28 Popular Political Websites

Politics is an integral part of the daily life. Following politics can be quite tough due to the different sources of news emerging constantly, but the political sites today have evolved to capture every one of them. They also offer news in other areas like business and entertainment as well. There are also top news websites with political news section within their website.

Here is a list of the top political blogs and websites.

Drudge Report

Drudge Report is a popular political site that provides news from popular sources on the Internet. The site was started in 1998. It mainly provides links to other news sources without actually hosting any major news by itself. The site also has ratings, polls, and other content dedicated to offering the latest information about the political scenario in the United States and in other major regions across the world.


Politico primarily focuses on the politics in the United States. It covers all the major news happening in various states. There are also opinions and blogs from high-ranking columnists. There is also a bookstore available on the site offering all the latest and popular politics books. Videos, photos, and information about the latest political events are also available.



Run by Mercury Radio Arts, TheBlaze is a political site offering conservative news and opinions about politics in the United States. TV and radio shows are regularly featured on the site along with opinions written on the blog by numerous contributors.


Salon comprises of the top political news from around the country, while it also can offer entertainment, sport, and lifestyle news as well. All the major elections are covered comprehensively, while there are opinions from the editors and other columnists.


This site mainly provides independent views on the American politics. It provides all the latest news, inside opinions, debate coverage, and economic situation. There is also focus on the world of politics along with slide shows, jokes, and cartoons.

Real Clear Politics

This is a political news aggregation site that largely focuses on politics in the United States. Special focus is provided to sections like election news, battle for the White House, and battle for the Senate. Various reactions, analysis, and opinions are provided on this site as well. The site has been online since 2000, and it covers other categories like business and sport.


Infowars is a website not limited to covering only political news in detail, but it also offers top stories in areas like science fiction, war, economic crisis, health, constitution, law, and global crisis. The Alex Jones radio show is a special feature on the site.


Started in 1997, WND has been offering a variety of news from around the world with focus especially on politics in the United States. Insightful opinions are provided by the WND editor’s on various topics. Aside from politics, there is also news concerned about money, health, and education.

The Christian Science Monitor

Run by a church, this site offers all the major news from the United States and 10 other international locations. The site offers independent views on the political situation in the United States, while also offering other kind of news like business, science, and culture.

The Weekly Standard

This official site of the Weekly Standard magazine provides users with all the latest news about politics, government, foreign policy, and national security of the United States. There are also several blogs, videos, and links to the magazine on this site.

Daily Kos

This is a blog that presents the political situation in the United States by leaning on the left side. There are various debates regularly conducted on the site, while news about every aspect of the political situation like congress, economy, and elections are also covered.


This site aims to provide news and views about politics in the United States from a conservative viewpoint. The site regularly provides political cartoons and commentary about the major events. There is also an analysis of all the breaking news.

The Hill

This site focuses on the politics in the United States by covering aspects like the Congress and their policies. Coverage of the political campaigns also forms a regular feature on this site. There are several blogs, opinions, videos, and event information provided here.


Started in 2000, this blog offers news, opinions, and editorials about the political situation in the United States along with various other topics like national news and politics. Polls and TV shows are also offered on this site.

National Review

This is the official site of the US magazine, National Review. Its primary content is on the US politics, with focus given to areas like the campaigns from the leaders, key policy changes, and debates. There is also numerous audio and video content related to politics.


Run by Salem Communications, this blog offers views about the US political situation from a conservative standpoint. Media and culture are the two other talking points on this site. The site was started in 2006 by the current senior editor Ed Morrissey.


Established in 2005, this political blog covers all the aspects of the United States politics from the foreign policies to the local economy. Other aspects of United States that is also covered on this blog include health, justice, economy, and security.

Free Republic

This is a forum meant for political discussion largely within the United States. The topics created by the members are moderated. They discuss many aspects like climate change, new policies announced by the government, corruption, and elections.

Democratic Underground

Launched in 2001, this site serves as the community for Democrats from the United States. The highly engaging discussion board is the main feature of the site, while news and other information can also be shared with like-minded people.

PJ Media

Started in 2005, PJ Media represents largely conservative opinions about the politics in the United States. The site provides commentary, reports, and analysis of the major political events in the US. It claims to receive more than 20 million visitors per month.


This blog covers the United States politics by offering news and opinion. Started in 2009, this site provides an extensive collection of videos, while also providing a platform that ranks the influential political people. Media information and news is also present.


Gallup focuses on political news from the United States, while also focusing on other segments like economy, well-being, and world news. Special events like the upcoming elections are covered in detail. Regular polls are also a special feature.


This is a blog featuring the work of numerous writers, who stick by the motto of anti-war, anti-state, and pro-market. The articles largely focus on the latest breaking news and campaigns across the United States. The US elections are thoroughly featured on this site.


This is the online edition of the Reason magazine. Its primary focuses include politics in the United States, the latest policies by the government, culture, war on drugs, civil liberties, and technology. Special sections are provided to offer the content from the TV and magazine divisions.

The New Republic

This is the official site of the US magazine, The New Republic. It provides politics news from the United States, will also present users with news about the economy, environment, energy, metro policy, books, and art. Videos, slideshows, and podcasts are also available.


Run by Eagle Publishing, this weblog was started in 2004. This claims to be a source of conservative news and opinions. A special section is provided to the content from the RedState TV and radio. Business, culture, economy, and government are some of the topics discussed on this site.

Political Wire

This is a weblog started by the former policy adviser to the US government, Taegan D. Goddard. It features the trending news, opinions, and analysis of the latest political events in the United States. The analysis is provided by various writers including Taegan D. Goddard.


Run by the Tampa Bay Times, this site attempts to decipher the truth in every statement given by politicians in the United States. It uses a tool called Truth-O-Meter to rate the truth within each statement after careful analysis. Polls, election promises, and election campaigns are also focused.

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