16 Top Ice Cream Brands

Ice cream is one of the popular desserts around the world. It has been in existence for several centuries now. Today, an ice cream can be had in several forms like cups and cones. There are also several flavors and combinations of ice cream available as well.

This is a list of the top ice cream brands in the USA according to their popularity.


Founded in 1928, this subsidiary of the Swiss company Nestlé Corporation has its presence in the Midwestern and Eastern states of the US. In other regions, it is sold under the Dreyer’s brand. Edy’s has been part of Nestlé Corporation since 2006. Espresso chip, mint chocolate chip, and mud pie are some of the different flavors available from this brand.



This is an American brand that is part of the Unilever Corporation. It was founded in 1978. Ice creams from this brand are available in forms like bar, scoops, and cups. Banana split, Boston cream pie, cake batter, and chunky monkey are some of the different flavors offered. The company has its presence in several continents like Australia and Europe aside from North America.

Another Brand: Walls (Presently not in the USA.)


Founded in 1907, this American brand has its presence in 20 states across the US. The company currently offers more than 60 flavors within its ice creams. Other products from this company include frozen yoghurt and snacks. Chocolate Chip, Butter Crunch, Mocha Almond Fudge, and Red Velvet Cake are some of the different flavors provided.


This American brand is part of the Anglo Dutch Corporation – Unilever. It was established in 1908. It has been part of the Unilever Corporation since 1993. Fat-free, no sugar added, and lactose free are some of the unique product categories available.


Part of the Swiss corporation – Nestlé, this company was founded in 1961. Frozen yoghurt, ice cream cakes, and gelato are some of the other products of this brand. The brand also has a presence in regions like Canada, South Africa, and India.

Coldstone Creamery

Founded in 1988, this Arizona based company is part of the Kahala, L.L.C. It is present in just over 1000 locations. Aside from ice cream flavors like Apple Pie A La Cold Stone, this company also offers cold coffees, cookie sandwiches, and pies.


Aside from offering premium and natural ice creams, this company also offers ice creams that contain no sugar and low fat. The company was established in 1931, and it is part of the supermarket chain Kroger.


Offering more than 500 different products, this ice cream company is part of the Wells Enterprises, which was founded in 1913. Toffee, strawberry, tropical, espresso, and pineapple are some of the different flavors of ice cream available.

Baskin Robbins

Founded in 1945, this American brand is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dunkin’ Brands. Black walnut, Cherries Jubilee, and cotton candy are some of the flavors available. Sundaes and beverages like milkshakes, cappuccino, and floats are also available from this brand.

Mayfield Dairy

Owned by Dean Foods since 1990, this brand was first established in 1923. Aside from offering ice creams in flavors like chocolate marshmallow, strawberry, and lemon, this company also has milk and beverages like lemonade in its portfolio.


Started in 1994, this brand is currently part of the Nestlé Corporation. Its product range of ice cream comes in different forms like cups, cones, and bars. Chocolate and caramel form the major flavors in its ice cream range.


Offering a range of products like ice creams, hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and beverages is the specialty of this food company that was founded in 1940. It is owned by the Berkshire Hathaway holding company.


Established in 1870, this brand offers its ice cream products through more than 30 company-owned stores across the US. Aside from its year-round flavors like cookies and cream, the company also provides limited edition and bonus flavors of ice cream as well.


Founded in 1929, this American company is part of the Focus Brands. Ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, and ice cream bars are some of the different products offered. The company has more than 500 stores across the United States.

Magnum Ice Cream

Owned by the Unilever Corporation, this company was founded in 1992. Double caramel, double chocolate, mochaccino, and almond are some of the different flavors available. The company also offers a few of its flavors in the ‘mini’ range as well.


Owned by the Global Franchise Group, this ice cream brand was founded in 1983. It is present in several countries like Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and Scotland aside from the United States. Ice creams, yoghurts, brownies, and smoothies are some of the products.

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