23 Top Question Answer Sites

With the internet, the world has become an easier place to live – what with finding answers easily! For all the questions we have, it’s just a matter of few seconds and typing in our queries – and lo behold! You have your answers! Here are some of the top sites that make the process possible:

1. Yahoo Answers

Real people interact and offer answers to the questions posed based on experience and knowledge. The other users can rate the answer and judge whether the quality is satisfactory or not. The service is offered in various languages besides English like Chinese, French and Korean.

2. Answers.com

Like the websites search box says, “Ask us anything”, the site offers answers to questions over a wide range of subjects – Health, technology, food, entertainment and much more. It is a free service and has the options where you can get answers from an expert or be an expert yourself.

3. Quora

A site dedicated to making the process of finding answers easy. The users share their answers and ask questions to each other. The answers are offered by the users and some rights of the contributed content go to the website. One can follow their interests through the website.

4. ChaCha

Chacha is more specific to finding the answers queried on because it is a question – search engine. ChaCha has been a successful website having answered a good number of questions worldwide.

5. AOL Answers

Formerly known as Yedda. The questions asked on AOL answers are forwarded to possible individuals who would know and would like to answer the question. The questions on the site range from abstract to science.

6. Ask Answers

A question-answer community from Ask. Ask.com is basically a search engine but they have section for users to ask and answer questions. You can browse questions asked by other, ask a question or answer someone’s questions. You need to register to answer or ask questions though.

7. LinkedIn Answers

Linked Answers is special in the senses that it uses all its resources and caters to the needs of its network, mostly business related Q&A. The users get answers from professionals on this knowledge market. Also, for any answer, one has the feature to “suggest an expert” for a more apt answer.

8. Web Answers

Web Answers is one of the most popular and prominent websites and works on the principle of sharing information. One can ask, answer and even earn money based on expert answer appreciation.

9. Question.com

Easy to use site, you can simply log into question.com and type in your question in the search box. Members can help others as well over various “topics”

10. Stack OverFlow

Stack Overflow is a programming community. It is a wikipedia styled question answer site. Answers are provided by members and based on reputation, they are featured and appreciated. Users only participate and it is not mandatory to ask or give answers.

11. Stack Exchange

A dynamic site that caters to all fields, stack Exchange is popular because it can discuss quantum physics with as much detail as organic gardening! The members are encouraged to participate.

12. All Answers

All answers allow participation across various categories. One can find answers even in the alphabetic order based on subjects. The “Find” option helps the user to find his answers from the site.

13. Just Answer

A paid answer model, Just answers guarantees ‘satisfaction’ because they charge for your answers. A very popular site, it offers you the option to ask an expert quote and make a payment to the expert based on satisfaction. One of the popular sites because of the good quality provided.

14. Answer Bag

One can browse through the already answered questions, as well as seek possible answers by typing and submitting a question. Other users participate in answering.

15. Blurt It

Like the name suggests, the website allows “asking, answering and blurting” – the site encourages user participation, without hesitation.

16. Fun Advice

Fun Advice is a less serious and more casual website. it is an easier and faster way to get answers rather than the formal way of receiving expert replies. The site also offers other interesting information, how to articles, people connections, photographs, etc.

17. Ask Ville

The website is supported and endorsed by amazon.com. The site gives the user the option to search in categories or ask questions to the community. One needs to be registered in the group.

18. Mahalo Answers

They don’t just answer questions, they also offer courses and provide how – to guidance. One can search for answers on the site. However, the unique point is that the website offers more of a discussion on any topic.

19. Form Spring

A Q&A social network established in 2009. You need to register to ask questions. After registration you can ask and get answer from your friends. This is a website that works like a social network, answering questions posted. The responses may be professional or personal. The site has more than 4 billion posted replies and boats of a growing network of individuals and celebrities.

20. Query Cat

Query Cat is like a search engine that seeks answers from the web database. Effective and quick in getting you the answers you are looking for.

21. All Experts

According to their website, their site have 2 million questions answered so far. All expert is another, categorized question answer site.

22. Fluther

A cool looking q&a community. Fluther is another nice question answer site with many active users. Relatively small site but we found some in-depth answers for most questions.

23. Ask Me Helpdesk

More than 1 million members and nearly 3 million questions answered on website. It is a question answer community and require registration to ask questions.

We can also note that some websites don’t allow questions to be posted but have a rich resource of content. Google Questions and Answers [http://answers.google.com/answers/ ] is one of them. They initially used to take questions, but the site is not open to such interaction anymore. However, they have a useful question bank and one can always browse through the index to see if suitable answers are available.

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