15 Top Japanese News Websites

Japan is one of the largest economies in the world and it is not surprising to see aspects like the internet hugely popular and extremely common in the country. This has also subsequently led to the presence of several news websites as well.

This is a list of the top Japanese news websites according to their traffic.



This is the official site of the Livedoor internet service provider, and it offers both domestic and international news. Aspects like economy, sport, entertainment, and movies are some of the other major news categories on this site.



This is the official site of the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, which specializes in offering breaking news on all aspects from local and international regions. Politics, elections, science, and environment are the other major sections of this site. Yomiuri is also available in English.



This is an online newspaper specializing in offering business and financial news. It is also available in English. Politics and economy is also discussed on this site, which provides information about the major stock market indexes around the world and economic forecast. There is also the English version of the Nikkei online newspaper, which offers business, political, economic, and financial news. The site has several opinions and editorials from popular writers and analysts. The earnings data of companies is also provided.

Japan Broadcasting Corporation

This official site of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (nhk) offers regular news updates on local and international news. Other aspects like weather and traffic information is also provided as well. It is part of Japan Broadcasting Corporation, which is a national public broadcasting organization.

IT Media

This site specializes in offering all the latest technology and gadget news. The latest trends developing within the industry are covered along with news on aspects like AV equipment, cameras, computers, and information technology.


This is the official site of the business publication in Japan, Nikkei BP. Technology news is the other main aspect of this site. The company was incorporated in 1969 and it claims to have revenues of more than 400 million yen.


Apart from providing news on aspects like technology, politics, money, and economy, this site also offers news on several sports like soccer, sumo wrestling, and baseball. There are several photos and videos including a panorama picture collection.

Nikkan Sports

This site specializes in offering sports news covering all the major sports like MLB, basketball, soccer, horse racing, and sumo wrestling. Entertainment and society news are also offered in small sections as well. Weather news, horoscope, and animations comprise the other major content.


This is the official site of the Japanese newspaper Sports Nippon that specializes in sports news. Baseball, horse racing, local soccer, and international soccer are the major sports covered on this site.


This site primarily offers news on society, politics, economy, and science news from Japan aside from the international news. Commentaries, columns, opinions, and editorials are also part of this site, while sports like baseball and soccer are covered.


This site offers news on several different genres like internet, software, hardware, games, science, movies, automobile, animation, and design. Users can search for news from these aspects through archives dating back to 2005.


Covering all the aspects like local and international levels in several categories like politics, economy, business fashion, and sport, this site also offers several multimedia in the form of high resolution images and videos. The latest news from the automobile industry is also present.


Sports news is the primary content on this site, with sports like baseball, soccer, golf, horse racing, and fighting given importance. Entertainment news through the latest information about celebrities and movies is also provided as well.


Apart from offering all the latest news on entertainment, sport, and regional happenings, this site also offers blogs written by reporters, users, and experts. The popular topics from the week are offered in an individual section, while weather news is also provided.

47 News

This site provides several news and content related to local news and happenings. It covers aspects like the local economy, technology, and news. Sport, entertainment, and culture form the other major categories aside from national news.

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