20 Top Online Men’s Magazines

Aspects like grooming and fashion have become important for men as much as it is for women. There have been several sites dedicated towards offering news and information on these aspects for men. Health, sports and celebrities also form the topics of discussion at these sites.

This is a list of the top men websites according to the popularity.

1 Askmen 1746


Started in 1999, this site offers information on fashion and grooming through several articles and reviews. All the latest gadgets and accessories that help in fashion and grooming are reviewed on this site along with health and fitness information as well. Career tips are also provided along with hotel and restaurant reviews, while dating and sex tips also form an important section.

2 Complex 2077


The official site of the lifestyle magazine Complex features style and lifestyle as the two major components. Aspects like style, sneakers, city guide, technology, and cars are discussed under style. Lifestyle section discusses aspects like music, sports, video games, and women. All the sections feature content in the form of news, videos, interviews, lists, and galleries.

3 Men’s Health 2326


This is the official site of the Men’s Health magazine. It discusses several aspects like fitness, health, nutrition, style, sex, and women. This site has several compilations featuring aspects like the best celeb bodies and magazines. Tutorials and guides on several aspects are available in the how-to section. The site also provides access to several newsletters and blogs.

4 Made Man 5001

This site provides several informative articles and expert advice on aspects like style, fitness, grooming, and health for men. There are also several videos on these aspects as well. There is also a special section dealing only with compilations.

5 Esquire 6443

The official site of the Esquire magazine features aspects like style, grooming, and entertainment primarily meant for men. There are several blogs covering aspects like politics, women, and culture. The site has an extensive video collection as well.

6 GQ 6648

The magazine GQ’s official site features information on four major aspects – style, entertainment, lifestyle, and women. The site has several photos and videos on these aspects. Politics, fitness, and grooming also form part of the content.

7 Art of Manliness 8047

Started in 2008, this site claims to have more than 100,000 subscribers getting access to aspects like grooming, health, sports, money, career, and the relationship information and articles. The store on this site features T-shirts and books meant for men.

8 Maxim 9276

Girls, sports, entertainment, and technology from the major aspects of content on this official site for the Maxim magazine. The site offers the ability to view digital editions of the magazine. Reviews of games and apps are present alongside several videos.

9 StyleForum 13417

This site specializes in offering information about the clothing for men with the information about the latest style trends. Streetwear and denim are the types of clothes primarily concentrated. Reviews of various products like suits, blazers, coats and jackets are also present.

10 Men’s Fitness 13586

Specializing in fitness and health, this site offers several tips and information about bodybuilding as well. Aspects like endurance, losing weight, and building muscle are part of this site that also features tips from professionals. Nutrition aspects like supplements are also concentrated.

11 Guyism 16207

Concentrating on several aspects like food, gaming, music, television, alcohol, gadgets, movies, health and sport, this is one of the comprehensive sites for men. It also features articles written by women as well. The site claims to receive more than 4 million visitors each month.

12 For Him Magazine 20467

This is the official site of the FHM magazine, and it features information and news on aspects like women, entertainment, sex, relationships, and gaming. News is also available in the form of videos as well. There are also several products to shop for as well.

13 Bullz Eye 21678

This is an online portal specializing in offering news and information about movies, music, sports, fitness, and dating. The video section of this site features both humorous and sexy clips. Travel, city guides, cars, and gadgets are some of the other topics covered.

14 Men’s XP 29526

This is an Indian online magazine specializing in offering news and information on aspects like fashion, health, dating, and grooming. This site offers aspects like style guide, reviews of gadgets, and career tips as well.

15 Gear Patrol 36337

This online magazine offers information and news from social categories like technology, science, travel, style, sports, and vehicles with its own photography. The site claims to receive close to 400,000 visitors per month. The content of this site is also available in an iPad app.

16 Good Men Project 49606

Started in 2009, this is a social platform that discusses aspects like family, ethics, politics, sports, sex, and relationships in great detail. The site also has a blog that features discussions about the latest trends, while the editor’s pick offers the best articles.

17 Details 49673

Offering news and articles about politics, culture, trends, sex, and relationships is the specialty of this site. Grooming information is provided by providing tips and reviews of the latest products. Fitness and celebrity news also form an important part of the site.

18 Men’s Journal 52250

This site offers articles on several topics like health, fitness, travel, adventure, and style. It provides reviews and news of the best places to eat and drink in North America. The articles regarding style deal with aspects like tips and the latest trends.

19 Unfinished Man 63797

This men’s online portal offers topics and aspects related to arts, photography, dating, sex, entertainment, and fine living. Style forms a major section on the site with fashion and grooming tips. The unique section called life advice provides an interesting viewpoint as well.

20 Werd 68338

This site offers a list of all the interesting ideas and products in several categories like technology, grooming, automobiles, and sport. The ideas can be viewed on the basis of categories or the price. The site claims to have more than 50,000 subscribers.

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