20 Top Mobile AD Networks

The last five years has seen tremendous growth in terms of mobile app development and usage. It has provided a unique way of monetization through mobile apps. There are a variety of mobile ad networks today serving ads across apps intended for platforms like android and iOS.

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This list brings out the top mobile ad networks according to their popularity.

Google Admob

Google’s mobile ad network provides a way for both advertisers and publishers to earn money by displaying ads on mobile apps. The network provides numerous ad controls like ad sizes and location for both parties. This network supports a variety of mobile platforms like Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. Both advertisers and publishers are offered a variety of statistics on the dashboard. AdMob was founded in 2006 and later acquired by Google in 2010. Before Acquisition, Google has its own mobile advertising solutions.

Apple iAd Network

Apple’s iAd advertising network provides advertisers with the ability to reach users with iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPad in their hands. It is possible to target the ads based on various demographics like location, application preferences, and interests. The ads can be customised to provide users with a variety of options like downloading and sharing content. Apple acquired mobile advertising network Quattro in 2010 which is not part of iAd. The ad solutions currently available for App developers and brands.

Microsoft Mobile Ads

This network provides monetization opportunities from mobiles by displaying ads in the variety of MSN avenues like MSN Home page, entertainment, and weather. It claims to have a reach of more than 65 million people visiting per month. There are more than 2500 advertisers within this network. Ads can also now be integrated into the Windows Live features.

AOL Mobile Advertising

This is the mobile ad division of the AOL network and it offers the ability to monetize the websites of publishers. It claims to offer more than 45 million unique visitors per month for its advertisers, while the network has more than 100 publishers in its portfolio.


Inmobi supports a variety of ad types and they can be displayed on a number of mobile platforms like Android. A real-time reports and statistical analysis of the campaign is provided. There are also several in-house services for creating high-quality ads.


Started in 2010, Airpush offers features like weekly payments, crash analysis, and app monitoring for the developers. The advertisers have the ability to narrow down the target customers based on factors like location, device, and carrier. The network claims to have more than 2000 advertisers.


Buzzcity offers advertisers the ability to reach customers on a global basis, while also controlling various aspects like daily budget, target countries, target devices, and bid price. Developers can monitor the performance of the ads on their apps. The network’s servers most traffic from Asian countries.

Mob Partner

Mobpartner currently offers the ability to monetize apps for android and iOS, with both Windows Phone and Bada set to be featured shortly. The network provides real-time statistics along with several ways to integrate ads into the apps. The network is more like an mobile affiliate advertising solution.


This is the global mobile ad network that provides a variety of high quality ads including HTML5 interactive ads. It provides real-time reporting and the ability to target audiences based on the devices, network speed, and the type of browser.


This network specializes in offering advertising solutions on mobile applications and websites. All the ads offered through this network are highly interactive and rich in media. It supports a wide range of operating systems from Android to Symbian.


Jumptap offers a network that brings advertisers, publishers, and developers into one platform. The network supports all types of mobile devices including tablet PCs like iPad. Complete control is provided to the publisher over the type of ads displayed on the site.


Mobfox is an advertising network for mobile devices that offers ads even in videos. The network allows publishers to retain full control of the ad space, while advertisers are offered engaging ad formats to increase click through rate (CTR).


This is a premium ad network catering to the requirements of bringing advertisers, publishers, and developers into one roof. It has an educational centre complete with resources for getting the best out of mobile advertising, while it claims that its advertisers can reach millions with its network.


Supporting all the major platforms like android, Symbian, and iOS, Leadbolt provides developers and advertisers to connect each other. It provides nine different ad formats for the developers, while it provides automatic optimization and comprehensive reports of the campaign for the advertisers.


Adfonic offers monetization solutions for both developers – primarily of Android and iOS apps – and publishers. The network offers several rich media formats for the ads, while video advertising is also present. Lead generation and tracking is also one of the other features for advertisers.


Mobclix is a mobile ad network offering using the bidding system to enable publishers and advertisers connect with each other. The bidding is done in real-time and the advertisers get comprehensive information through reports about their campaign.


Mmedia enables developers to monetize the applications by offering ads within the apps for a variety of mobile platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7. The state of the art dashboard enables users to quickly analyze and optimize campaigns.

Millennial Media

Millennialmedia is a network offering mobile advertising solutions through real world targeting of audience. It also helps the developers and publishers monetize their apps and mobile websites respectively. It has a variety of creative solutions for advertisers.


Admoda helps publishers with a variety of medium like tablet PCs and smartphone to monetize. There are variety of monetization options like CPC, flat rates, and CPM. Advertisers can create and manage campaigns through the web-based interface.


Publishers can monetize websites, while developers can monetize their mobile apps using this mobile ad network. This company is a division of the leading online advertising group – ValueClick Media. Integrating the ad formats, which even support rich media formats, into websites and applications is quick and easy.

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