26 Popular Online Tickets Websites

Gone are the days when people had to wait in long queues in order to get admission into the popular concerts and other events in the locality. Nowadays, tickets can be booked online and there are a variety of booking sites that allow users exactly to do it.

This is a list of the top ticket booking sites online.

Important: Below listed websites offer online tickets for various events, concerts or shows only. They don’t allow air tickets or hotel booking services. You can check list of hotel booking websites we published earlier.


Launched in 1995, Ticketmaster is an online portal that allows users to search for events in categories like music, theatre, arts, sports, and family. It also facilitates users to buy tickets through the portal. The site regularly features ticket deals to the popular events. Ticketmaster also teams up with third party ticket providers to offer the best deals to an event. Also available in many other countries including Australia, UK and Canada.


Eventbrite is an online destination for booking tickets to every form of event being held in a locality. The events range from music concerts to sporting events. The site also allows event organisers to sell tickets through its portal. The mobile app also lets the sellers to promote and manage the event at the touch of a button. Also available with many other regional websites including Canada, UK Germany, Australia, NZ, Singapore, France and Italy.


StubHub mainly provides access to sporting and theatrical events along with concerts. Information about the upcoming events is provided on the site along with the tickets to each. There are also event packages and rewards for fans, while the event organizers can also sell their tickets on this portal. The site was started in 2000 and it is an eBay company.


MovieTickets offers its users the ability to know about the latest movie releases, view the show times, and book tickets. It also has news, videos, and pictures of celebrities. Exclusive interviews with celebrities are also provided on this site.

Live Nation

This site combines tickets and events from major leaders like Ticketmaster.com. It claims to produce more than 20,000 shows for various artists globally. The site offers information about the venues and offers various merchandise collection through its store.


This is an Indian ticketing website that specialises in offering tickets to movies, events, and sports. The site offers the ability to book movie tickets in major cities across India. There are also plenty of gift cards, merchandise, and discount vouchers also available.


This site covers a variety of events across the United States and it offers tickets to its members on a discounted basis coming straight from the supplier. Tickets from more than 4000 suppliers help the community with discounted tickets for comedy, theatre, sporting, and concert events.


Online since 2007, TicketNetwork provides access to sports, concerts, and theatrical events through tickets that are available from a variety of sources. TicketNetwork accepts tickets that are sold from fans, third-party sellers or even the organisers themselves.


This site is the source of tickets for various events and concerts. Tickets to sports, musical, and theatre events are available on this site. The site has been existing in its current form since 2001, while it has been run by MLB Advanced Media since 2005.


This is an online marketplace for tickets to a variety of events across categories like sporting, musical, concerts, and theatre. Tickets can be searched on the basis of city or venue, while there are monthly recommendations for the top events.


This is the online market place for users to get concert, sporting, and theatre tickets for various events across the United States. Alerts about the currently popular events and discount codes on the tickets are further provided on this site.


This site primarily specialises in offering tickets and other details for the events being held in South Africa. It is possible to sort the events based on the region, type of event, or the time of the event. Music, lifestyle, festivals, and sport are some of the popular events for which tickets are offered.

Cinema Online Malaysia

This site specialises in providing tickets to movies. It also offers other content like news, galleries, trailers, contests, and information about events. A discussion board and a special features section are also offered along with news about the upcoming releases.

See Tickets

This is a European ticketing site that offers tickets to music, theatre, arts, festival, comedy, and sporting events across major cities in Europe. It also provides the latest deals on hotels and flights, while also concentrating on deals on the tickets as well.


Ticketek specialises in offering tickets to events in Australia. Sports, theatre, comedy, family, exhibitions, and concerts are some of the categories of event tickets being offered on this site. The site claims to process more than 18 million tickets per year. They also offer ticket booking in New Zealand and Argentina.


Broadway is the online portal that offers tickets for all Broadway shows. There are also tickets available for the off-Broadway and London West End shows as well. Group tickets and last minute deals are some of the exclusive features for Broadway.com users.


Started in 2006, this is an online ticketing company that specialises in offering tickets for live events across the United Kingdom and in many other regions in Europe. It offers concert, sports, arts, and theatre tickets along with a special VIP service.


This primarily provides tickets to sporting events, with focus especially on all the major North American sports like NBA, NFL, and MLB. Tickets for concerts and theatre performances are also provided. The site claims to offer the best seats for the buyers.


This is a completely free search engine that allows users to only search for tickets for events across the world. There is also a special tool to know the best deals and bargains for event tickets. An interactive map is provided to know each seating position.

Brown Paper Tickets

This site allows users to search for events based on criteria like artist, city, or venue. It also accepts tickets from the organizers themselves. Free printing and shipping of tickets is provided to the users, while updates on the upcoming events are also given.


TicketWeb primarily provides tickets to events in North America and the United Kingdom. It allows event promoters to offer a full range of tickets on this site. It has also partnership with Ticketmaster.com through an integration that allows users to purchase tickets.


Started in 2000, this site offers tickets for a variety of events like music, sports, festivals, arts, and theatre. Tickets are also available for special events, while events can be searched on the basis of venue or artist.


TicketLeap was started in 2003 and has presence in numerous regions across the world including the United States. The site helps to market and sell tickets, while providing a powerful platform for event organisers to analyse the success of their events.

ATG Tickets

This site provides access to tickets for various events like comedy, musicals, exhibitions, and concerts. It also provides users with a theatre card that helps save money, while it also comes with various gift vouchers and magazine subscription options.


This is an online ticket marketplace that functions by exchanging tickets between buyers and sellers. It operates in major countries across Europe and the United States providing tickets for concerts, sports, theatre, and festivals. Tickets can also be sold on this site.

Eventim UK

Eventim excels in providing tickets for events like concerts, sports activities, family shows, theatres, and music festivals. It is mainly concerned with UK events, while international events are also featured. There is an editor’s pick section highlighting the best events of the week. They also offers online ticket service in Germany.

These are the top ticket booking websites online which provide easy access to your favourite event.

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