20 Top Pen Brands

Ballpoint, fountain, and marker are some of the different types of a pen – a device that has been in use for several centuries now. Despite the arrival of several input methods like computers, pens continue to have an importance in human lives.

This is a list of the top pen brands according to their popularity.

Parker Pen


Founded in 1888, this American company specializes in offering premium and luxury pens. It has been part of the Newell Rubbermaid since 2000. Fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball are some of the different types of pens available from this brand. Duofold, sonnet, and premier are some of the different collections of pens, while accessories like inks and cartridges are also present.


This is a German company that was founded in 1906. It is now owned by the Richemont group. Boheme, starwalker, meisterstuck, and diva line are some of the different collections of luxury pens available from this brand. This brand also has a line-up of watches, jewelry, fragrances, and eyewear. The company also occasionally offers limited edition models of its products.


Present in the United States and Europe, this American brand offers stationary items and sunglasses aside from its line-up of pens. This public limited company offers different types of pen like fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint. Pencils are also manufactured by this company. ATX, Century II, and Classic Century are some of the different types of collections available.


Founded in 1945, this French company offers different types like gel, fountain, rollers, and ballpoint pens. Aside from pens, this company also has other stationary products like markers, color, and correction pens as well. Lighters and shavers are the other product categories.


Established in 1946, this Japanese company offers pens, highlighters, markers, and other stationary products. Pens employing different technologies like ballpoint, rollergel, and liquid gel are available. Refills for its products are also available.


Fountain, ballpoint, multi-system, and roller pens are some of the different pens available from this brand, while pencils of the propelling type are also present. The company was founded in 1930, and it is based in Germany.


This German brand was founded in 1832, and it is currently based in Switzerland. The company specializes in offering fountain pens. Aside from its limited edition models, the company offers collections like premium and elegance under its writing instrument category.


Founded in 1872, this company has different types of themes like ballpoint, fountain, and roller in its catalogue of products that also includes pencils as well. Lighters, leather goods, cigar accessories, and fragrances form the other types of products available.


This is an American brand that specializes in offering luxury pens. It was established in 1912, and it is part of the BIC group. Fountain and ballpoint are the major types of pens available from this brand.


Specializing in luxury writing instruments like pens, this Swiss company was established in 1924. Perles, Hexagonal, Varius, and Madison are some of the different collections of pens from this brand, while accessories like leather goods and lighters are also present.


Offering writing instruments like pens and pencils is the specialty of this German company, which was founded in 1835. Fine liners, rollerballs, ballpoint, and digital type of pens are offered by this company, while accessories for these products like refillable ink are also present.


Invented in 1965 by the Fisher Space Pen Company, this pen is claimed to work even in zero gravity conditions. This pen also comes in different combinations and engravings.


This American manufacturer of writing instruments like pens was founded in 1982. It is part of the Japanese company Zebra Co. Ltd. Ballpoint, gel, and emulsion are the different types of pens from this brand, while it also has pencils and lighters as well.


Established in 1918, this Japanese brand has its presence in all the continents across the globe. It manufactures different types of pens like fountain, ballpoint, gel, and roller. Markers, pencils, and accessories are the other products from this company.


A division of the Mitsubishi Pencil Company, this Japanese brand was founded in 1887. It has its presence in more than 100 countries around the world. Jetstream, gel, and roller are some of the different types of pens manufactured.


This is an Italian brand that was founded in 1988. Fountain, ball, and rollerball are some of the different categories of pens available from this brand. Alchemy and Divina are some of the different collections of pens offered.


The pens offered by this Japanese brand manufactured by the Pilot pen company. Yukari Royale, Yukari Royale Urushi, and Nippon Art are some of the different collections available. The brand also has limited edition models and accessories like inks as well.


This Japanese pen company claims to be more than 100 years old. Chalana, 1911, Maki-e, and Precious Wood are some of the different collections of pens offered by this brand. The pens of this brand are manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan.


This American brand manufactured pens from 1852 to 1972. Dip and fountain pens were the primary products of this brand. Safari, Deluxe, and J Series are a few of the different collections of pens produced by this brand.


This Italian brand of pens and other writing instruments was founded in 1919. The company manufactures its products in Turin, Italy. Aside from writing instruments, the company also has leather and paper goods in its product line-up.

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