26 Popular Pets Websites

Pets are the animals that are kept for the enjoyment or companionship of a person. There are numerous sites in the world that offer a range of information about pets beginning with finding the right pet to taking care of them.

Here are some of the top pet sites in the world.


Petfinder is primarily concerned with helping users find pets for adoption. The site claims to have a database of more than 350,000 pets available for adoption. Information about various animal shelters is provided along with a learning centre for pet owners. Various news and multimedia files concerning pets are available along with a discussion board. An event calendar lists all the local events.


PetSmart provides access to suppliers having pet accessories and products. The products are available for a variety of pets like dog, cat, fish, reptile, bird, and small pets. Gifts and e-gift certificates are available along with pet grooming tips and instructions on training dogs. The site also offers products and accessories at a discounted price during festive periods.


This site provides a variety of accessories and products like clothes, toys, grooming tools, bowls, ID tags, tanks, aquariums, cages, and lighting for a variety of animals like dogs, cats, reptiles, and birds. It regularly puts up discounted products in a special section. Various pet related information like adoption tips are available in an extensive library of articles.

Dr. Foster Smith

This site mainly offers pet supplies and accessories. It was started in 1997, and it has products that help owners maintain aspects like the health, nutrition, and grooming of their pets. It also has a dedicated pet pharmacy offering pharmaceutical items for various pets.


A collection of experts provides their instructions and tips to take care of pets on this site. It also has the latest news, photos, and videos about each pet. Nutrition, lifestyle, grooming, training, and adoption are some of the topics discussed for each type of pet.

WebMD Pets

A leading health website WebMD’s pets section is primarily concerned with the health of pets like dogs and cats. It has information about the diet, nutrition, training, caring techniques, and the common conditions that affect them. The site was started in 2005.


Adopt-a-Pet.com is an online pet adoption centre that primarily focuses on connecting adopter with their pets. Users can adopt a pet either by searching on basis of the type of animal they want or by the animal shelter closest to them.


This is an online pet pharmacy that sells certified drugs for various pets problems like dental, eyes, fleas, tick, and heartworm. The site claims to have had more than 6 million customers until date. It also has educational resources about pets.


PuppyFind lets its users search for a puppy across the United States. The search results can be redefined according to the breed, size, and up keeping difficulty of the puppy. Users can also list their puppy to find a suitable owner.

People Pets

This online edition of the People magazine dedicates a section covering pet news and photos. It also focuses heavily on the pets of celebrities. It regularly organizes contents for pet lovers, while also having a message board to share information with other users.

American Kennel Club

This is the official site of the American Kennel Club. It helps new owners to find their pets and register them, while also assisting existing dog owners with various programs. The site also has information about various breeds across the world.


This site contains a variety of information centred on dogs like magazines, books, galleries, and videos. It provides a dedicated section for dog adoption, while also providing a discussion board for like-minded users to discuss about their pet dogs.


PetMD is a pet site concerned with the health and nutrition of pets. It provides information and accepts questions from the users. It has a collection of diagnosis and treatment methods for pets that have been approved by veterinarians.

Cute Overload

Cute Overload is a blog that provides information about various pets like dogs, squirrels, and cats with attractive high-resolution pictures. It provides a downloadable calendar with high-resolution photos, while also accepting cute images of pets from readers.


This is a site that went online in 2005 and is run by Pet Media Ltd. It provides information on pets available for sale, stud purposes, and adoption. There are also numerous pet advice articles and links to pet insurance available as well.


The popular veterinarians Foster and Smith operate this site. It has a catalog of products ranging from fishes to the plants used in ponds and aquariums. Corals, live rocks, and marine plants are some of the other offerings of LiveAquaria.


This site has a lot of information about the various dog and cat breeds along with the latest pet shows. There are various pictures and videos along with details about the training instructions for pets. An adoption section also helps users find pets available for adoption.

The Daily Puppy

This pet site is mainly concerned with puppies of all varieties. It has a blog featuring puppy news along with its pictures. There are numerous articles, videos, and profile of puppies. There is a special discussion board and gallery.

Pets at Home

This UK-based pet website provides an online store that has various accessories and products for pets like dogs, cats, kittens, fish, birds, and reptiles. The site also has grooming and health advices. It also offers details about the nearest pets available for adoption.


Run by A Say Media Ltd since 2004, Catster offers information exclusively about cats. It provides cat news from around the world including celebrity cats. Numerous training and care articles are provided on the site with photos and videos.

Life With Dogs

Life With Dogs specializes in dogs by providing news, videos, training tutorials, health tips, and a photo gallery. Users can also provide information about their dogs by offering stories, pictures, and videos. Information about dog behavior is also provided.


PetPlace is primarily concerned with the health of pets like dogs and cats. It claims to have more than 10,000 articles that have been approved by veterinarians, and it even provides details about insurance for pets. It claims to receive more than 1 million visitors every month.

Next Day Pets

Founded in 2003, this site offers the ability to find pets from across the United States. It also claims to have more than 40,000 pet products in its catalogue. This primarily specializes in dogs and has numerous pictures and videos of the same.


This site primarily specializes in offering information about the dogs available for adopting in various regions of the United States. It can also be used to find cats and other pets as well. Various pet related products are also available on the shop.

Pedigree Database

This is a site meant for dog enthusiasts and breeders. The site offers classifieds that of information about puppies, dogs, and studs. Various general articles about training and health of the dogs also present alongside detailed information about the breed of dogs.


This exclusive dog site provides information about the various dog breeds. It has a dog-choosing tool that can help find the right dog breed according to the requirements. It has a section where expertise answers are provided to dog related questions.

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