Top 11 Online Fax Services

Online fax services have made sharing and receiving of documents a very easy process! In this day and age, it is very important to be punctual when it comes to delivering important documents – be it official, professional of for your college degree. Here are the top 10 sites that offer the services:

1. RingCentral Fax

RingCentral offers the best deals for low office costs and logistic expenses and an array of services. They have different packages and you can pick the one you prefer. Pricing is reasonable with paying $7.99 for 500 free faxes per month, $19.99 for 1000 and $49.99 for 2500 free faxes per month. The additional features include a fax number and other features like receiving faxes on your e-mail id.
RingCental is a leader on the domain and provides high quality services.

2. eFax

eFax is one of the most popular sites for sending faxes online the users of the website have the advantage to avail the facility form over 49 countries and you can pick up your numbers across 4300 cities. They also offer a 30 day free trial to those keen to strike a deal. eFax has a host of satisfied customers.

3. MyFax

My Fax offers free trials and reasonable deals. The integration is easy into Microsoft or outlook so that you can easily send or receive your faxes. They allow the user to pay in advance for the whole year or pay on a monthly basis with a 30 day free trial. The pricing starts at $10 per month to send 100 and receive 200 faxes.

4. FaxZero

FaxZero is advantageous when you don’t have too many documents to send or receive. They allow up to 2 faxes to be sent or received in the day. Your email id and details are recorded for communication about the status of the files.

5. Nextivafax

The website Nextiva fax promises to deliver all your faxes to the right destinations. Their strength lies in great deals and prices starting at $4.95 per month for sending your documents by fax. They offer free trials, like other sites, and also have the facility for you to send and receive your documents wherever you wish to.

The site prominently displays prices of competitors for comparison.

6. TrustFax

TrustFax has the file tracker system which stores files. Your files are sent as and when you enter the details. The files are sent and you remain updated about your sent items and their delivery status. The best part about turst fax is that they offer customer service the entire day.

7. GotFreeFax

Got Free Fax is easy to use and user friendly and most importantly, allows free faxes to be sent and received. The faxes can have up to 3 pages and 2 per day are allowed. On the premium features, with the pay per fax deals, your faxes can be up to 30 pages long and they are delivered on priority. Quite a good deal for saving on your money!

8. Metro Fax

Metro Fax offers an array of services when it comes to faxing. They have the integrated faxing service for Microsoft programs, the mobile faxing service, the e-mail faxing as well as online faxing. By entering a few details, you can also avail your fax number. Their plans start at nominal charges of $7.95/month.

9. Rapid Fax

Rapid Fax is popular because of its free set up and trials. They offer up to 300 free inbound and outbound faxes along with assurance of less waiting time. They also allow credit card payments which makes it much easier.

10. HelloFax

Hello Fax has the interesting Google Drive feature which works for this online faxing website. Currently, they are promoting the collaboration and offering up to 50 free faxes a day and no limits on the e-signatures that one can use. The services are of quality and work on time.

11 PopFax

Popfax also offers free FAX service. You can get a local fax number which supports 500 cities in 20 countries. They also offers fax tools like fax drivers, OCR in all received faxes, cover page creation, mobile faxing etc. Pricing starts from 4.99 USD/month.

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