13 Popular Photo Sharing Sites

Photos are a part of our daily life and memories. It’s almost a routine for so many people to go ahead and capture day to day moments and happenings. In such a situation, you might like to use online photo sharing sites. These sites allow you to share images and photographs – making it far easier for friends and family to stay connected. Here are some of the top photo-sharing websites:

1. Flickr

Flickr wins because you don’t just upload pictures; you also share them and make it a social experience. The free account allows 200 photographs and helps you check out the trends. Flickr has its own community and is accessible on the go. It is a Yahoo website that allows log in through Google profile and Facebook.

2. Picasa

A Google product requires Google profile sign-in to view. You can create, upload and edit your albums. Picasa has a downloadable version to all pictures formatting offline. The site is offers 1GB storage for photos, free. The remaining is $2.49 per month with a cap of 25 GB.

3. Instagram

Instagram came into being in 2006 when Engineers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Stanford University Graduates, decided to start a site that could add to “being social”. Instagram allows photo sharing with tag lines and comments.

Their latest inclusion in Facebook and Free Google Play and android app has led them to great popularity. It is recently acquired by facebook.

4. Photobucket

This closely follows Flickr with 50 million users. The site caps the free service with 10 GB bandwidth access per month and 1GB per picture. The paid version of the site has unlimited features. Photobucket offers its service to tiwtter.com, the micro blogging site, for allowing users to upload images.

5. Shutter Fly

Allow free storage of photographs and has no limits, i.e. unlimited storage of photographs. They are offering free prints additionally, for creation of “share” sites that allow free sharing of pictures. The sites are customizable and they assure security.

6. Snap Fish

The site is free for registration and use. It allows unlimited upload of pictures and even provide the printing service. However, the catch is that snap fish charges a small amount to the users when they wish to download high resolution quality of their photographs or high quality pictures. It is still popular with 70 million users.

7. Smugmug

The site is slightly restricted with photo limits at 12MB and 24 MB for its paid subscriptions. They offer three deals: $40, $60, and $150 per year and only free trials. However, for the great services and quality, the site is quite popular.

8. Fotki

They offer free registrations and unlimited uploads. However, the storage is charged at $30 per year. The site is popular for its social feel and services. They also provide photograph prints. Fotki is a communication portal that is thriving on an energetic community.

9. Keep And Share

The website allows you to upload and share pictures. They have album layouts that can be used to upload high resolution pictures. The registration is free. They allow group sharing which is one of the strong reasons of its popularity.

10. PictureTail

Picture Tails allows photos to be edited and uploaded to any of the websites like blogger, wordpress, hi5, mayspace etc. You can share as well as host images, ‘image s hosting’. Their winning point is the slide show option that they offer.

11. Lockerz

Lockerz is totally free and unlimited. The only catch is the cap on image size, which rests at 5 MB.

12. Panoramio

Panoramio is again, free and unlimited when it comes to photo uploading and sharing. They have only one regulation, that your pictures should comply with Google Earth Photo Acceptance Policy

13. Pinterest

Although Pinterest is an awesomely popular website, we feature it towards the end of this list because it is a social networking site more than a conventional photo-sharing website. You can share all kinds of images, posters and pictures to promote your business, brand, event or your personal profile. The invite only site is very young, being launched only in March 2010 and is quickly picking up with competition having 11 million users already.

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