19 Top Military Website in USA

The United States Military or Armed Forces consist of five divisions, with its history dating back to 1775. It is also the second largest by a number of active personal in its troops. There are several websites that provide information and news about the United States Armed Forces.

This is a list of the top US military websites according to their popularity.

US Army


This is the official site of the United States Army that focuses on the land-based operations. This site offers news on several aspects like the current operations, environment, energy, and health. News from the various operations being conducted in several regions across the world is also provided. The site also lists information about the top ranking officials like the Secretary and Sergeant Major. GoArmy.com is a website that offers Army jobs, training and career news.



This site was launched in 1999, and it provides news from all the divisions of the United States Armed Forces. It also provides news and updates in the field of technology and gear as well. It also provides useful tips and information for military personal looking to join colleges and universities. The site is owned by Monster Worldwide, and it claims to have more than 10 million members.

US Navy

This is the official site of the United States Navy. Aside from providing all the latest news from battalions around the world, this site also offers information about the entire Navy through aspects like the current status and the details about the higher officials. Multimedia content is available in the form of videos, photos, and radio content. The website Navy.com offers resources about US Navy and various career related topics.


The United States Defense Finance and Accounting Service official website features various information like military records, garnishment information, and PCS travel information. This site has sections of content for military members, retired military personnel, civilians, and contractors and vendors.

US Airforce

This acts as the official online arm of the United States Air Force. It offers news from several categories like top stories, missions, training, sports, warrior care, and aircrafts. It also provides insight and information into the history, leaders, and transcripts. For career options Airforce.com covers various sections including air force jobs, benefits, videos and more.

Dept. of Defense

The official site of the United States Defense Department discusses the current issues like cyber security and defense strategic guidance. The entire details about the department like leaders, organizations, missions, and history is also provided.

About.com Military

This division of the about.com features articles dedicated towards the United States military. There are several categories covered on this site like joining the military, pay and benefits, and regulations. Multimedia content is present in the form of photos, videos, and graphics.

Discovery.com Military

Owned and run by the Discovery Communications, this site contains several videos offering information about the weapons, weapons technology, soldiers, and training regime. Information about the shows and the schedule are also present. There are also military related games as well.


The official site of the Defense Technical Information Center features its services and products. It contains a plethora of classified and unlimited technical reports. Current issues and Congressional budget data is also provided as well.

American Military University

This is the official site of the American Military University, which is a private institution started in 1991. Information on the various programs offered by this university is present along with the admission process and general requirement information.

US Marines

The official online arm of the United States Marine Corps features news in the form of videos, pictures, and blogs. It has the entire database of the Marine Corps units, which can be searched on basis of keywords, location, or type. Detailed biography of the leaders is also present.

Military Times

Run by Gannett Government Media, this site features independent news, views, and information about military. Details about the benefits in various areas like pay, allowances, health, and housing are provided. The site allows military members to search for jobs and educational opportunities.


This official site of the newspaper that reports on the United States Armed Forces – Stars and Stripes – features news from the regions that have units deployed. There are several blogs and galleries aside from opinions from columnists.


The United States Coast Guard’s official website offers all the latest news about missions, training camps, and general news. The site provides the complete information about the units deployed in the United States. All the 11 missions of the Coast Guard are also enlisted.

National Guard

This site is concerned with the National Guard Department of the United States military. It provides the eligibility details necessary for new recruits. The site also lists several career opportunities within National Guard, while the benefits are also listed as well.

Airforce Times

Aside from providing military news specific to the air force, the site also offers aspects like a community for discussions, product reviews, educational information, and financial advice. It also helps military members make the transition to civilian life.

Navy Times

This is the official site of the weekly newspaper – Navy Times. It claims to offer unbiased military news, while information on aspects like the benefits, allowances, and retirement is also provided. The site contains financial advices and calculators as well.

Army Study Guide

Run by QuinStreet, Inc, the site provides comprehensive information about education for the military members. It details the benefits that members of the military will receive upon education, while also helping them prepare for civilian life.

Military Bases

This site offers information about all the military bases of the army in the United States. The information can be sorted depending on the department like air force, army, marine, and navy. Information about the nearby places and hotels are also present as well.

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