27 Best Insurance Websites

Buying insurance policies is of great benefit to an individual in times of an unexpected and untoward incident. Now, it is possible to not just buying insurance online, but the consumers can also compare them against the rivals, manage the policies, and make claims as well.

This list offers the top insurance sites according to their traffic.


This site also users to purchase a variety of insurance products for automobiles, homes, business, and collectibles. One can also purchase health insurance here as well. There are several articles providing resources about insurance and its basics. The policies for vehicles, property, and health can be managed through the platform provided on the site itself, while claims can also be registered here.


Vehicle and homeowners can use this site to get insurance quotes, while other insurance products available on this site include life, health, and long-term care. Several tools like the life insurance calculator are present alongside a learning centre. The site also has comprehensive information about investing in mutual funds and several frequently asked questions.


Even though it offers a variety of insurance products, car, homes, and motorcycle insurances are the most prominent on this site. It offers details about the coverage, availability, and discounts all in one roof. The users can also make claims on this site, while the ability to track claims is also present. The site provides the basics about car insurance and the frequently asked questions.


This official site of the Aetna life insurance corporation provides the ability to buy its various products like health, pharmacy, dental, and disability insurances online. Users can also avail the cost estimates and a complete health assessment after registering.


Even though Allstate specializes in providing auto, home, and life insurance, it also has several products like business, boat, property, and flood insurance. It has numerous tools and resources for understanding the basics of insurance, while reporting and tracking a claim facility are also available.


Anthem specializes in providing health insurance that it claims to be affordable. Medicare, dental, and vision insurances are some of the different types of insurances offered. Customer support is also provided through this site itself. There are several health articles provided for the users.


USAA provides insurance solutions for members of the United States Military service. Its products include home, life, and auto insurances. It has a comprehensive learning centre for aspects like retirement, personal finances, car, home, vehicle, work life, and military life.

US Insurance Online

This site offers online insurance quotes for five different types of insurance – auto, health, life, home, and annuity. It also allows users to compare different quotes against competing companies. There is a video tutorial offering information about different insurance types.

Policy Bazaar

This is an Indian insurance site offering the ability to get insurance quotes for life, home, and auto insurance. Loans and investment avenues can also be compared on this site. Child, hospitalization, money back, and guaranteed are some of the different insurance plans available.


Cigna offers health insurance in numerous countries across the world. The variety of plans available from the company caters to individuals, families, employers, and organizations. The website of the company provides the contact details of numerous healthcare professionals.


This is a health insurance company offering dental, vision, and Medicare insurance plans. The company provides numerous support and resources in the form of articles to enlighten users regarding the different types of health insurance available.

Liberty Mutual

This insurance site offers home, auto, and life insurance avenues to its users. Each section comes with calculators designed to offer approximate quotes. Users can use the dedicated claims centre to register and track claims. Mobile apps and videos regarding insurance are also provided.

eHealth Insurance

Specializing in health insurance across a wide variety of categories like Medicare, dental, travel, and vision, the site claims to have had more than 3 million customers. It provides insurance solutions for individuals, families, and small businesses.


This company offers four different insurance types – disability income, auto, home, and life. It also provides a free calculator to determine the approximate cost of the insurance. Investment and retirement solutions are also provided by this company.


Prudential specializes in offering life insurance to people of all ages, while it also offers auto and home insurance as well. The company provides several frequently asked questions and popular tools to determine the aspects like payment options and needs estimation.


Nationwide primarily offers four different types of insurance – auto, home, motorcycle, and life. In addition to these, it also provides specialty insurance that covers aspects like travel, business, and pets. Several investing and banking solutions are also offered by this company.


This site allows users to get quotes for car insurance. Users can also compare the quotes received from a company with other companies. The site claims to have a list of more than 130 car insurance companies. Utilities like broadband and mobile phones can also be compared.


Farmers primarily offers auto, home, and business insurance as its main product offerings. It also provides insurance for recreational items, motorcycles, and life. The site can be used to file claims and search for claims representatives, while several planning resources are also provided.


Esurance is an insurance company that is a division of Allstate group. It offers online insurance policies for automobiles. Other products from this insurance company include health, life, and renters insurance. The site provides information about the nearest repair shop.

Go Compare

Gocompare provides the ability to compare insurance quotes from different companies on a variety of insurance types. Van, car, home, life, gas, electricity, travel, pet, and motorcycles are some of the different types of insurance quotes that can be compared.


This company offers instant quotes for different types of automobile insurance. This includes insurance for RVs, classic cars, and antique cars. There are several insurance options for individuals, families, and businesses. It also has numerous financial advisors up its sleeve.


This company primarily specializes in providing group insurance policies that provide coverage for a variety of illnesses, accidents, and disability. There are also several business insurance policies available as well. Insurance for individuals also provides similar coverage.


United Healthcare offers medical and dental insurance plans for families and individuals. It has also Medicare plans that differ depending upon the area. It also provides insurance for employees of a business, while there are several health care resources present as well.


Travelers primarily provides insurance products for travelers, while it also offers products for auto, car, business, and home insurance as well. The travel insurance is provided for both individuals and businesses. This company has operations in numerous countries around the world.


This is an UK insurance company that has presence in many countries across the world. It specializes in providing health insurance products for families, individuals, and businesses. There are several free health care tips and tools available from the company.

Direct Line

This is an UK insurance company that provides insurance products for cars, homes, businesses, and pets amongst many others. It is possible to request for an insurance replacement certificate for a vehicle online. The company claims to have had more than 1 million customers in 2011.

Aami Australia

This Australian insurance company offers a variety of products that provides insurance for cars, homes, bikes, businesses, and travel. Discounts are available for purchasing products online, while it is possible to get insurance quotes online as well.

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