Top 29 Press Release Websites

A press release is one of the most effective tools to convey the various messages of business and organizations to its members or new audience. Nowadays, press releases are also handled by websites exclusively dedicated for this purpose. The press release websites primarily offer the news to the PR media agencies, journalists and news search engines, which then help take the news worldwide.

Here are some of the top press release websites online.


This is a press release website that claims to offer access to more than 250,000 subscribers and 35,000 journalists worldwide. There are five different pricing options available for users. The basic press release option costs $89, while the most expensive plan costs $499. It is possible to analyse the reach and effectiveness of the press release through the analysis tools provided.

Associated Press

Associated press founded in 1846 is a largest press release and newsgathering source. More than 1700 newspapers, TVs and online media companies across the globe currently use the news and other material from AP. The company has headquartered in New York with more than 3700 employees.

Note: The company doesn’t offer online press release directory and collect press and news material on its own and using latest technology.


This provides a great press release tool for businesses, while there is a special section dedicated for the journalists to find press releases based on the categories. This site also provides information about how to write a great press release article. This is a completely free site that also has business and product directories along with a job listings page.

PR Newswire

This is the official site of the PR Newswire press release company, and it has been online since 1996. This website allows businesses to distribute the press release articles through a variety of medium including social media. It is possible to engage within the audience through dynamic content. PR Newswire also provides an online kit to manage the press releases with multimedia content.

Free Press Release

This is the free press release site that has been online since 2001. It also offers plans with better features for users prepared to spend. There are four different plans that cost from $ 0 to $ 399. This site accepts press releases from businesses across various industries.


A subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, which is a leading press release distribution company, specializes in full text news, regulatory filling and more. Businesses can submit their press releases by opening an account with BusinessWire. The company offers enterprise level press release distribution with regional targeting options to variety of media including print, TV and online. The company also offers IR Services and SEO Services to their clients.

Online PR Media

Online PR Media provides four different plans for online businesses that require press releases to be distributed across a variety of medium. The basic plan is completely free, while the maximum media visibility plan costs $349. The site also provides guidance articles.


The company offers global press release distribution and few other services including social media monitoring and analytics. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and having offices in London, NY and Asia. The company was founded in 1993, which now distributes press releases through traditional distribution methods.

This site provides information about businesses, services, products, press releases, job listings and general articles. Journalists can also choose to receive a press release by e-mails. The press releases on the site can be sorted on the basis of region and category. Companies can create free as well as paid profiles with them.

1888 Press Release

1888 Press Release provides press release services that cover a wide network including blogs and RSS feeds. The site details six different plans starting from $0 to $ 249 per year. The plans like Ultimate Plus and Ultimate come with improved SEO benefits.

24-7 Press Release

This site provides press release services across a variety of distribution networks like search engines and blogs. There are four different pricing plans starting from $ 49 for the online visibility plan to $ 389 for the mass media visibility plan.


i-Newswire provides a press release service for increasing the online visibility and traffic to a website. The site claims to have partnership with more than 350 organisations. The company offers three different plans ranging from $47/month to $197/month for users.

Express Press Release

This site provides the ability to submit press releases across various categories like accounting, chemicals, financial, industrial, and management. The site claims to reach more than 1 million visitors per month, and it has been online since 2004.

Free Press Index

This site allows users to submit press releases for free. It is possible to get the press releases based on the country of origin or by date. The site also offers premium press release plans ranging from $ 15 for the simple plan to $ 100 for the diamond plan.

Press Release Point

This site provides the ability to distribute press releases to more than 50+ release websites and more than 100 online publications. It is possible to search for press releases via categories like corporate, product, and employee press releases.

PR Urgent

This is a free press release site that also provides press release writing tips, sample releases, and dos and don’ts when it comes to writing a press release. The site claims to have partnership with two news search engines, while access to press release writing services are also provided.

Open PR

Open PR provides a free resource for companies looking to get more online visibility through press releases. The site has been online since 2004 and it claims to have close to 100,000 members using the service. It accepts press release articles from almost every possible category.

PR Inside

This site allows the press release articles to be distributed across the Internet for free. The site also has an entertainment blog along with the news released through this site. They are grouped into categories that cover every aspect from advertising to world news.


This site provides the ability to distribute press releases either to the readers or to the media. The press release package for the readers starts at $ 24.95, while the press release service to the media starts from $ 95 as per the website.

The Open Press

The Open Press is a free press release distribution website that has different pricing plans for various categories like book reviews, news stories, opinion editorials, and special services. The site has a comprehensive search tool for sorting the press release articles based on various criteria.

Click Press

Click Press mainly provides a distribution service for press release articles that aims to reach site reviewers and journalists. This company also provides a paid option that handles unlimited number of press release articles for seven dollars per day.

Free Press Release Centre

This claims to provide press release and news distribution services for small and medium organisations. It consists of sample press releases, press release articles, and SEO within a press release article. This site also has a keyword and business directory.


This is primarily concerned with the press release articles from the e-commerce related field. The site has detailed explanations when it comes to using its services to publish a press release article. It also has a tool to search for the events published on the site.


eReleases is a site that accepts press release article, while it also can be used to hire writers to write the press release articles. The site claims to reach more than 30,000 journalists in the US alone along with various newspapers, TV broadcasts, and radio stations.


EmailWire claims to provide a press release distribution service that reaches more than 85,000 journalists and numerous RSS feeds. It has paid distribution services that cost between $ 99 per release to $ 299 per release.

PR Leap

PRLeap is a press release distribution website that has been online since 2003. It claims to have more than 30,000 customers. This site offers a single plan to cover all aspects of press releases for $ 79, while monthly and prepaid plans are also available.

PR Fire

PR Fire is a UK press release agency that offers services like submitting a press release to distributing a press release. Various tailor-made packages are also available for an extra fee. The site also provides the ability to run quick service, while press release writing services are also provided.

PR Buzz

This site offers premium press release services that cost $ 299 per year for the standard plan that includes unlimited number of press release distribution. The site also offers writing help to its users, while there are numerous SEO advantages included as well.


TransWorldNews not only markets and distributes press release articles, but also analyst reports, newsletters, blogs, and audio interviews. The site claims to cover all the major topics like politics, entertainment, health, finance, and business. The cheapest press release service costs $ 49.95.

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