12 Top Japanese Shopping Websites

Japan is one of the strongest economies in the world and a popular destination for all the latest technology products. Internet is easily available to the citizens throughout Japan, which has also led to the tremendous growth in online shopping.

This is a list of the top Japanese shopping websites according to their popularity.

Amazon Japan


This is the Japanese website of the multinational online retailer Amazon. The site offers latest bargain deals available. It also covers all major categories including books, food, music, consumer electronics, health and beauty products, baby products, sports gears and much more.

Rakuten Ichiba


This is the official site of the electronics retailer Rakuten that has its presence in several Asian countries aside from Japan. This store has more than 1 million products from several categories like fashion, consumer electronics, food, flowers, e-books, books, and music. They claim to have more than 80 million shoppers globally and ship internationally. They also have English version of website known as “Rakuten Global Market” for people who want to shop from outside japan.



This is an online store featuring clothing, fashion and related accessories for men, women, and kids. It is possible to search for products based on brands, trends, and categories. The store offers free shipping on all the products. ZozoTown.com is an English website from zozo.jp group for people who wants to buy from Zozo outside Japan.


This is the official website of the international chain of fashion stores that was started in 1984. Clothing products are available for men, women, girls, and boys. The store features special deals for online customers, while seasonal collections are present as well.

Yahoo Shopping

The shopping section of Yahoo Japan offers the ability to accumulate gift points on every purchase made. The products are present in several categories like clothing, cosmetics, furniture, food, and DVDs. The store also provides shopping recommendations as well.


Aside from offering a plethora of products belonging to categories like camera, computers, mobile phones, fashion, and commodities, this site also provides several services like air-conditioner and house cleaning as well. The website also has an exclusive camera store as well.


This site specializes in providing comparison shopping for products like personal computers, watches, home appliances, musical instruments, and kitchen appliances. There are also several tips provided on choosing the right products like air-conditioners and guitars.


This is an online store that allows users to buy products on auctions. It also provides several statistics and price comparisons of the products as well. Computers, home appliances, books, and stationery items are some of the categories dealt on this site.


This site offers the ability to compare prices of products across different online stores. Prices of products like cameras, food, computers, and consumer electronics can be compared. The site also offers its recommendation of shops as well.


This online store specializes in offering electronic goods like computers, AV equipment, Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, and CDs. The store also has an extensive collection of games meant for several platforms like Xbox and PlayStation. Comic books are also present as well.


Offering close to 4 million products related to fashion, clothing, cosmetics, toys, appliances, and books, this site was launched in 2004. The products on this site are available for purchase in an auction format.


Dinos is One of the Japan’s leading TV and catalog shopping companies and specializes in selling products through Mail-orders, magazines, internet, TV and direct sales. The group has yearly revenue of 60+ billion Japanese yen every year. Their online website offers various fashion, furniture and sports related items for sales.

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