12 Top News Sites in New Zealand

News sites are extremely popular in parts across the world. Hence, it is not surprising to know that New Zealand does not lag behind a lot in this aspect. There are various sites dedicated to providing news, while other aspects like entertainment news are also offered.

This is a list of the top news sites in NZ according to their popularity.



This site from NZ daily “The Dominion Post” offers national news concerning various aspects like politics, sport, crime, science, and entertainment. There is also international news available as well. News is not only covered through written articles, but also through videos and photos as well. The site regularly provides various quizzes, blog opinions, and business news. The latest deals on aspects like accommodation, jobs, and property is present.

New Zealand Herald


This new site focuses on aspects like crime, employment, environment, education, and weather in the local news section, while international news is also given importance by covering the latest happenings across the globe by the continents. Business news is covered through aspects like economy, markets, and property. Opinions are available from popular columnists, while the site also publishes the reader’s views.



Aside from offering news on aspects like national, sport, business, entertainment, lifestyle, politics, technology, and travel, this site also provides access to news offered in the form of videos. Access to several news shows like Fair Go and 20/20 are provided along with an extensive TV guide. Comprehensive information about the local and national weather is provided along with access to TV shows on demand.


Regional news is a specialty of this site, while it also provides the news in areas like health, transportation, crime, and defense. The video section on the site features a number of videos classified according to their sections like sport, local, and international news.

Geek Zone

The latest news about all the happenings in the world of technology is the specialty of this site. Reviews of the latest products like mobile phones and cameras are carried out along with a comprehensive video section.


Aside from offering news on various aspects like local, international, crime, and health, this site also has several other features like horoscope predictions, financial news, and shopping details. Lottery results are also present along with an extensive photo gallery.

Otago Daily Times

Aside from offering regional news on aspects like politics, entertainment, and weather, this site also offers news from across the country – from Australia and around the world. Editorials, blogs, comments, and polls are also present on this site.

The National Business Review

Offering business news and analysis is the specialty of this site. The market information is covered in great depth through sections like foreign exchange, global indices, and commodities. Aspects like property, technology, and finance are also covered as well.


This site offers news on various aspects like crime, politics, entertainment, sports, and business. The news found on this site is aggregated from a variety of sources across the Internet. There is also an extensive collection of archives as well.

Radio New Zealand

This official site of Radio New Zealand offers content by the genre like science, society, music, current affairs, and recipes. Several ways of listening to the content is also offered through aspects like podcasts. The ability to listen to the live programs is also offered.

News Talk ZB

Aside from offering weather and traffic updates, this site also has news related to sports, business, and entertainment. There is also an extensive amount of content available on demand like video and audio through the likes of FM.


Featuring opinion polls, weather information, and photo galleries, this is a comprehensive new site that covers aspects like the local and international news in detail. Blogs and opinions on various aspects like sport and entertainment are also present.

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