Ten Popular Websites For Language Translations

Online translations are a great way to bridge language barriers. You may not be fluent with a language besides your native tongue, but you may need to communicate in the language for professional or personal reason. It’s time now to make use of technology to come to your aid. For your language translation requirements, here are some top websites that offer the service:

1. Google Translate

Google translate is one of the most powerful ways to translate online. They provide translations across almost 65 languages. Along with the written form of the language, they allow phonetic typing as well as visual keyboard so that you can pick up the alphabets in native scripts.

2. Reference.com Translators

The website offers a great deal of useful information in the form of online dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedias. Translation is a natural advancement of those abilities which make Refrence.com a prominent provider of Machine Translations. The site is good for simple translations with literal substitution of words from one language to that of another.

3. Bing Translator

Microsoft has a dedicated site for translations called the ‘Bing translator’ and domain name reads ‘Microsoft translator’. The advantage here is that it uses Microsoft Translator technology which has been created and worked upon by Microsoft Research. They have various additional features like bilingual viewer layouts and automatic language detection like Google.

4. Reverso.net

From conjugation to grammar and dictionaries, the website even provides the audio version of translations. Easy to use and user-friendly interface is seen on reverse.net

5. Babylon Translation

Babylon offers tools for translation which are easy to use and downloadable. Besides that machine translations are free while professional translations can be requested for certain charges. The site also offers the dictionary and thesaurus as other services in its kitty.

6. Free Translation

This website offers translations and related products, tools and services. The translation is machine based but the user can order human translations by professionals starting at $0.07 per word.

7. Worldlingo

The website is dedicated to translations and offers online system based translations as well as those by teams of people. You can upload a document for translation on the site and chose to get it translated “professionally” or for “free”. They offer translations over categories of documents, websites and e-mails. Word Lingo is a great site for language related assistance.

8. Frengly

It has a very easy and good looking user interface. The website offers to translate up to 34 languages with automatic language detection. You can save your translations or use the Translation API. Frengly is a popular site for quick and simple translations.

Websites Which Are Slightly Different And Don’t Offer Just Direct Translations:

9. My Memory Translated

My Memory Translated is more like a search tool for translations. When you look for a translation in a specific language, refers to site like Google and brings you results. However, it is featured in this list because of the human suggestions that it includes. The site allows you to make a request to find human feedback alternatives or to suggest a better translation. The records are used for future translation and in providing suggestion for queries.

10. Paralink.com

The site provides translations as we as uses comparative translations from – Microsoft, Babylon, Google – and one can select the best to use. The advantage here is that for language combinations not available on your preferred website, this site offers alternatives.

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