9 Popular Online Map Sites

Online maps site are very integral nowadays because they take search to an all new level. You can be in one country seeking directions for some place in some other country to help your friend over the phone! Anything is possible with technology. Some map sites can help you to find businesses as well as locations. The intricate details further enhance the information making online – maps the best solution to any of you location ‘searches’ in the real world. Here are some of the top sites:

1. Google Maps

Google, the leader in search, is also a leader when it comes to offering detailed maps and location. They offer the ‘street view’, 3D photographic and satellite view (with historical data) and direction from one place to another. Integrated with separate map application as well as web browser based version. It also offers plenty of other services including location finding, Google Ride Finder and Google Transit. Google maps is also available for most smartphone applications due to popularity of its services.

2. Bing Maps

Along with the option to close in on areas that you are searching for, the Bing Maps section gives you the option to look at the ‘road view’ and the ‘aerial view’ so that you can get the relevant information and the kind of description that you’d prefer.

3. Nokia Maps

Earlier known as OVI Maps. Although it is made for Nokia handset users, it also provide web based version of map with plenty of features including direction, satellite map view, terrain view, explore place options and steeet level maps etc. The mapping service is currently available for 180 countries.

4. TomTom.com

Tomtom is simple and easy to use. They have the ‘route planner’ feature that allows you to pick the route you want to travel by. They also have the ‘live traffic meters’ – which makes for a very interesting attribute since it provides the user with live updates with the scene on the roads.

5. MapQuest.com

Mapquest is again an interesting site based on what it has to offer. It is simple to use. Along with the maps, it also offers the opportunity to discover other related information. For instance: National parks that you might like to visit in the zone, local services, places where you can dine, bars and restaurants, places to stay – lodging, and also shopping options. For those traveling or moving to new cities, mapquest could be a good way to deal with the quest!

6. Randmcnally.com

A leader when it comes to mapping technology. They offer addition GPS information along with RV routing. You can get directions to the place you want to go to as well as look at the straight map. They also offer various related products.

7. WikiMapia

Wikimapia is using Google maps API. It is an interactive mapping system (Collaborative mapping) aimed to mark all geographical places by community. Everyone can edit wikimapia. Users of Wikimapia can outline and add place and even add descriptions. Wikimapia is used by 1.5 million users.

8. OpenStreetMap.org

Openstreetmap takes a very detailed approach towards online map and mapping technology. From help centers to communities to details of locations – everything is offered on the left side of the detailed map. another collaborative mapping service with changelog.

9. WorldAtlas

Although not a map site. It offers city level printable atlas along with fast facts about particular region/city. Top places to visit, land statistics, weather and travel information links.

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