19 Popular Online English Dictionaries

Language is no longer a barrier. If there’s anything you wish to look up, it is only a matter of few seconds and there you have it! When it comes to the English language – spellings, words, synonyms and meanings – be it any query, it can be answered through online dictionaries. You can also check our article about top language translators.

Here are some of the best online English dictionaries:

1. Reference.com

Reference.com also known as Dictionary.com is one leading websites when it comes to reference material and educational content. The site has sections for thesaurus, dictionary, reference, quotes, translation, etc. It ranks as one of the most popular websites for English dictionaries. Dictionary.com redirects to this dictionary section on the site.

2. WordReference.com

Word Reference is an online language dictionary offers meaning of various words, nouns and more. It also offer translations. In other words, it aids in comprehension of terms across different languages. It can look for terms across a combination of languages.

3. The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary is popular because of great content and simple explanations and word meanings. The site offers dictionaries for English, Medical, Financial and Legal terminologies. It has an effective search which can even look up search engines like Google and Bing and websites like WikiPedia.org.

4. Netlingo

Netlingo is a directory for online jargon, marketing terms as well acronyms. The dictionary is ideal for Internet novice users and those who’re not so well internet educated. It allows users to browse terms alphabetically as well categorically.

5. Synonyms.com

Find synonyms or similar terms for any word you want. The dictionary is one of its kind and ideal for new English learners who wants to improve their vocabulary or enhance their existing word power.

6. Dict.Leo.Org

The site has an active forum and discussion point along with an effect search for English words and their meanings. The site also offers translation and related services.

7. Wiktionary

Wiktionary is a collaborative dictionary edited by volunteers (Wiktionarians). Although it is available in 158 languages currently and sister project of Wikimedia foundation. It is online since 12th December 2002 and English Wiktionary has more than 3 million entries.

8. UrbanDictionary

A dictionary edited and maintained by hundreds of volunteers and have millions of words and phrases. The site is online since 1999. It also has sections like Thesaurus and Names with definitions. Site has mobile friendly version as well. UrbanDictionary is also available in Print edition as a Paperback book too.

8. Merriam Webster

Merriam – Webster is a Britannica website that offers authentic information nd translations. Along with medical and English dictionaries, the parent company being and encyclopedia company also links to its encyclopedia allowing the user to perform such a relevant search.

9. Bab.La

Bab.la is a wiki style dictionary online since 2007. It is a multilingual directory where users can search words and get translation in local language. Currently offered in more than 20 languages. Due to their wiki style, users can easily contribute content. It also offers other sections such as forums, language quizzes and Vocabulary lessons.

10. Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge.org has a separate section for dictionaries. The site offers bilingual dictionaries and language learning aids. They also offer aid for grammar and other useful tools. The site uses the information published in the dictionaries by Cambridge University Press and performs an extensive search from the same.

11. YourDictionary.com

Your dictionary is more like a word search engine. The look and feel allows you to search for the words you seek meanings for. It has a search tab on the home page along with other useful articles, tool kits, and information on the site.

12. Oxford Dictionaries

As the tag line goes, and the company enjoys its status as a leader in production of dictionaries, the Oxford Dictionaries site offers a great deal of valuable content. The audio pronunciations are available along with tips, puzzles, new inclusions, etc.

13. Macmillan Dictionary

The Macmillan Dictionary has an interesting dynamic site with various resource sections made available to the user. From pronunciations to suggested new words to learn gadgets, the site offers a great deal of vocabulary related information.

14. One Look Dictionary

One Look Dictionary is totally uncluttered and easy to use. It offers definitions, translations and can also look through other online dictionaries to find the answer to your query.

15. Webopedia

Webopedia is a online dictionary for computer related and technical words and Part of The IT Business Edge Network. Well categorised sections like networks, mobile, hardware, software, open source, programming and many other categories. The dictionary is edited and maintained by full time expert editors.

16. Forvo.com

Forvo is not basically a dictionary but it is a pronunciation guide where all words are pronounced by native speakers. It is also available in many other languages. User can submit request to pronounce a word and other users and reply to same.

17. Vocabulary.com

The site currently have more than 40,000 vocabulary related questions to help users to improve their word power. Users can sign up to save their questions and answers and build lists online. Dictionary section of website provide detailed definition of any word, term or noun along with “word family”, “synonyms” and “examples”.

18. Definitions.Net

Provides definitions and translations for various English terms and words. arranged in various categories. Part of STANDS4 website’s network including Abbreviations.com, convert.net and USZip.com – which is a dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations. Users can register and add new entry.

19. CollinsDictionary.com

A Glasgow UK based publishing company “HarperCollins” offers print edition of their dictionary since 1979. The online version collinsdictionary.com offers same directory with one click search option. The online version also offers other tools like language translator and thesaurus.

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