How To Wash Barefoot Dreams Blanket?

Blankets can significantly affect your good night’s sleep, so you must invest in a comfortable and soft blanket that will keep you nice and warm throughout the night. Blankets do get quite dirty after regular use and require cleaning. Due to their heavy weight, washing them can be pretty tricky. One must ensure they are gentle with the washing and use a mild detergent to keep the original softness intact.

Barefoot Dream’s blankets are easily washable and maintain quality even after multiple washes. The brand also provides a thorough guide with all the necessary washing instructions that one must follow. They can be machine or hand washed, but ensure you clean them with gentle products.

Does Barefoot Dreams blanket shed?

Barefoot Dreams blankets are known for their softness, but you might wonder how much they shed. Like any other blanket, they shed, but the shedding is minimal. One can notice some piling with regular usage and washing, but you can remove it with a lint roller or fabric shaver. Avoid washing it with hot water and using harsh detergent to prevent shedding. Minimal shedding is normal, but you won’t experience much of it, and the blanket will still be soft and comfortable.

How do you wash a blanket to keep it soft?

Usually, blankets are soft and comfortable but can lose these qualities over time. To keep your blankets fluffy for a long time, you must wash them carefully using gentle products. Barefoot Dreams blankets are easily washable by only using cold water and detergent. Before washing your blanket, remove any dirt particles that might be in it. Then wash it using a washing machine with cool water and a gentle detergent. It is better to flat dry, but you can also tumble dry it. Don’t wash it too often if you want it to stay soft for longer.

Do Barefoot Dreams wash well?

Yes, Barefoot Dreams blankets can be washed and dried in a machine. They maintain their quality and feel equally as comfortable. You must ensure that you are not using hot water as they are sensitive to it. Avoid using any fabric softeners and only use a gentle detergent. Wash the clothes in a delicate cycle in a low-power setting to prevent the fabric from getting damaged and turning rough.

Are Barefoot Dreams blankets thick?

Barefoot blankets are quick thick and keep you warm and cozy to help with a good night’s sleep. They are fluffy enough to keep you warm but are not too heavy. The yarn used in the blankets is a 100% Polyester microfiber that is easily washable and keeps you warm.

How do you wash a blanket to keep it soft?

It is better that you only use cold water and avoid any heat. The products you are using cannot be abrasive, and you should also avoid using fabric softeners. Air or flat drying is usually preferred, but you can also tumble dry it.