14 Top Irish News Sites

The Republic of Ireland shares a lot in common with its neighboring regions – the United Kingdom. This is especially true in the case of the popularity and craze for news, which is now offered through several websites. Most of them are part of popular newspapers in Ireland.

This is a list of the top news sites in Ireland according to their traffic.

Irish Independent


The official site of the Irish Independent provides breaking news from Ireland, international regions, and sport. The world news is provided by the continent basis, while it also comprises of multimedia like videos as well. Access to opinions, columnists, editorials, and analysis that are featured on the newspaper is present along with the latest weather and travel information.



Started in 1996, this portal has its own dedicated journalists to provide insight into aspects like national, international, and business news. The portal offers the ability to watch and listen to several television and radio programs, while access to live TV is also provided. A special section is dedicated to money by providing information on aspects like mortgages, debt, and savings.

Irish Times


Aside from providing access to the daily editions of the Irish Times epaper, this site offers news from Ireland and around the world. Other areas concentrated on the site include sport, business, culture, and society. In-depth market analysis and opinions are provided in the business news section, while soccer, rugby, and golf are the major sports concentrated.

The Journal

Owned by Distilled Media, this new site was started in 2010. It specializes in providing Irish and international news along with several polls on the trending topics. Science, environment, and living discussions and news are the other major features of this site.

The Sun

The Irish division of ‘The Sun’ features news from the local and international sources. The site also focuses on showbiz and sport news as well. News is also available in the form of videos, which also contain bizarre and shocking content as well.

Irish Examiner

The official site of the Irish newspaper – Irish Examiner – offers breaking news in various aspects like local, international, sport, business, and showbiz. The site offers extensive information about farming and the business along with analysis and columns.

Irish Central

This site specializes in offering breaking news from Ireland along with entertainment, business, and sports news as well. There are several blogs that are categorized on aspects like entertainment, news, sport, and travel. Videos related to entertainment, sport, politics, and education are also present.

Breaking News

This site offers all the Irish breaking news along with important world headlines as well. Sports like soccer, golf, and rugby are concentrated quite heavily, while weather information is also present. Entertainment news through aspects like film reviews and showbiz news are offered.

Silicon Republic

The site specializes in offering technology news in aspects like business, strategies, and gadgets. Start-ups and innovations are given special focus along with aspects like clean energy technology. News about the cloud computing is also offered along with information about the future tech events.


This is the official site of the TV3 television network, and it primarily provides news in the form of videos. Weather news and forecast is available through information on several aspects like rain, wind, and temperature. Information on several TV shows and TV Guide is also present.


The official site of the Evening Herald newspaper offers both breaking news and news. Weather forecast information is provided through satellite imagery with predictions available for regional and world weather. Sports, entertainment, and lifestyle news is also present.

Digital Spy

Owned by Hearst Magazines UK, this is a news website specializing in offering entertainment and media news. Movies, music, soaps, and reality TV are some of the several categories of news offered. The site also has a discussion board as well.


This is a discussion board that features several former high profile politicians. It is owned by the Pie Media and it also provides news related to politics as well. The forum can be used to discuss several aspects like current, foreign, social, and health affairs.

News Talk

The official site of the radio station – Newstalk – features news that is categorized into several sections like national, international, politics, technology, and business. Soccer, golf, rugby, and GAA are the primary sports focused on this site.

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