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The manners in which businesses have been conducted in the past have evolved and have become highly sophisticated. Although one may believe that project management tools are something which is usually used by large organisations, there are numerous small and medium organisations that are shifting on to powerful management tools to manage their businesses and projects.

Some of the popular and powerful tools have been discussed below.


The site helps you to manage all your projects from single place irrespective of the number of projects you might be working on. It gives you the option to bring everyone related to the project to a single place and assists in with daily updates on the progress. It provides a free platform too where discussions can be conducted and stored for reference of the people concerned. Paid plans starts from $20/month (10 projects and 3gb data storage)


This tool is referred to as a collaborative task management application. It comes with the ability of enabling individuals as well as teams to plan and manage their tasks and projects in a much easier manner. The features include Workspaces, Personal Projects, Projects, Tags, and much more. It is available for free and further facilitates the way teams collaborate and communicate.


The online software offered at this website is a collaboration tool that helps in organizing projects at a single place. It gives you details of the projects being worked on, people who are working on it, and the status of each project.

Smart Sheet

This collaboration tool comes integrated with Google apps, box, amazon web services, and more. It offers you an enterprise ready cloud app for managing your projects online. The pricing starts at just $15.95 per month with 1 user and 10 sheets.


One can buy from the numerous software available at this site which virtually meets every need for any project management. The tools include project tracking software, collaboration and content sharing software besides several other handy applications.

Zoho Projects

The software available at this site allows you to handle a team, organize your tasks, keep a track of your projects, and analyse your projects. The plans on offer start from just $20 a month for 20 projects and go up to $80 per month for unlimited projects.


Trusted by thousands of companies globally this tool is offers an online work platform to manage work and the people performing them. It comes with the feature of enabling a user to create customized apps for their businesses. It is both available for free or a monthly charge of $8/employee/month.


The free tools offered at this site can help you to avail of the repositories like Subversion and Git to invite your team. The site basically aims at accelerating the process of software development and support distributed agile teams. The integrated tools helps in organizing a team is very secure and reliable to store your confidential projects.


It manages your team for you in an efficient manner while monitoring their activities. You can now collaborate with your partner, share files, track milestones, and do much more using TeamworkPM with plans priced as low as $12 a month for 5 projects with unlimited users.


Giving you the option of working with unlimited collaborators and on unlimited projects the site comes with numerous collaboration tools. Priced between $49 (5 users and unlimited projects!) and $199 per month you may even opt for the free trial before choosing your option.


Full featured task management software which enables you to collaborate effortlessly, update through numerous options which includes virtually every means available. Starting with a free platform for 2 users you may opt for the unlimited user plan for just $20 per month for unlimited users and workplace.


Irrespective of the size of your organization this could be a perfect ticket tracking system that comes with custom states, great tagging system, mass editing tool, and more. Plans are priced between $25 (10 projects & 15 members) and $100 per month (unlimited projects & members) where an option to try this out for free is also available.


As it’s known it’s a flexible project management web app which has been written on Ruby and Rails framework. It is a free open source application and comes with the features such as multiple project management, time tracking, and more.


It is one of the handy applications which come with 12 advanced features to carry out the task of project management, collaborate and track projects with ease. It also offers a communication hub enabling you to communicate much better.

This comes with the effective tools which help you manage your projects from your computer, iOs or any of the android devices. You can organize projects, manage teams, track work progress, send emails, and virtually carry out everything for your business from a single location.


Coming with powerful bug tracking tools it is capable of taking care of the every need ranging from prioritizing your work, assigning responsibilities, discuss, and create unlimited custom reports. Plans start as low as $9 per month (4 projects and 10 collaborators) till $99 for unlimited collaborators.


Build on the cloud solution platform this tool offers you the feature of tracking time, creating online invoices, and managing your projects on time. The plans available start from the single user option for free to 3 user option at $14.85 per month.


You can handle any project right from your computer or Android and IOS devices. The cloud technology on which it is based, allows you to create a free online office to manage your projects and keep a track of their progress.


You can purchase numerous tools available at this website which offers smooth project management, team management, collaboration, and file sharing. The basic version of this software is available for free whereby the pro packages range from $29/month (2 admins and unlimited collaborators) to $187/month (with advanced project management features).

Clocking IT

Using this hosted application you could track all your tasks, projects, issues, and time spent giving a focus on software development. It comes with the capability to manage big projects and is available for free.


A free yet powerful tool with compact features to manage your projects and ptake care of all your business management needs for e.g. sending emails, SMS, etc. It also comes with a secure 256-bit encryption for every interaction made.


It is known for its effective collaborative online project management features which ensure easy team collaborations, timely project execution, and more. The software is available for just $24.95 per month for every user.


A powerful tool that comes with a powerful reporting system giving the liberty to the users to track time, manage teams by accessing them from anywhere and any device. It also comes with the features of creating invoices, making estimates, etc. from just $12 a month.


It is an online collaboration platform enabling organizations to create, organize, discuss and carry out tasks easily. This could be managed from anywhere and anytime at an affordable price which starts from just $9.99 per month per user.


A simple to use web application which provides you advanced tools to manage projects, tasks, teams, track time from a single location. With the option of a 14 day free trial the software can be bought for as low as $18 per month (5 users, 10 projects and unlimited clients).


Simplifying the process of managing projects, collaborating work and communicating with teams this tool comes with numerous time saving applications. The tool comes integrated with Twitter, Google Calender, Dropbox, etc. at a reasonable price starting at $7.5 per month per user.


A software which comes with the feature of automating the task of CRM, Project Management, and Billing. Catering to the needs of more than 1000 businesses globally this powerful software is available from $78/2 users per month and $39 for each additional user.

Replicon Timebill

Replicon Inc offers various project management related products. Some of their products include TimeCost, TimeBill, TimeAttend, TimeOff, WebExpense, and CloudClock. Timebill allow web based project management with variety of features like billable hours tracking, client and project tracking, billing rates and utilization tracking. The price starts from $20/month.


This software integrates project management, CRM, financing, and billing operations of any business. It facilitates team work to enhance productivity whereby the plans available start from just $59 per month for unlimited users and up to 50 projects.


A software which enables you to carry out all your projects, collaborate with your team members, and create invoices for your client from a single location. It features a free trial and could be bought for $249 or $449 depending on the requirements.

Liquid Planner

Regarded as a flexible tool to manage hundreds of projects and thousands of tasks from a single window. The integrated window is capable of managing clients, add multiple tasks at a single time, and attach notes, etc. for just $24/user/month.


Serving to virtually every need from managing your projects to tracking of expenses this one in all tool helps you in carrying out your business in a much easier manner. It comes with both free and paid options which ranges from $24 (unlimited users, 2 projects+50 tasks) to $99 per month (unlimited everything).

One Time Now

Powered by the HTML5 and other coding technologies this software comes with the advanced features of bug tracking, scrum project management, collaborating with teams, and more. Serving to both small and large enterprises the plans start as low as $7 per month.


Synchronization of projects, collaborating with teams and clients, or creating detailed analytical reports can all be done by using this tool. All the plans come with a 30 day trail period after one needs to choose from the plans priced between $25 (25 projects and 20 users) and $179 per month.

Edgewell Trac

It offers a platform for tracking issues to those undertaking software development projects to work in collaboration. It allows wiki mark-up in issue descriptions, create links, commit messages, etc. It also comes with a timeline showing the list of projects and helping you keep a track on them.


This is a project and contact management software that helps to keep a track of your projects, your contacts, and simplifying the process of managing your projects. The plans available start from $23/month (18 projects with unlimited users) and go up to $148/month for unlimited projects and users. goes beyond a task-list and offers a collection of the major project management features. While not as complex as some alternatives it’s really easy to use and helps you create, manage and report on your projects. The google integration is one of the best out there and lets you update your tasks directly from your gmail. There is a free mobile app for your IPad or IPhone.


You can now share your files, communicate with your team, and manage your operations with this tool. It also offers the feature of phone conferencing and web conferencing which could drastically cut down your costs for communications.

Action Method

This is free software which is available for your PC, mobile devices, iPad, enabling you to capture tasks, collaborate and organize your projects. This tool makes managing your projects, delegating them to your teams, and tracking them easier.


Referred to as a descriptive cloud service this tool offers you the features of getting work done in a smoother manner. The software has different paid as well as free plans on offer whereby the free plan is available to be used for up to 5 users.

Project Pier

It is a free open source, PHP application that helps in managing tasks, projects and teams through its intuitive web interface. The all in one place software does everything from communicating, collaborating, and tracking of your projects.


Comindworks offers you instant g-mail notifications of the events taking place such as assigned tasks to you and others. It further enhances the user experience with the feature of creating Gantt charts and detailed reports. It is available for free for the first 200 records after which one needs to pay $149/month up to 10,000 records.

The above discussed software are mostly web based, collaboration software. There are also few desktop software which we have not includes. MS Project is one of them.

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  1. Good list, but missing which is the leading project management & collaboration application for the distributed teams.

  2. The list is good. But, I feel it has missed the most competitive one. HappyTODOS, easy and user friendly interface, unlimited users for $19/month, productive features like prioritizing task, drag and drop, automated notifications, real time reports to know who is working on what? How much is the cost of the project? When the project will be complete? Plus time tracking, instant file sharing, updates, reviews, collaboration communication, daily work scheduler, pay as you go service, 24 hours online support, all these make sense. I am sure next review will be much better. Take a look.

  3. The list is very long and I can add one more tool which I think deserves to be here as well and this is Comindware task manager. You can read about the tool on their official

  4. I would recommend checking out for an online GTD manager.

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar. Syncs with Evernote, and also comes with mobile-web version, and Android and iPhone apps.

  5. I have a few questions and suggestions about the collaboration tools. We are now using one of the known collaboration systems, but we want to move to a tool The problem is, how do we make the transition to a different system, because a lot of files and documents, tasks that are already built? What solutions can you offer us?

  6. Hi Aaron, There are certain project management software which allow direct import of projects and other data. However i don’t know about Teamwox though. It depends on which PM system you’re using currently.

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