Top 30 Online Gaming Websites

Online gaming has become a very important industry with more and more people turning to the internet for their entertainment. Online games have been known to cheer up moods and energize individuals too. However, the core focus of ‘playing’ is always fun and hence, it’s a good idea to track the top fun websites! Here are few very popular websites for online gaming:


The site has various ranges of games from puzzles, to action and word games. They also offer mobile games and downloads in addition to online games available. Pogo is surprisingly popular amongst elders and children alike. The site has a huge database of registered users and regular visits.

2. BigFish

Big Fish has a diverse range of products. They cater to game requirements in various categories: PC games, Mac Games, Online Games, iPhone / iPad games along with the online games. You can browse through the genres and make purchases starting at $9.99 – which can go down to $2.99 based on coupons and codes available.


Games have videos, online games and separate categories of free games. Their downloads include Mac and PC games too. They also have their toolbar which can be easily installed on any system or web explorer. The toolbar is easily downloadable with advance gaming features and options.

4. Y8

Offers many online games including 3d games, mini flash games and games of variety of categories. They add new games regularly. They also offer options to download many games. The website is online since 2006.

5. MiniClip

The site claims to have 65 million players worldwide using their site to play games. They develop and publish games in over 750 different games on variety of platform. The company is privately owned by two guys in business since 2001.

6. Zynga

Zynga has 240 million monthly active user. They are leading provider of social games. Some of the most popular games from Zynga includes Farmville, Hidden Chronicles, Citiville, CastleVille and more. They also provide games for other platforms including mobile games.

7. Friv

Friv is another leading gaming site and claim to have more than 700 online games to play. Famous for addictive, highly frivolous and colorful games. The site is more popular in teen and kids. Friv don’t require registration with their website to play games.

8. KonGreGate

They offer games in variety of categories such as action, multiplayers, shooter, puzzle, MMO, defends and many more. Kongregate is a part of Gamestop network. Users can also upload their games on kongregate.

9. GirlsGoGames

All about girly games. Popular games includes kissing games, horse games, restaurant games, hairdress games and drawing games. Part of spilgames, which offers gaming sites since 2004. There are more than 180 million visitors using their network.


Offers games in 4 categories. Dressup, action, cure and racing. Add supported free game site and don’t require registration to play games, however you can sign up to save your game playing history. There are hundreds of games available on this site.


Online since 2003. They offer skill gaming site and currently have more than 150 addictive skill games from categories such as word games, puzzle games, action games, card games, strategy games and sport games. They also offer mobile games and social gaming solutions.

12. PBSKids

Educational games for kids from PBS (Public broadcasting service) group. They offer games on many topics such as reading games, dress up games, number games, counting games literacy games, measurement games health games and many more. All are aimed to

13. Addicting Games

Addicting Games has more than 10 million users/visitors per month according to a report from comScore. They also offer muliplayer and mobiles games. They offer online games with variety of categories such as shooting, car games, strategy games, sport games, puzzle games, funny games and many other. Users can also contribute their own games to Addicting Games.

14. iBibo

An Indian gaming site offers variety of games for single player and multi platers, Game category includes Cricket Games, Car and bike Games, Flash and funny Games, Racing games, Puzzle Games, Action games and few others. Part of iBiboGroup which offers many other eCommerce and travel services as well.

15. AGame

Besides Racing and Action games, A game has a great set of social and skill games. One can also browse through adventure and multiplayer games on the free online game network. Multiplayer games are popular on the site with group visits and log ins. One can have team events and even play wit strangers.

16. ArmorGames

Armour games are known for the arcade and shooting type games available. The site is good for puzzles, skills and action games as well. Pre-teens, teenagers and generally boys are the target audience. The site has regular traffic and the online games are the most popular bid of the site.

17. Games Games

The site is free and focuses on online games. The site is popular for social games section. The social games allow the user to use interpersonal skills, connect with strangers and enjoy playing over a stretch of time. The site is good to form game networks.

18. Big Point

Big Point is focused on choices. One can be involved with action games as well as strategic, sports of casual games. There are games for people of varied interests and personalities. What is interesting to note is that – Gamers can join the community and experience professional growth! This means one can enjoy as well as contribute on the site.

19. Shockwave

ShockWave focuses on quality and offers games that can be bought as well as tried for the “fun factor”. They display the most popular games and offer a wide range for downloads. One can ear token points on the site for benefits.

20. Yahoo Games

Multiplayer games and downloads are available. The site has an interesting collection of free games too. The games also include skill games for development. Yahoo being one of the most prominent networks online has its user base and importance. The website has its regular flow of users and is seen to be innovating its content.


With more than 5.6 million members, is leading online game site and probably #1 check games site in the world. Offers chess tutorials, multiplayer check, play with computer, tournaments and chess tactics. Founded in May 2007.

22. PopCap

Leading game developer and provides easy to learn, fun and simple games. They are developer of some popular and award winnig games like Zuma®, Peggle, Bejeweled® and Plants vs. Zombies™. They also offers games on mobiles and social media sites like facebook. They are in business since 2000.

23. MSN Zone

Msn Games are free as well as available for PC downloads. One can subscribe as well as play the cash games. The monetary value is displayed on the screen and one can enjoy the virtual collection of “rich” games for an ideal weekend afternoon!

24. Nick Games

Nickelodean has their fan following with kids. They are popular also as a gaming site offering videos, downloads and online games. The site offers a great deal of original content as it is popular for its own characters, themes and products. The faming site takes all other Nick attributes one step further!

25. Gamenode

On Game node, you don’t just play – you can also contribute games as well as pickup games for your website. The site has a great community network and allows you to sign up for updates. The core popularity lies in its flexibility where the user can easily download and use. The option to contribute allows users to be more engaged and committed.

26. MuchGames

Much games introduce the user to featured games and the “hot games”. The chain of popular games continues with more people joining into the current sections. The numbers are displayed which indicates that hey encourage community playing. Further, the site is popular for action centric and sports games.

27. BGames

B Games are organized and focused. Along with conventionally popular action and causal games they have a great collection for downloads. Downloads mainly have the action and arcade games as per the theme of the site, however, the popularity is immense. Easy usability and current trends reflected in the games make the site prominent on the radar.

28. CandyStand

CandyStand allows the user to play and win. They offer a great range of prizes for playing and engaging on the site. Sports and racing games are popular. Plus the prospect of winning is definitely luring! The community is dynamic and the offers and promotional activity are carried out on a regular basis, increasing the fan base.

29. RoundGames

From simulation to animation to action, roundGames has a good collection separated in various categories. You can play online without registrations, for free. One of the distinct features is the “simulation” games that site offers. The simulation games are engaging and innovative, allowing the user to be creative as well.

30. OnlineGames

Online Games has a range of games displayed in their grid of collection and scattered over wide range of types. From the word “go” the site is highly active and dynamic! The site is reasonably popular and easy to use which helps it reign on the networks and interests of users.

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