15 Best Printer Brands

Printers have been one of the popular computer peripherals since their introduction by Charles Babbage in the 19th century. They have grown in stature in recent years to a position where they also offer functions like scanning, copying, and fax as well.

This is a list of the top printer brands as per their popularity.

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This company offers numerous types of printers offering different aspects like printing speed, multi-function, and technology. The company has black & white, color, laser, inkjet, and large format printers in its line-up. Accessories like inks, toners, and paper that are specialized for these printers are also offered by the company. The high-end printers come with Wi-Fi printing capabilities.



This Japanese company offers inkjet and laser printers in a number of sizes. Compact printers offer printing abilities at the touch of a button. There are also products available for small business and corporates. The large format inkjet printers claim to provide speed, power, and quality. The all-in-one line-up of printers provides functions like scanning and copying in addition to printing.



This Japanese company offers printers aside from fax machines and other computer peripherals. It has several all-in-one and multi-function printers along with printers dedicated for specialty purposes like label printing. There are also mobile printing solutions available as well. Laser, LED, and inkjet printers are available in both black & while and color output producing functionalities.


Offering products like printers and other imaging equipment, this is a Japanese company providing printing solutions for personal and commercial use. There are also printers for professional like photographers. Accessories for the printers like inks are also available as well.


Started in 1991, this American company offers printers and other imaging products for individual and business use. It also has a range of printer accessories as well. The high-end printers at this company come with features like Wi-Fi support and touchscreen.


This South Korean company offers four types of printers – color, laser, color multi-function, and multi-function. The company offers a total of 20 products across these four categories. Features like wireless printing and mobile printing are available in some products.


This American manufacturer of printers, digital printing equipment, and digital printing applications offers products for personal and business use. The company provides both color and monochrome printers, while similar differentiation is available in the multi-function printers as well.


Offering 10 different types of all-in-one printers meant for office and personal use, this American company also provides different forms of printing supplies and accessories. Wireless printing, cloud printing, and performance monitoring features are available within the high-end printers.

Dell Printers

The company offers multi-function laser printers offering features like high volume, speed, and professional quality printing. Wireless printing services are also provided as part of the all-in-one inkjet printers. Monochrome laser printers are also available as well.


Printers from this company are made to work in a number of environments like desktops, industrial, and mobile situations. Desktop printers come with ability to handle low to mid-level volumes, while the industrial printers offer RFID encoding options amongst its features.


This Japanese company offers printers and related accessories intended for both industrial and domestic level usage. The company also provides the Print&Share program, which is intended for use in its printers, as well. It has two multi-function printers available in its line-up.


This company has printers across various categories like inkjet, dot matrix, and laser. Both color and monochrome printers are available from this company. There are also several multi-function features like scanning and copying within some of the products.

Konica Minolta

This Japanese company primarily offers inkjet printers meant for industrial production. Inkjet textile printer is a specialized product of this company, while other aspects like inkjet printer heads and accessories are also available along with custom integration solutions.

Sharp USA

The product range of printers and multi-function equipment from this company covers print speed from less than 21 ppm to going all the way to more than 70 ppm. The products also come with a range of finishing options like hole punching and inserter.

Kyocera Document Solutions

Kyocera’s line-up of printing solutions comes with laser printers that can also perform color printing, copiers, and multi-function printers. The color printers are equipped with the ECOSYS technology that improves the final quality, while several finishing technologies are also present.

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