20 Top Nail Polish Brands

The nail polish is one of the earliest decorating items, as there have been many reports of it being used as early as in 3000 BC. Nowadays, the nail polish, which today comes in different colors, is an important aspect of the fashion industry.

This is a list of the top nail polish brands according to their popularity.



Founded in 1981, this American manufacturer of nail beauty products is based in California. It is a part of the Coty, Inc. since 2010. This private company was initially founded as Odontorium Products, but its name was changed to the present form shortly afterwards. The company claims to have more than 200 different shades of colors in its nail polish range.


This nail polish brand has been part of the L’Oreal group since 2010. The brand was started in 1981. Hip-anema, madison ave hue, bond with whomever, and go ginza are some of the different collections of nail polish products available. The company claims to offer more than 200 shades of nail polish colors.

Sally Hansen

Introduced in the late 1980s, this American brand offers fashion products for lips, nails, and skin. Insta-gel strips and gel polish are some of the different nail care products available from this brand. Beauty tools for manicure, pedicure, eye care, and grooming are also present. Hair removal lotions, cream, and wax are also offered as well.

China Glaze

China Glaze has been in the nail care industry for more than a decade. Tranzitions, Gutz ‘n Pieces, Avant Garden, and Hologlam are the different collections available from this brand, which also provides several nail care products as well.


Founded in 1932, this American brand features several collections of products in its nail art section. Expressionist, Moon Candy, and Neon are a few of the collections. Aside from nail products, the company also has skincare, personal care, and fragrance products as well.

Rimmel London

Part of the Coty Corporation, this British brand was founded in 1834. Its products are predominantly available across Europe, North America, Australia, and parts of Asia. Its make-up products cover face, eyes, and lips aside from nails.


Founded in 1915, this American brand is currently part of the French L’Oréal group. It has collections like the Metallic and Denim in its nail polish product line-up. The brand also offers make-up products for eyes, face, and lips as well.

CND – Creative Nail Design

This brand of cosmetics was founded in 1979. It is now part of the Colomer Group. The company offers different shades of color and effects in its nail polishes. Nail treatment and care products are also available from this brand.

Butter London

This British company was founded in 2005. It offers both seasonal and handpicked collections of nail polishes. It has treatment products like nail care and cuticle care products as well. Gifts and packs are also available as well.

WNW Beauty

This is an American brand that specializes in make-up products for nails, eyes, face, and lips. The company claims to offer features like chip-resistance in its nail polishes that last for 5 days. The brand also has several accessories as well.

Barry M Cosmetics

This British brand claims to offer more than 400 cosmetic products. Neon and glitter are a few of the different paint types offered in the nail polishes, while effects like croc, magnetic, and instant are some of the nail effects provided.


Founded in 1988, this American company specializes in offering non-liquid nail polishes. The nail polish strips come in different shades and patterns. Accessories like nail polish remover and nail buffer are also present.

Orly Beauty

This cosmetic brand has its presence in more than 60 countries around the world, while it was founded in 1975. Fired Up, Electronica, Dark Shadows, and Cool Romance are some of the different collections of nail polishes available.


Specializing in offering gel nail polish, this brand claims to have presence in 90 countries around the world. Artificial nails, nail dresses, nail arts, and acrylic kits are some of the different products under the nail care section of this company.

Jessica Cosmetics

This nail care brand was established in 1969, and it is now sold in 28 countries worldwide according to the company. The brand offers the ability to choose custom colors. Nail primer, soak-off sealer, nail cleanser, and nail bond are some of the other products.

Sinful Colors

Started in 1991, this American brand claims to offer 20 new collections of cosmetic products each year. Kiss & Tell, Sinfully Magnetic Snakeskin, and Haute Rebel are some of the different collections of nail products available.

Cosmetic Group

Specializing in different cosmetics, this American company claims to sell its products in 95 countries across the world. It was founded in 1979. Aside from nail colors, this company also offers nail art products and essentials as well.


Started in 2000, this company claims to offer products without chemicals like formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene. Aside from gel-based nail polishes, this company offers nail art, skin essentials, nail lacquers, and cosmetic cases as well.

IBD Beauty

Founded more than four decades, this company offers products like clear gel, clear builder gel, polish cleanser, and polish remover in its product line-up. Acrylics, lamps, and accessories are also present.

Bari Cosmetics – PureICE

This is an American company that offers cosmetic products for lip, eye, nail, face, and body care. Bon Bons, Love My, and Pure Ice are the different brands of products available under this brand.

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