26 Best Pregnancy Websites

Pregnancy is important, exciting as well as crucial period for a woman. It is equally the happiest moment for dad. The pregnancy period needs lot of care to the pregnant and after birth too caring responsibilities prevail. To help things make easy and available here’s few of the best websites related to pregnancy.

1. BabyCenter

BabyCenter.com (or baby.com) website is made available in multiple languages for different countries across the world such as BabyCenter Canada, BabyCenter UK and many other countries. It offers tips and information on getting pregnant, baby, toddler, breastfeeding, baby names, pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy stages, baby care, baby nutrition, baby shower games, mother-baby horoscopes, and more.

2. About.com Pregnancy

This pregnancy and childbirth section of About.com offers complete and comprehensive information related to pregnancy, baby, various tests and sexual health from expert authors. The article covers wide variety of topics before and after child birth.

3. WebMD

WebMD is a complete health portal and baby part of it covers detailed information on pregnancy, nutrition, fitness, how to choose baby name, pregnancy food facts and more. It also has an online community with discussion board and blog. The website provides top and latest news and top stories from real life too.

4. ParentsConnect.com

This site offers information to parents related to pregnancy such as week-by-week pregnancy details, pregnancy health, fatal development, infertility exams, due date calculator, labor, pregnancy emotions, pregnancy postpartum, childbirth methods, preparing for baby, twins’ pregnancy, leaking breasts and many more related and utility articles.

5. Parents.com

This website covers some important topics related to pregnancy and sexual health. It offers information on pregnancy infections, how much weight is too much, pregnancy and STDs, and the ups and downs of sex. The site also features featured videos related to pregnancy, parents and baby, pregnancy tools, community posts, latest journals and poll. The group, Meredith Corporation, has three related print magazines named Baby, Parents and FamilyFun too for offline readers.

6. iVillage Pregnancy

The pregnancy section of iVillage.com website offers information on getting pregnant, ovulation, signs and symptoms of pregnancy, fertility, baby showers, prenatal testing, morning sickness, pregnancy diet, pregnancy complications, fetal development, preparing for a baby, dad’s role, mom’s health, nursery decorating ideas and many more. It also provides information mom’s tool kit needed during the time of pregnancy.

7. TheBump.com

TheBump.com offers complete information pregnancy, baby and parents. It’s ‘Did You Know’ section answers thousands of related questions. It’s blog offers several good and informative articles and posts related to pregnancy.

8. WhatToExpect.com

WhatToExpect.com website provides complete information on preconception, pregnancy, first year, toddler and many more related topics. It also features A to Z health guides

9. Babble

Pregnancy section of Babble.com website offers complete guide to pregnancy with articles like new mother fears, pregnancy facts, giving birth, conception, and products and gear.

10. Parenting.com

It offers tips and information on everything related to parenting including pregnancy symptoms, baby names, birthday parties, after-school snacks, car seat safety and gear buying guides. The site also publishes print magazine with the same name.

11. JustMommies.com

Just Mommies website offers complete information for new mommies as well as with kids. It features information on pregnancy, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, grade school kids, twins, teens and family life. The message boards and blogs on the site are useful to know more related information from real people.

12. Mothering.com

Mothering.com website is a crisp site offering information of pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding, parenting, health, education, recipes, green living and more. It also has a shopping portal for mothers named Shop Mothering and the website to it is shop.mothering.com.

13. Baby Gaga

Baby Gaga is basically a social networking site for pregnant women. It is interactive with good strength of members. Membership is free and any pregnant mother can join and share information, excitements and feelings.

14. Baby and Bump

Baby and Bump is a pregnancy forum currently with 290000+ members and more than a million threads about pregnancy and related topics. Site is online since 2006 and part of momtastic.com – a leading website for parenting.

15. BabyZone.com

BabyZone.com website is related to pregnancy and baby. It offers information on several aspects of pregnancy and baby. It also includes the buying guides for baby related products such as bottle feeding, strollers, bedding, toys, nursery decor, baby books and baby food.

16. AmericanPregnancy.org

Named as American Pregnancy Association with tag line as “Promoting Pregnancy Wellness,” the website offers education through toll-free helpline number and other means of communication, research work, advocacy and community awareness to enhance reproductive, pregnancy and sexual health.

17. Kidspot.com.au

This pregnancy section of Kidspot.com.au website covers all the aspects of pregnancy from getting pregnant to labor and to baby name finding. It offers information on miscarrying too along with popular pregnancy stories. It features pregnancy tools and glossary for some easy findings about the subject.

18. BabyMed.com

BabyMed.com website covers pregnancy and fertility news and suggests top BabyMed links such as implantation bleeding, early pregnancy symptoms, best pregnancy sex positions, best time to get pregnant, earliest pregnancy signs and more. It also features pregnancy due date calculator where visitors can submit the relevant dates and information and calculate the date.

19. Huggies Australia

It is part of Huggies’s website network and got few regional related sites with uniqueness of their own about parenting and pregnancy. All the country specific sites of Huggies offers complete information about pregnancy, baby and parenting including pregnancy diet, pregnancy and work, maternity leave, baby nursery and baby shower. The site has pregnancy videos and interactive forum too.

20. AskDrSears.com

Ask Dr Sears website covers A to Z topics on pregnancy, childbirth, baby and parenting. It features expert of doctors like Dr Bill, Dr Peter, Dr Bob and Dr Jim to offer tips and advice on pregnancy and baby. The site also covers latest news on the subject from different sources.

21. Bounty.com

Bounty.com website helps parents in giving personal information about the development of their baby, saving money on parenting essentials and more. It also sells baby and pregnancy related products at offer prices. The site has a good community where pregnant parents keep interacting with others.

22. Pregnancy Info

The website offers good and finger tips information on getting pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy health, labor and birth, pregnancy loss, parenting, finding baby names and many more useful topics. It too has a forum for interested parents and pregnant to interact with each other.

23. FitPregnancy.com

Fit Pregnancy website offers complete guide and tips for pregnant women and everything about parenting. It feature pregnancy related tools as well as nutrition and recipes information. The website also has print magazine with the same name.

24. I Am Pregnant

I Am Pregnant website is a site for pregnancy and babies. It offers complete information on the subject such as trying to conceive, map of discomforts while pregnancy, birth defects, due date timeline, baby names and more. It also features interactive forum and regular pregnancy related polls.

25. Birth.com.au

This is a baby and pregnancy related site for Australian pregnant women and parents. Apart from information and tips, the site also gives direct answers to questions asked by people. It has good discussing forum too.

26. Pregnancy.org

The site is crisp and offers good information on topics like getting pregnant, pregnancy, labor and delivery, baby and beyond and baby development.

These are just few out of many pregnancy websites across the Web, but these are so far few of the bests and have regularly given helpful and handy information to pregnant woman, mom and dad across the world for years.

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