14 Top “How To” Websites

How To websites are immensely popular with people because of their basic focus to help people do what they want to. How To guides are self explanatory and they assist the user to manage things by themselves. The guides empower the user and therefore, reign on the top of the search queries. Here are some of the top websites that are catering to How To genre of articles. Take a look at the 12 sites below:

1. eHow

eHow is a knowledge resource which offers various content for self – help and articles on how to get things done. The site also has useful videos and is one of the most prominent websites. The site has dedicated sections for women like the categories for Moms, fashion, style; they also have sections for food and health as well as zones for discussion on tech and sports. eHow is one of the most popular expert sites.

2. Wikihow

Wiki how is web based and has a rich content database. The hows – to – guides are available on the website and they are useful and open to all. The users can also contribute by editing the content since it is a “wiki” site. The site gives the use the option to enter the “learn” section or the “write” section. In the learn section one can explore the already archived contributions while in the write section, one can contribute. They also have an introduction section to introduce new users to the wiki site.

3. HowStuffWorks

The perfect site to understand the “how” of science and physics – Children and educators love “how stuff works” for its diverse topics and exhaustive content. However, the site also touches various other topics that are close to the user like culture, entertainment, money and technology. The site also has regular blogs, quizzes and games.

4. Wired HowTo

Wired is focused on technology and science. Thus, the how – to section is rich with all the information that you will ever need. This site has answers you wonít find elsewhere! The tool box on the site allows users to upload files as well as save links they like.

5. CNet HowTo

With Cnet HowTo you get your tech answers from experts on the block. They provide free tutorials and information mostly on tech stuff. The guides are detailed and focused. The visual explanations are useful for understanding. From social media to technology, the site offer aid for all types of questions.

6. How To Do Things

How to do things is more general in its approach. It is focused on solving smaller – day to day problems. It also touches topics form business to careers. The main categories are flashed on the top of the site and the user can browse the latest content. What is interesting is that they have a section for family and relationships which guides on interpersonal skills as well.

7. WonderHowTo

Wonder how to has its heart in the community. The site runs based on user participation, interaction and mutual help. They are up to date with their services. From food to technology you find a great deal of information. They have an active community that discusses topics from various subjects. They have an all dedicated section to smart phones which is unique to the site.

8. MakeZine

Makezine helps you to make things. The site is basically focused on technology and helps dealings with gadgets and other related devices. They also have projects for home and other areas. The editors and listed authors are regular contributors coming up with interesting information and content for the users. Tagged in various categories, the stories with a gist are shown on the site. One can always browse through various sections.

9. HowToGeek

The HowToGeek is filled with tutorials and videos that help you with content on how to work with technology. From building your own system to working with open source technology, the site offers various guides. They also have features like the “how to geek App” which is easily available for download. The app offers trivia from the site. They have various categories and the option to subscribe to their posts through e-mail.

10. Instructables

Instructables is mostly to share the content made by users. The users participate and contribute to the community. They have various contests and also the scope to contribute and develop resources. Instructables have their own “create” and “explore” sections evidently seen on the home page, along with contests and featured projects. The editors interact with the community through letters, seen on the main page.

11. DoItYourSelf

Like the name suggests, Do-it-yourself is perfect for self help tips and direction on how to solve day to day questions and problems. You visit the site for useful data and articles – form home decor to technical content – you can find all important data here. They have the drop down menu that lets the user select the category of their interest. One can enter a search query in the search bar. They have the videos section that shares video information and the “did it myself” section to where people can share the “before” and “after” experiences.

12. HowCast

A how to video site offering variety of videos on different categories. According to website, Howcast streams 10 million+ of videos every month through various distribution channels they have. They offer various mobile phone applications including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. For instructional content, HowtoCast application is #1 on many app stores.

13. LifeHacker Howto

Covers variety of categories and topics, LifeHacker’s How to guide is part of leading LifeHacker blog. We noticed really In-depth how to articles, news and videos on their website.

14. PCWorld How To

PCWorld’s How to section is another tech only section offering various guides on solving computer/PC related problems. Also offers “how to” information rich videos.

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