tabs make search for diseases and disorders, drugs and medicines, symptoms, healthy diets, etc. quicker and easier. The site can be visited by people to know about both acute disorders to those with simple everyday issues.

10. Natural News

– The site is a vast resource for articles and videos for health and related issues. It features latest developments in the field of health, medicine, innovations, and more. The ”Infographics” section of the site is quite popular where the articles focus on providing details of benefits of using particular food items in regular diet.

11. HealthGrades

Search for doctors, surgeons, hospitals and medical centres cannot be made easier than facility provided by HealthGrades. It is a vast and useful directory of hospitals and doctors across America, where people can find them online easily. You can type in your zip code or a doctor to know about the whereabouts.

12. Psychology Today

– Be it issues pertaining to health diosorders, pshchological conditions or latest from the world of parenting this site has it all. It also provides a huge directory for experts along with expert interviews where you could get details of therapists, hospitals, and more from places near you.

13. CDC

CDC is one of the simplest sources for information on health, disease, treatments, cure, medicines and drugs. While the indexed format of the site makes it simple to explore by people, it has been made so due to the vastness of information and resources available under each search topic.

14. NHS

– A complete site covering topics of health and other related issues with informative articles. They are highly categorised as per Health Diseases, Diet recommendations, recommendations, etc. The site also lists down GPs, Hospitals, and Dentists from all across UK in their advanced search option.

15. MedScape

It is a site which features latest news and updates from the world of health. Besides that on the left side of the homepage it virtually lists down all the categories which have been updated with latest articles covering them which is referred to as speciality sites.

16. MedHelp

At MedHelp information meets innovation as the website provides some very interesting suggestions for health maintenance in addition to all the information available regarding every medical situation. The online expert health section further refines the purpose which the site has been built for.

17. Health Boards

– It is one of the most unique forums which you would come across. The entire forum is built for discussing Health topics where people are provided the platform to discuss and ask about specific health diseases or symptoms. The site has more than 0.9 million members which includes specialists and doctors from across the globe.

18. WHO

– The official health site of world health organisation is a pool of information pertaining to health and diseases with news from the global scenario in the field of health and medicines. It features online publications along with the country specific Demographic details which are indexed alphabetically for easier search.

19. Self.com

– This site is an online women’s health magazine which features articles on health and fitness in a quite attractive manner. The tips and tricks available on the site are pretty informative where the latest trends of fitness along with the best ways to workout have been discussed.

20. KidsHealth

KidsHealth is the right place for people who are searching for trustworthy information for kids and teenagers. The site has been made for three different age groups i.e. Parents, Kids, and Teens. Each section has articles relating to health and issues where the Kids section includes videos as well.

21. Health.com

If health, diet, recipes, beauty, diseases, news, etc. are required at one site then you do not have to look beyond ‘Health’ which is a dedicated website for all health issues. Symptoms, drugs and treatments for diseases, appropriate diet for you and healthy recipes, make this site a must-search for prevention as well as treatment.

22. FDA

– This is the official site of the US Food and Drug administration where they have articles on numerous topics which range from Food to animal health issues. It also features news and updates across the country regarding prevailing health concerns, vaccines, animal welfare and more.

23. HealthCentral

Health Central is another site which covers topics on various types of health diseases and features updated articles so that the readers are enlightened about the latest developments in the specific health disorders. There is list of diseases and disorders given at the site for each there are separate and dedicated section available.

24. RealAge

From amazing facts about human health to health tests and action plans, the website binds information and interaction in a very effective manner. The site definitely provides all the expected information and resources for fitness and health.

25. Net Doctor

– It is a single place stop for all your queries on health and its related issues. The site serves as a directory of articles covering diseases, medicines, medical examinations, information about support groups all listed in an alphabetical manner.

26. Prevention

As suggested by the name, Prevention is the site with all types of preventive methods for common as well as rare diseases. However, the website does not stop its services at just some advices and suggestions. It has a list of diseases and medical conditions for its visitors discussed in details.

27. Fitness Magazine

Fitness Magazine is a health magazine which has articles from the world of health and fitness. The site also publishes regular articles in the field of latest fitness regimes, diet schedules, healthy recipes, etc. The section termed as fitness tracker allows you to register on the site and keep a track of your health conditions.

28. RxList

People can consider RxList as the online drug index to find, verify and search for medicines. The website supports search by name as well as by diseases to allow people search according to their preference. However, the site is not only about drug-search, it helps to identify medicinal interaction inside the body too for maximum awareness.

29. eMedTV

This site is basically an information portal where you have numerous articles on specific health conditions and diseases. The health topics have been categorized individually wherein each of them has a dedicated sub domain catering to the concerned health disease.

30. BMJ

– This site has been developed by the BMJ group which has been serving to the field of healthcare for over 150 years now. The site intends to deliver high standards of medicinal information and resources in order to help its readers know more about the latest research and developments from the world of healthcare.

31. QualityHealth

47 health topics, 7 health services options, alphabetised drug index, online health communities and some special offers make Quality Health a high quality health. People can enhance their knowledge about health through current news available at the site as well as get their queries answered.

32. Earth Clinic

A site which offers you remedies to numerous diseases and ailments from the long lists of experts who have been a regular contributor to the site for more than a decade now. The site also provides suggestive articles for supplements and pet care to its visitors.

33. HHS

– The site is equally helpful for patients, doctors, researchers and for information-thirsty people. It provides you the platform to search for Hospitals near you for the residents of USA. Moreover the Medicare basics section provides you information regarding the eligibility and insurance related issues.

34. Health Guru

– A site which has a vast resource of articles and medical care which covers information related to various diseases and its care. The articles have been well categorized whereby specific sections have been created for parents, teens, mental health, etc.

35. Cure Zone

As the one liner of the site says ‘Educating instead of Medicating’ the site is a huge directory for information related to health diseases and conditions. It also features support forums, debate forums for discussing and getting answers to various health issues by the members.

36. Patient

– A dedicated sites to provide useful information and suggestive remedies to patients this site has numerous articles, discussions, and medicinal descriptions available on the website. It also has a section named Patient Access where people can create their accounts and get answers to their queries as well.

37. ClevelandClinic

– It provides exclusive services for both patients and physicians in a very simple manner. Besides, the website also provides health information, appointments with doctors and information regarding health institutes across Cleveland, Ohio, Florida and Abu Dhabi.

38. Wellness.com

– This is a site which features health tips, do’s and don’ts, discussions by experts on the current trends and development from the field of health, and much more. It also features list of health centers, hospitals, pharmacies, stores, and other places related to health products within the country of USA.

39. HealthLine

– This site helps people to learn more on health and related conditions through its informative and educative articles. You can even search symptoms, treatments and drugs, check the medicinal interaction of the drug inside your body or find a suitable medication through ‘pill identifier’.

40. WellSphere

You would find considerable information, all of which are very educative and beneficial, on the different pages of the site. It has various communities such as parenting, discussing health issues, ageing, fitness, etc. The Wellpages features articles on various diseases describing their signs and symptoms along with recommendations to the visitors.

41. CarePages

A really subtle and caring site, CarePages is dedicated to provide articles pertaining to health and diseases. It is a free, exclusive and dedicated blog for patients containing information on various health topics as well as provides access to different discussion forums to its visitors.

42. LocalHealth

One can find symptoms, treatments and drugs of various diseases as well as check their own condition for potential medical alert. With a proper health forum available, the website misses nothing to be helpful to people.

43. BioMed Central

– A site dedicated to Journals and articles related to health and development from the world of medication. As the site states it’s a publisher of more than 220 open access peer reviewed journals where it caters to the field of biology, medicine, genomics and other topics from the world of health.

44. FamilyDoctor

You can find exclusive attention like that of your family doctor from this site. The site publishes latest updates and articles in sections such as diseases, family care, parenting tips, and much more. The section on drug info provides details of medicines whereas the healthcare management includes insurance and other related articles.

45. BetterMedicine

The website supports checking of symptoms, finding drugs or getting suggestions about healthy exercises. Available with a health forum, the website provides complete resources for online health articles. The visitors could refer to these articles to learn more about the best practices from the world of fitness and health.

With the availability of such vast number of sites related to health, fitness, diseases, drugs, preventions and treatments, internet undoubtedly provides people with easy access to information about good health. These are some of the best-serving websites pertaining to the subject.